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Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire

1821 - 1867Charles Pierre Baudelaire was a French poet who also produced notable work as an essayist and art critic. His poems exhibit mastery in the handling of rhyme and rhythm, contain an exoticism inherited from Romantics, but are based on observations of real life. His most famous work, a book of lyric poetry titled Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil), expresses the changing nature of beauty in the rapidly industrializing Paris during the mid-19th century. Baudelaire's highly original style of prose-poetry influenced a whole generation of poets including Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud and Stéphane Mallarmé, among many others. He is credited with coining the term modernity (modernité) to designate the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis, and the responsibility of artistic expression to capture that experience.Read more on Wikipedia


A Beatrice
A Carcass
A Fantastical Engraving
A Former Life
A Martyr
A Phantom
A Phantom II: The Perfume
A Rotting Carcase
A Voyage To Cythera
Abel And Cain
Afternoon Song
Alchemy Of Suffering
At One O'Clock In The Morning
Au Lecteur (French)
Autumn Song
Autumn Sonnet
Bad Luck
Benediction (French)
Berthas Eyes
Beside A Monstrous Jewish Whore I Lay
Bien Loin D'Ici
Bohemiens En Voyage (French)
Chacun Sa Chimere (French)
Chant D'automne (French)
Clouded Sky
Completely One
Condemned Women
Condemned Women: Delphine And Hippolyta
Confession (French)
Congenial Horror
Danse macabre
Danse Macabre (French)
Day's End
De Profundis Clamavi
Deja! (French)
Don Juan In Hades
Draft Epilogue for the Second Edition of Les Fleurs du mal
Dream Of A Curious Man
Evening Twilight
Every Man His Chimera
Exotic Perfume
Far Away from Here
Femmes Damnes
For A Creole Lady
Gypsies Travelling
Harmonie Du Soir (French)
Harmony Of Evening
Head Of Hair
Horreur Sympathique (French)
Hymn To Beauty
Hymne A La Beaute (French)
I Give To You These Verses
I Have Not Forgotten Our Little White Retreat
I Love The Naked Ages Long Ago
I Love The Thought Of Ancient, Naked Days
I Love You As I Love The Night's High Vault
Il aimait la voir
Invitation To The Voyage
Je nai pas oubli, voisine de la ville
Je tadore lgal de la vote nocturne
L' Albatros (French)
La servante au grand coeur dont vous tiez jalouse
Lament Of An Icarus
Letter to Sainte-Beuve
Litanies Of Satan
Man And The Sea
Mist And Rain
Mists And Rains
Misty Sky
Moesta Et Errabunda
Morning Twilight
My Earlier Life
Nest ce pas quil est doux
On Tasso In Prison (Eugne Delacroixs painting)
Parfum Exotique (French)
Parisian Dream
Passion And The Skull
Praises For My Francisca
Punishment For Pride
Remorse After Death
Sed Non Satiata
Semper Eadem
Skeletons Digging
Song Of The Afternoon
Sonnet Of Autumn
Sorrows Of The Moon
Spleen I
Spleen Ii
Spleen Iii
Spleen Iv
St Peter's Denial
Sympathetic Horror
That Kind Heart You Were Jealous Of, My Nurse
The Albatross
The Alchemy of Sadness
The Bad Monk
The Balcony
The Beacons
The Blind
The Cask Of Hate
The Cat
The Clock
The Confiteor Of The Artist
The Cracked Bell
The Dance Of Death
The Dancing Serpent
The Death Of Artists
The Death Of Lovers
The Death Of The Poor
The Desire To Paint
The Digging Skeleton
The Double Chamber
The Elevation
The Enemy
The Evil Monk
The Eyes Of Beauty
The Flask
The Flawed Bell
The Fountain Of Blood
The Game
The Ghost
The Giantess
The Gifts Of The Moon
The Glass-Vendor
The Happy Corpse
The Harmony Of Evening
The Head Of Hair
The Ideal
The Inquisitive Mans Dream
The Invitation To The Voyage
The Irremediable
The Irreparable
The Jewels
The Lid
The Litanies Of Satan
The Little Old Women
The Living Flame
The Living Torch
The Love Of Illusion
The Lovers' Wine
The Marksman
The Mask
The Metamorphoses Of The Vampire
The Moon, Offended
The Murderer's Wine
The Owls
The Pipe
The Poison
The Possessed
The Ragman's Wine
The Ransom
The Remorse Of The Dead
The Sadness Of The Moon
The Seven Old Man
The Seven Old Men
The Shooting-Range And The Cemetery.
The Sick Muse
The Sky
The Snake That Dances
The Solitary's Wine
The Soul Of Wine
The Spiritual Dawn
The Splendid Ship
The Stranger
The Sun
The Sunset Of Romanticism
The Swan
The Taste For Nothingness
The Temptation
The Thyrsus - To Franz Liszt
The Two Good Sisters
The Vampyre
The Venal Muse
The Voice
The Void
The Warner
The Way Her Silky Garments Undulate
The Widows
The Wretched Monk
To A Brown Beggar-Maid
To A Creole Lady
To A Madonna
To A Red-Haired Beggar Girl
To A Woman Of Malabar
To A Woman Passing By
To She Who Is Too Light-Hearted
To the Reader
Venus And The Fool
Wandering Gypsies
What Is Truth?
What Will You Say Tonight, Poor Lonely Soul
You'd Entertain The Universe In Bed