The Poetry Corner

Oliver Wendell Holmes


"Lucy" - For Her Golden Wedding, October 18, 1875
A Ballad Of The Boston Tea-Party
A Birthday Tribute - To J. F. Clarke
A Familiar Letter - To Several Correspondents
A Family Record
A Farewell To Agassiz
A Good Time Going!
A Hymn Of Peace
A Loving-Cup Song
A Memorial Tribute
A Metrical Essay, Read Before The Phi Beta Kappa Society, Harvard University, August, 1836
A Modest Request
A Noontide Lyric
A Parting Health - To J. L. Motley
A Poem - Dedication Of The Pittsfield Cemetery, September 9,1850
A Poem For The Meeting Of The American Medical Association At New York, May 5, 1853
A Poem Served To Order
A Portrait
A Puritan War Song - To Canaan
A Rhymed Lesson (Urania)
A Roman Aqueduct
A Sea Dialogue
A Sentiment
A Sentiment Offered At The Dinner To H. I. H. The Prince Napoleon, At The Revere House, September 25,1861
A Song For The Centennial Celebration Of Harvard College, 1836
A Song Of "Twenty-Nine"
A Song Of Other Days
A Sun-Day Hymn
A Toast To Wilkie Collins
A Voice Of The Loyal North
A Welcome To Dr. Benjamin Apthorp Gould On His Return From South America
Ad Amicos
Added For The Alumni Meeting, June 29,
Address For The Opening Of The Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York, December 3, 1873
Aestivation - An Unpublished Poem, By My Late Latin Tutor
After A Lecture On Keats
After A Lecture On Moore
After A Lecture On Shelley
After A Lecture On Wordsworth
After The Curfew
After The Fire
Album Verses
All Here
America To Russia (Songs Of Welcome And Farewell)
American Academy Centennial Celebration
An After-Dinner Poem
An Appeal For "The Old South"
An Evening Thought - Written At Sea
An Impromptu
Army Hymn - "Old Hundred"
At A Birthday Festival - To J. R. Lowell
At A Dinner To Admiral Farragut
At A Dinner To General Grant
At A Meeting Of Friends
At The "Atlantic" Dinner
At The Banquet To The Chinese Embassy
At The Banquet To The Grand Duke Alexis
At The Banquet To The Japanese Embassy
At The Close Of A Course Of Lectures
At The Pantomime
At The Papyrus Club
At The Saturday Club
At The Summit
At The Turn Of The Road
At The Unitarian Festival
Aunt Tabitha - The Young Girl's Poem
Before The Curfew
Benjamin Peirce - Astronomer, Mathematician. 1809-1890
Bill And Joe
Birthday Of Daniel Webster (January 18, 1856)
Boston To Florence
Brother Jonathan's Lament For Sister Caroline
Bryant's Seventieth Birthday
Cacoethes Scribendi
Chanson Without Music By The Professor Emeritus Of Dead And Live Languages
Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve
Daily Trials By A Sensitive Man
De Sauty - An Electro-Chemical Eclogue
Departed Days
Dorothy Q. - A Family Portrait
Edward Everett - "Our First Citizen"
Epilogue To The Breakfast-Table Series Autocrat-Professor-Poet
Evening By A Tailor
Extracts From A Medical Poem - The Stability Of Science
F. W. C.
Fantasia - The Young Girl's Poem
Farewell - To J. R. Lowell
For Class Meeting
For The Burns Centennial Celebration
For The Centennial Dinner Of The Proprietors Of Boston Pier, Or The Long Wharf, April 16, 1873
For The Commemoration Services
For The Dedication Of The New City Library, Boston
For The Fair In Aid Of The Fund To Procure Ball's Statue Of Washington
For The Meeting Of The Burns Club
For The Meeting Of The National Sanitary Association 1860
For The Moore Centennial Celebration
For The Services In Memory Of Abraham Lincoln
For The Window In St. Margaret's In Memory Of A Son Of Archdeacon Farrar
For Whittier's Seventieth Birthday
Freedom, Our Queen
From A Bachelor's Private Journal
God Save The Flag
Grandmother's Story Of Bunker-Hill Battle As She Saw It From The Belfry
H. C. M. H. S. J. K. W.
Hail, Columbia!
