The Poetry Corner

George MacDonald


0 Lord, How Happy!
A Baby-Sermon
A Better Thing
A Birthday-Wish
A Book Of Dreams.
A Boy's Grief.
A Broken Prayer
A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol For 1862
A Christmas Prayer
A Cry
A Dead House.
A Dream Of Waking
A Dream Song
A Dream Within A Dream.
A Dream-Song
A Father To A Mother
A Fear
A Gift.
A Hidden Life.
A Lown Nicht
A Make-Believe
A Mammon-Marriage.
A Manchester Poem
A Meditation Of St. Eligius
A Memorial Of Africa.
A Mood
A Noonday Melody
A Prayer
A Prayer For The Past
A Prayer For The Past.
A Prayer In Sickness.
A Prisoner
A Sang O' Zion
A Song For Christmas
A Song In A Dream.
A Song In The Night
A Song In The Night.
A Song Of Hope
A Song Prayer
A Song-Sermon:
A Story Of The Sea-Shore.
A Thanksgiving For F. D. Maurice
A Thanksgiving.
A Vision Of St. Eligius
A Winter Prayer.
A Year Song.
Abu Midjan
Abu Midjan.
After An Old Legend.
After The Fashion Of An Old Emblem.
After Thomas Kempis
An Autumn Song
An Evening Prayer
An Improvisation
An Old Sermon With A New Text
An Old Story
An Old Story.
Annie She's Dowie
At My Window After Sunset
Autumn Song
Autumn's Gold
Bell Upon Organ.
Better Things
Blessed Are The Meek, For They Shall Inherit The Earth
Blind Bartimeus
Blind Sorrow
Born Of Water
Brother Artist!
By The Cradle.
Christmas Day And Every Day
Christmas Day, 1850
Christmas Meditation
Christmas Prayer.
Christmas Song Of The Old Children
Christmas, 1873
Christmas, 1880.
Christmas, 1884
Christmas-Day, 1878
Cleaning The Windows.
Come Down
Come To Me
Come Unto Me
Consider The Ravens
De Profundis
Death And Birth
Death And Birth.
Doubt Heralding Vision.
Dr. Doddridge's Dog
Drawing Water.
Eine Kleine Predigt
Evening Hymn
Evil Influence
False Prophets.
Far And Near
Far And Near.
First Sight Of The Sea
Foolish Children
For Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also.
From Home
From North Wales: To The Mother
From Novalis
Gaein And Comin
George Rolleston
God In Growth.
God; Not Gift
Going To Sleep
Granny Canty.
Greitna, Father
Hard Times
He Heeded Not
Him Wi' The Bag.
Hom. Il. V. 403.
Home From The Wars
Hope And Patience
Hope Deferred
How Shall He Sing Who Hath No Song
Hymn For A Sick Girl
I Ken Something.
I Know What Beauty Is
I See Thee Not
I Would I Were A Child
I Would I Were A Child.
If I Were A Monk, And Thou Wert A Nun
In A Churchyard.
In Bonds
In February
In Memorium - Lady Caroline Charteris
In The Night
In The Winter
King Cole
Legend Of The Corrievrechan
Lessons For A Child
Lessons For A Child.
Let Your Light So Shine.
Life Or Death?
Little Bo-Peep
Little Boy Blue.
Little Elfie
Little Elfie.
Lost And Found.
Lost But Safe
Love Is Home
Love Is Strength
Love's History
Love's Ordeal.
Love's Ordeal;
Marriage Song
Master And Boy.
Morning Hymn
Mother Nature.
Much And More
My Eyes Make Pictures.
My Heart
My Heart Thy Lark
My Heart.
My Room
My Room. To G.E.M.
My Two Geniuses
Nannie Braw
Nature A Moral Power
New Year's Eve: A Waking Dream
No End Of No-Story
No Sign
Noontide Hymn
Not Understood.
November, 1851
O Do Not Leave Me
O Lassie Ayont The Hill
O Wind Of God.
Of One Who Died In Spring
Of The Son Of Man
Oh That A Wind
Oh Thou Of Little Faith!
On A December Day
On A Midge
On The Source Of The Arve
One With Nature
Our Ship
Ower The Hedge
Picture Songs.
Professor Noctutus.
Quiet Dead!
Reverence Waking Hope
Room To Roam
Sabbath Bells
Said And Did
Saint Peter
Second Sight.
Shall The Dead Praise Thee?
Shew Us The Father
Sir Lark And King Sun.
