The Poetry Corner

W. M. MacKeracher


A Day Redeemed.
A Faithful Preacher.
A Late Spring.
A Library.
A Parody
A Parting.
A Shallow Stream.
A Summer Evening Scene in Chateauguay
A Walk In Mount Royal Park: Canadian Cities.
A Wish Rebuked.
A Wish.
Ah! Happy Was I Yesternight.
Alone With Nature.
An Aristocrat.
An Autumn Walk.
An English Toast.
Before Harvest.
Canada's Eighteen.
Canada, My Land.
Champlain's First Winter And Spring In Quebec.
Could I But Mention But Thy Name;
Country Boy's Boast.
Death Of Sir John.
Dominion Day, 1900.
Dominion Day.
E'en The Fair Orb.
Evening In June.
Forward, Canada!
Fragment of a Hymn.
God in Nature.
H. M. S. "Dreadnought."
How Many A Man!
In Anticipation Of Autumn.
In May.
In The Sugar Bush.
In Warehouse And Office.
Invocation To Summer.
Know'st Thou The Land?
Lines written in an Album.
Lines Written On A Sabbath Morning.
My Friends.
My Old Classical Master.
My Own Canadian Girl.
My Two Boys.
My Valentine.
Nothing Too Good For The Irish.
November Sunshine.
O Canada, Mon Pays, Mes Amours.
O Maple Leaf!
Oh! the Sickening Sensation!
On Charles Lamb's Sonnet, "Work."
On Moving Into A New House.
Our Father.
Prayer for Submission.
Rain For The Farmer.
Reflections of a Jacobite.
Reflections On A Tree In Autumn.
Rondeau: An April Day.
Scene in the Trojan War.
Scotland: A Jacobite's Lament.
Short Days.
Sir Summer.
Sol Canadien, Terre Cherie.
Sometimes my Heart by cruel Care Opprest.
Sonnet to ---- .
Sonnet to Asterie.
Sonnet to Dr. Macvicar.
Sonnet to Shelley.
St. Lawrence And The Coming Ships.
Study In Solitude.
Tea's Apologia.
The Battle Of Chateauguay.
The Beginning Of Winter.
The Coming Of Champlain.
The Doctor.
The Exclusion Of Asiatics.
The Fever Burns from Morn till Eve.
The Gold-Miners Of British Columbia.
The House-Hunter.
The Ideal Preacher.
The Immigrants.
The Joy Of Creation.
The Macs.
The Montagnais At Tadoussac.
The New Old Story.
The Night.
The Noble Woman.
The Oath of the French Loyalist.
The Old And The New.
The Old Scottish Minister.
The Old Year.
The Orphan Maid of Glencoe.
The Parson At The Hockey Match.
The People's Response To Heroism.
The Prayer of the Penitent Profligate.
The Principal's Ash-Barrel.
The Quebec Exodus.
The Revolution In Russia.
The Roarin' Game.
The Sabbath.
The Saddest Thought.
The Scot.
The Song of the Summer Cloud.
The St. Lawrence.
The Three Hundredth Anniversary Of Milton's Birth.
The Wheel Of Misfortune.
The Works Of Man And Of Nature.
Tim O'Gallagher.
To -----.
To a Star.
To an Umbrella.
To Beauty.
To Burns.
To my Couch.
Tomakewaw, - A Parody.
Treasured Memories.
Vain Transient World.
Veni, Vidi, Victus sum.
War-Ships In Port.