Homesick In Heaven
How Not To Settle It
How The Old Horse Won The Bet
Humboldt's Birthday
Hymn After The Emancipation Proclamation
Hymn At The Funeral Services Of Charles Sumner, April 29, 1874
Hymn For The Celebration At The Laying Of The Cornerstone Of Harvard Memorial Hall, Cambridge, October 6, 1870
Hymn For The Class-Meeting
Hymn For The Dedication Of Memorial Hall At Cambridge, June 23, 1874
Hymn For The Fair At Chicago
Hymn For The Inauguration Of The Statue Of Governor Andrew, Hingham, October 7, 1875
Hymn For The Same Occasion (The Two Hundredth Anniversary King's Chapel)
Hymn Of Trust
Hymn Read At The Dedication Of The Oliver Wendell Holmes Hospital At Hudson, Wisconsin
Hymn. - The Word Of Promise
I Like You And I Love You
Illustration Of A Picture "A Spanish Girl In Reverie,"
In Memory Of Charles Wentworth Upham, Jr.
In Memory Of John And Robert Ware
In Response
In The Quiet Days - An Old-Year Song
In The Twilight
In Vita Minerva
International Ode - Our Fathers' Land
Iris, Her Book
J. D. R.
James Russell Lowell
Joseph Warren, M. D.
King's Chapel
La Grisette
La Maison D'Or
Latter-Day Warnings
Lines By A Clerk
Lines Recited At The Berkshire Jubilee, Pittsfield, Mass., August 23, 1844
Mare Rubrum
Martha (Died January 7, 1861)
Meeting Of The Alumni Of Harvard College - 1857
My Annual
My Aunt
My Aviary
Nearing The Snow-Line
Never Or Now - An Appeal
No Time Like The Old Time
Nux Postcoenatica
Ode For A Social Meeting
Ode For Washington's Birthday
Old Cambridge
Old Ironsides
On Lending A Punch-Bowl
On The Death Of President Garfield
On The Threshold
Once More
One Country
Opening The Window
Our Banker
Our Dead Singer
Our Home - Our Country
Our Indian Summer
Our Limitations
Our Oldest Friend
Our Sweet Singer - J. A.
Our Yankee Girls
Parson Turell's Legacy Or, The President's Old Arm-Chair - A Mathematical Story
Parting Hymn - "Dundee"
Poem At The Centennial Anniversary Dinner Of The Massachusetts Medical Society, June 8, 1881
Poem At The Dedication Of The Halleck Monument, July 8, 1869
Poem For The Dedication Of The Fountain At Stratford-On-Avon, Presented By George W. Childs, Of Philadelphia
Poem For The Two Hundred And Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Founding Of Harvard College
Post-Prandial - Phi Beta Kappa
Prelude To A Volume Printed In Raised Letters For The Blind
Questions And Answers
Qui Vive?
Readings Over The Teacups - Five Stories And A Sequel
Reflections Of A Proud Pedestrian
Remember - Forget
Rhymes Of A Life-Time
Rip Van Winkle, M. D.