Somnium Mystici
Song Of A Poor Pilgrim
Song Of The Innocents
Song Of The Saints And Angels
Song Of The Waiting Dead
Song-Prayer: After King David.
Songs Of The Autumn Days
Songs Of The Autumn Nights
Songs Of The Spring Days
Songs Of The Spring Nights
Songs Of The Summer Days
Songs Of The Summer Nights
Songs Of The Winter Days
Songs Of The Winter Nights
Sonnet. (Exodus xxxiii. 18-23.)
Sonnet. About Jesus. I.
Sonnet. About Jesus. II.
Sonnet. About Jesus. III.
Sonnet. About Jesus. IV.
Sonnet. About Jesus. IX.
Sonnet. About Jesus. V.
Sonnet. About Jesus. VI.
Sonnet. About Jesus. VII.
Sonnet. About Jesus. VIII.
Sonnet. About Jesus. X.
Sonnet. About Jesus. XI.
Sonnet. About Jesus. XII.
Sonnet. About Jesus. XIII.
Sonnet. About Jesus. XIV.
Sonnet. About Jesus. XV.
Sonnet. About Jesus. XVI.
Sonnet. About Jesus. XVII
Sonnet. About Jesus. XVIII.
Sonnet. To A.M.D.
Sonnets I.
Sonnets II.
Sonnets III.
Sonnets IV.
Spoken Of Several Philosophers
Spring Song
Sudden Calm
Summer Song
Sun And Moon.
Sweeping The Floor.
Tell Me.
That Holy Thing.
The Asthmatic Man To The Satan That Binds Him
The Auld Fisher
The Auld Man's Prayer
The Aurora Borealis
The Beloved Disciple
The Bonny, Bonny Dell
The Burnie
The Burnt Offering.
The Carpenter
The Child-Mother
The Child-Mother.
The Children's Heaven.
The Christmas Child
The Clock Of The Universe
The Consoler - On An Engraving Of Scheffer's Christus Consolator.
The Coorse Cratur.
The Dawn
The Dead Hand
The Death Of The Old Year.
The Deil's Forhooit His Ain
The Diary Of An Old Soul - Complete
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - April.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - August.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - December.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - Dedication
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - February.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - January.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - July.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - June.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - March.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - May.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - November
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - October.
The Diary Of An Old Soul. - September.
The Diver.
The Donkey In The Cart To The Horse In The Carriage
The Dwellers Therein
The Early Bird.
The Failing Track
The Father's Worshippers
The Flower-Angels
The Foolish Harebell
The Girl That Lost Things
The Giver.
The Goal
The Golden Key.
The Grace Of Grace
The Haunted House
The Healer
The Herd And The Mavis
The Hills.
The Holy Midnight
The Holy Snowdrops.
The Home Of Death
The Homeless Ghost
The Homeless Ghost.
The Human.
The Journey.
The Lark And The Wind.
The Last Wooin
The Laverock
The Lily Of The Valley
The Lost House
The Lost Soul
The Lost Soul.
The Man Of Songs.
The Mermaid
The Mistletoe.
The Moon.
The New Year
The Old Castle
The Old Garden
The Owl And The Bell.
The Pinafore
The Prism
The Prophet
The Sang O' The Auld Fowk.
The Sangreal
The Shadows
The Sheep And The Goat
The Sleepless Jesus
The Souls' Rising.
The Sparrow
The Talk Of The Echoes - A Fragment.
The Temple Of God
The Thank Offering.
The Thank-Offering
The Thankless Lady
The Thorn In The Flesh.
The Three Horses
The Tree's Prayer
The True
The Twa Baubees.
The Twa Gordons
The Unseen Model
The Waesome Carl
The Wakeful Sleeper
The Watcher
The Wind And The Moon
The Wind Of The World
The Word Of God
The Yerl O' Waterydeck
They Are Blind
This Side An' That.
This World
Thou Also
Thy Heart
Time And Tide
To ----
To A Certain Critic
To A February Primrose
To A Sister
To A Thunder-Cloud.
To A. J. Scott
To A.J. Scott.
To An Autograph-Hunter
To Any Friend
To Any One
To Aurelio Saffi
To Aurelio Saffi.
To E. G., Dedicating A Book
To G. M. T
To Gordon, Leaving Khartoum.
To June
To Lady Noel Byron
To My Aging Friends
To My Father.
To My God
To My Lord And Master
To My Mother Earth
To My Sister, On Her Twenty-First Birthday.
To My Sister.
To One Unsatisfied
To The Clouds.
