The Poetry Corner

Victor-Marie Hugo


A Fleeting Glimpse Of A Village.
A Lament.
A Love For Winged Things.
A Queen Five Summers Old.
A Simile.
A Storm Simile.
After The Coup D'tat.
An Autumnal Simile.
An Old-Time Lay.
Angel Or Demon.
Apostrophe To Nature.
Baby's Seaside Grave.
Battle Of The Norsemen And The Gaels.
Beloved Name.
Boaz Asleep.
Come When I Sleep.
Cromwell And The Crown.
Death, In Life.
Dictated Before The Rhone Glacier.
Don Rodrigo. - A Moorish Ballad.
Early Love Revisited.
Envy And Avarice.
Esmeralda In Prison.
Eviradnus. - The Knight Errant.
Fact Or Fable?
First Love.
Freedom And The World.
Guitar Song.
Have You Nothing To Say For Yourself?
Holyrood Palace.
How Butterflies Are Born.
How Good Are The Poor.
I Am Content.
Imperial Revels.
Infantile Influence.
Inscription For A Crucifix.[1]
Insult Not The Fallen.
King Canute.
King Louis XVII.
L'Anne Terrible.
La Lgende Des Sicles.
Lord Rochester's Song.
Love Of The Woodland.
Love's Treacherous Pool
Lover's Song.
Marriage And Feasts.
Mentana. [1]
Milton's Appeal To Cromwell.
Moonlight On The Bosphorus.
More Strong Than Time.
Moses On The Nile.
My Happiest Dream.
My Napoleon.
My Thoughts Of Ye.
Napoleon "The Little."
Nero's Incendiary Song.
No Assassination.
Noormahal The Fair.[1]
Oh, Why Not Be Happy?[1]
Old Ocean.
On A Flemish Window-Pane.
On Hearing The Princess Royal[1] Sing.
Outside The Ball-Room.
Paternal Love.
Pirates' Song.
Poor Little Children.
Prayer For France.
Prelude To "The Songs Of Twilight."
Roses And Butterflies.
Satire On The Earth.
Sea-Adventurers' Song.
Shooting Stars.
Song Of Love.
Song Of The German Lanzknecht
St. John.
Still Be A Child.
Sweet Charmer.[1]
Sweet Memory Of Love.
Sweet Sister.
The Beacon In The Storm.
The Beggar's Quatrain.
The Blinded Bourbons.
The Boy On The Barricade.
The Boy-King's Prayer.
The Carrier Pigeon.
The Children Of The Poor.
The Cow.
The Cup On The Battle-Field.
The Cymbaleer's Bride.
The Danube In Wrath.
The Degenerate Gallants.
The Despatch Of The Doom.
The Djinns.
The Dying Child To Its Mother.
The Eaglet Mourned.
The Eighteenth Century.
The Emperor's Return.
The Epic Of The Lion.
The Eruption Of Vesuvius.
The Exile's Desire.
The Father's Curse.
The Favorite Sultana.
The Fay And The Peri.
The Feast Of Freedom.
The First Black Flag.
The Giant In Glee.
The Girl Of Otaheite.
The Grandmother
The Greek Boy.
The Humble Home.
The Land Of Fable.
The Lesson Of The Patriot Dead.
The Lost Battle.
The Lover's Sacrifice.
The Lover's Wish.
The Lovers' Colloquy.
The Marble Faun.
The Morning Of Life.
The Morrow Of Grandeur.
The Obdurate Beauty.
The Ocean's Song.
The Old And The Young Bridegroom.
The Old Man's Love.
The Pasha And The Dervish.
The Patience Of The People.
The Pity Of The Angels.
The Poet To His Wife.
The Poet's Love For Liveliness.
The Poet's Simple Faith.
The Pool And The Soul.
The Portrait Of A Child.
The Preceptor.
The Quiet Rural Church.
The Refugee's Haven.
The Retreat From Moscow.
The Roll Of The De Silva Race.
The Rose And The Grave.
The Sacking Of The City.
The Scourge Of Heaven.
The Seaman's Song.
The Son In Old Age.
The Soudan, The Sphinxes, The Cup, The Lamp.
The Sower.
The Spanish Lady's Love.
The Swiss Mercenaries.
The Three Glorious Days.
The Trumpets Of The Mind.
The Turkish Captive.
The Universal Prayer.
The Universal Republic.
The Vale To You, To Me The Heights. - A Fable.
The Veil.
The Watching Angel.
Then, Most, I Smile.
To A Sick Child During The Siege Of Paris.
To Albert Drer.
To Canaris, The Greek Patriot.
To Cruel Ocean.
To His Muse.
To His Orphan Grandchildren.
To Some Birds Flown Away.
To The Cannon "Victor Hugo."
To The Napoleon Column.
Toys And Tragedy.
Tribute To The Vanquished.
Ye Mariners Who Spread Your Sails.
Zara, The Bather