Robinson Of Leyden
Semi-Centennial Celebration Of The New England Society New York, December 22, 1855
Shakespeare - Tercentennial Celebration
Sherman's In Savannah - A Half-Rhymed Impromptu
Song For A Temperance Dinner To Which Ladies Were Invited
Song Written For The Dinner Given To Charles Dickens By The Young Men Of Boston, February 1, 1842
Songs In Many Keys 1849-1861
Spring Has Come
St. Anthony The Reformer - His Temptation
Sun And Shadow
The Angel-Thief
The Archbishop And Gil Blas - A Modernized Version
The Ballad Of The Oysterman
The Banker's Secret - From Readings Over The Teacups - Five Stories And A Sequel
The Bells
The Boys
The Broken Circle
The Broomstick Train; Or, The Return Of The Witches
The Cambridge Churchyard
The Chambered Nautilus
The Comet
The Coming Era
The Crooked Footpath
The Deacon's Masterpiece Or, The Wonderful "One-Hoss Shay" - A Logical Story
The Dilemma
The Dorchester Giant
The Exile's Secret - From Readings Over The Teacups - Five Stories And A Sequel
The First Fan
The Flaneur
The Flower Of Liberty
The Fountain Of Youth
The Girdle Of Friendship
The Golden Flower
The Gray Chief
The Height Of The Ridiculous
The Hot Season
The Hudson - After A Lecture At Albany
The Iron Gate
The Island Hunting-Song
The Last Blossom
The Last Charge
The Last Leaf
The Last Look
The Last Reader
The Last Survivor
The Living Temple
The Lover's Secret - From Readings Over The Teacups - Five Stories And A Sequel
The Lyre Of Anacreon
The Meeting Of The Dryads
The Mind's Diet
The Moral Bully
The Morning Visit
The Mother's Secret - From Readings Over The Teacups - Five Stories And A Sequel
The Music-Grinders
The Mysterious Visitor
The New Eden
The Old Cruiser
The Old Man Dreams
The Old Man Of The Sea - A Nightmare Dream By Daylight
The Old Player
The Old Tune - Thirty-Sixth Variation
The Only Daughter
The Opening Of The Piano
The Organ-Blower
The Parting Song - Festival Of The Alumni, 1857
The Parting Word
The Peau De Chagrin Of State Street
The Philosopher To His Love
The Pilgrim's Vision
The Ploughman
The Poet's Lot
The Promise
The Rose And The Fern
The School-Boy
The Secret Of The Stars - From Readings Over The Teacups - Five Stories And A Sequel
The September Gale
The Shadows
The Ship Of State - A Sentiment
The Silent Melody
The Smiling Listener
The Spectre Pig - A Ballad
The Star And The Water-Lily
The Statesman's Secret - From Readings Over The Teacups - Five Stories And A Sequel
The Steamboat
The Stethoscope Song - A Professional Ballad
The Study
The Sweet Little Man
The Toadstool
The Treadmill Song
The Two Armies
The Two Streams
The Voiceless
The Wasp And The Hornet
The World's Homage
Thus Saith The Lord, I Offer Thee Three Things.
To A Blank Sheet Of Paper
To A Caged Lion
To An English Friend
To An Insect
To Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg For His "Jubilaeum" At Berlin, November 5, 1868
To Frederick Henry Hedge
To George Peabody
To Governor Swain
To H. W. Longfellow - Before His Departure For Europe, May 27, 1868
To James Freeman Clarke
To James Russell Lowell
To John Greenleaf Whittier On His Eightieth Birthday
To My Old Readers - From Readings Over The Teacups - Five Stories And A Sequel
To My Readers
To R. B. H.
To The Eleven Ladies
To The Poets Who Only Read And Listen
To The Portrait Of "A Gentleman" In The Athenieum Gallery
To The Portrait Of "A Lady" In The Athenaeum Gallery
Too Young For Love
Two Sonnets: Harvard
Under The Violets
Under The Washington Elm, Cambridge
Union And Liberty
Verses For After-Dinner Phi Beta Kappa Society, 1844
Verses From The Oldest Portfolio - First Verses - Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., 1824 Or 1825
Vestigia Quinque Retrorsum - An Academic Poem
Voyage Of The Good Ship Union
Welcome To The Chicago Commercial Club
Welcome To The Grand Duke Alexis
Welcome To The Nations
What I Have Come For
What We All Think
Wind-Clouds And Star-Drifts