To The Life Eternal
To The Same (Lady Noel Byron )
Translations. - A Parable.(From Novalis.) (From The Disciples At Sais)
Translations. - Contentment. (From Claudius.)
Translations. - Death. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Die Heimkehr. (From Heine.)
Translations. - Die Nordsee (From Heine.)
Translations. - Expectation And Fulfilment. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - Friend And Foe. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - Hope. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - Knight Toggenburg. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - Knowledge. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - Legend. (From Goethe.)
Translations. - Longing. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - My Faith. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - Of Life At Court. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Sayings Of Confucius. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - Song Of The Lonely. (From The German)
Translations. - The Castle On The Mountain. (From Goethe.)
Translations. - The Diver (From Schiller.)
Translations. - The Dream. (From Uhland.)
Translations. - The Mother By The Cradle. (From Claudius.)
Translations. - The Philosophers. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - The Praise Of God. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Words Of Faith. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - A Children'S Song, To Sing Against The Two Archenemies Of Christ And His Holy Church, The Pope And The Turks. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - A Song Concerning The Two Martyrs Of Christ, Burnt At Brussels By The Sophists Of Loubaine, Which Took Place In The Year 1523. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - A Song Of Praise For Easter. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - A Song of Praise for the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - A Song Of Praise. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - A Song Of St. John Huss, Improved By Dr. Martin Luther. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - A Song Of Thanksgiving For The Benefits Most Great Which God Hath Shown To Us In Christ. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - A Song Of The Holy Christian Church, From The Twelfth Chapter Of The Apocalypse. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - A Song Of The Little Child Jesus, For Children At Christmas. Taken Out Of The Second Chapter Of The Gospel Of St. Luke. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - A Spiritual Song, Concerning Our Holy Baptism, Wherein Is Briefly Contained What It Is, Who Has Instituted It, Whereto It Serves, &C. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Advent. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Another Christ-Song. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Christmas. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Dame Music. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Easter. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Epiphany. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Hymns To The Night. (From Novalis.)
Translations. - Lieder. (From Heine.)
Translations. - Lyrisches Intermezzo. Lxiv. (From Heine.)
Translations. - Lyrisches Intermezzo. Xli. (From Heine.)
Translations. - Lyrisches Intermezzo. Xlv. (From Heine.)
Translations. - Lyrisches Intermezzo. Xxxviii. (From Heine.)
Translations. - Milton's Italian Poems. I.
Translations. - Milton's Italian Poems. Ii.
Translations. - Milton's Italian Poems. Iii. Canzone.
Translations. - Milton's Italian Poems. Iv.
Translations. - Milton's Italian Poems. V.
Translations. - Milton's Italian Poems. VI.
Translations. - Part I. Sonnet Lix. (From Petrarch.)
Translations. - Part Ii. Sonnet Lxxv. (From Petrarch.)
Translations. - Pentecost. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Poems. (From Goethe.)
Translations. - Psyches Mourning. (From Von Salis-Seewis.)
Translations. - Simeon The Patriarch's Song Of Praise. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Spiritual Songs.(From Novalis.)
Translations. - The Commandments. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Creed. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Fourteenth Psalm. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Fourty-Sixth Psalm. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Grave. (From Von Salis-Seewis.)
Translations. - The Hundred And Thirtieth Psalm. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Hundred And Twenty-Eighth Psalm. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Hundred And Twenty-Fourth Psalm. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Litany. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Lord's Prayer, Briefly And Plainly Set Forth, And Turned Into Metre. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Lost Church. (From Uhland.)
Translations. - The Metaphysician. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - The Sixty-Seventh Psalm. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Song Of Praise "Te Teum Laudamus," Turned Into German By Dr. Mart. Luther. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Trinity. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - The Tryst. (From Schiller.)
Translations. - The Twelfth Psalm. (Luther's Song-Book.)
Translations. - Three Pairs And One. (From Genestet.)
Travellers' Song
Truth, Not Form!
Two In One
Two Rondels
Up And-Down.
Up In The Tree
Washing The Clothes.
Were I A Skilful Painter.
Wha's My Neibour?
What Makes Summer?
What Man Is There Of You?
What The Auld Fowk Are Thinkin
What The Lord Saith
When The Storm Was Proudest
Who Lights The Fire?
Who Would Have Thought?
Wild Flowers
Willie's Question
Win' That 'Blaws
Winter Song
With A Copy Of "In Memoriam."
Words In The Night
Written For One In Sore Pain
Written On A Stormy Night.