The Poetry Corner

Thomas Moore


A Blue Love Song. To Miss-----.
A Canadian Boat Song.
A Case Of Libel.
A Characterless
A Corrected Report Of Some Late Speeches.
A Curious Fact.
A Dream Of Antiquity.
A Dream Of Hindostan.
A Dream Of Turtle.
A Dream.
A Ghost Story. To The Air Of "Unfortunate Miss Bailey."
A Hymn Of Welcome After The Recess.
A Joke Versified.
A Late Scene At Swanage.
A Melologue Upon National Music.
A Night Thought.
A Pastoral Ballad.
A Reflection At Sea.
A Sad Case.
A Speculation.
A Study From The Antique.
A Temple To Friendship. (Spanish Air.)
A Vision Of Philosophy.
A Vision. By The Author Of "Christabel."
A Warning.
After The Battle.
Alarming Intelligence! Revolution In The Dictionary--One Galt At The Head Of It.
Alciphron: A Fragment. Letter I.
Alciphron: A Fragment. Letter II.
Alciphron: A Fragment. Letter III.
Alciphron: A Fragment. Letter IV.
All In The Family Way. A New Pastoral Ballad.
All That's Bright Must Fade. (Indian Air.)
Almighty God! Chorus Of Priests. (Air.--Mozart.)
Alone In Crowds To Wander On.
Amatory Colloquy Between Bank And Government.
An Expostulation To Lord King.
An Incantation. Sung By The Bubble Spirit.
Anacreontic To A Plumassier.
And Doth Not A Meeting Like This.
Angel Of Charity. (Air.--Handel)
Animal Magnetism.
Anne Boleyn. Translation From The Metrical
Announcement Of A New Grand Acceleration Company For The Promotion Of The Speed Of Literature.
Announcement Of A New Thalaba. Addressed To Robert Southey, Esq.
Anticipated Meeting Of The British Association In The Year 1836.
As A Beam O'er The Face Of The Waters May Glow.
As Down In The Sunless Retreats. (Air.--Haydn.)
As Slow Our Ship.
As Vanquished Erin.
Ask Not If Still I Love.
At Night.
At The Mid Hour Of Night
Avenging And Bright.
Awake, Arise, Thy Light Is Come. (Air.--Stevenson.)
Awful Event.
Ballad For The Cambridge Election.
Ballad Stanzas.
Beauty And Song.
Before The Battle.
Behold The Sun. (Air.--Lord Mornington.)
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms.
Black And Blue Eyes.
Boat Glee.
Bright Be Thy Dreams. (Welsh Air.)
Bright Moon.
Bring The Bright Garlands Hither.
But Who Shall See. (Air.--Stevenson.)
By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore.[1]
Calm Be Thy Sleep.
Captain Rock In London. Letter From The Captain To Terry Alt, Esq.[1]
Cephalus And Procris.
Child's Song. From A Masque.
Church Extension. To The Editor Of The Morning Chronicle.
Cloris And Fanny.
Cocker, On Church Reform.
Come Not, Oh Lord. (Air.--Haydn.)
Come O'er The Sea.
Come, Chase That Starting Tear Away. (French Air.)
Come, Play Me That Simple Air Again. A Ballad.
Come, Rest In This Bosom.
Come, Send Round The Wine.
Come, Ye Disconsolate. (Air.--German.)
Common Sense And Genius. (French Air.)
Copy Of An Intercepted Despatch.
Corn And Catholics.
Correspondence Between A Lady And Gentleman, Upon The Advantage Of (What Is Called) "Having Law[1] On One's Side."
Corruption, An Epistle.
Cotton And Corn. A Dialogue.
Country Dance And Quadrille.
Cupid And Psyche.
Cupid Armed.
Cupid's Lottery.
Dear Fanny.
Dear Harp Of My Country.
Dear? Yes.
Desmond's Song.
Dialogue Between A Sovereign And A One Pound Note.
Dick * * * *, A Character.
Did Not.
Do Not Say That Life Is Waning.
Dog-Day Reflections. By A Dandy Kept In Town.
Dost Thou Remember. (Portuguese Air.)
Dreaming For Ever.
Dreams. To ... ....
Drink Of This Cup.
Drink To Her.
Elegiac Stanzas.
Elegiac Stanzas. Supposed To Be Written By Julia, On The Death Of Her Brother.
Epigram. Dialogue Between A Catholic Delegate And His Royal Highness The Duke Of Cumberland.
Epigram. Dialogue Between A Dowager And Her Maid On The Night Of Lord Yarmouth's Fete.
Epigram. From The French.
Epilogue. Written For Lady Dacre's Tragedy Of Ina.
Epistle From Captain Rock To Lord Lyndhurst.
Epistle From Erasmus On Earth To Cicero In The Shades.
Epistle From Henry Of Exeter To John Of Tuam.
Epistle From Tom Crib To Big Ben.[1] Concerning Some Foul Play In A Late Transaction.[2]
Epistle Of Condolence. From A Slave-Lord, To A Cotton-Lord.
Epitaph On A Tuft-Hunter.
Erin! The Tear And The Smile In Thine Eyes.
Erin, Oh Erin.
Eveleen's Bower.
Evenings In Greece
Extract. From A Prologue Written And Spoken By The Author, At The Opening Of The Kilkenny Theatre, October, 1809.
Extracts From The Diary Of A Politician.
Fables For The Holy Alliance. Fable I. The Dissolution Of The Holy Alliance. A Dream.
Fables For The Holy Alliance. Fable Ii. The Looking-Glasses.
Fables For The Holy Alliance. Fable Iii. The Torch Of Liberty.
Fables For The Holy Alliance. Fable Iv. The Fly And The Bullock.
Fables For The Holy Alliance. Fable V. Church And State.
Fables For The Holy Alliance. Fable Vi. The Little Grand Lama.
Fables For The Holy Alliance. Fable Vii. The Extinguishers.
Fables For The Holy Alliance. Fable Viii. Louis Fourteenth's Wig.
Fairest! Put On Awhile.
Fallen Is Thy Throne. (Air.--Martini.)
Fanny, Dearest.
Fare Thee Well, Thou Lovely One! (Sicilian Air.)
Farewell!--But Whenever You Welcome The Hour.
Farewell, Theresa! (Venetian Air.)
Fear Not That, While Around Thee.
Fill The Bumper Fair.
Flourish Of Trumpets.
Flow On, Thou Shining River. (Portuguese Air.)
Fly Not Yet.
Fools' Paradise. Dream The First.
For Thee Alone.
Forget Not The Field.
Fragment Of A Character.
Fragment Of A Mythological Hymn To Love.[1]
Fragments Of College Exercises.
From Life Without Freedom.
From The Greek Of Meleager.
From The High Priest Of Apollo To A Virgin Of Delphi.[1]
From The Hon. Henry ----, To Lady Emma ----.
From This Hour The Pledge Is Given.
Fum And Hum, The Two Birds Of Royalty.
Gayly Sounds The Castanet. (Maltese Air.)
Genius And Criticism.
Go Forth To The Mount, (Air.--Stevenson.)
Go Where Glory Waits Thee.
Go, Let Me Weep. (Air.--Stevenson.)
Go, Now, And Dream. (Sicilian Air.)
Go, Then--'Tis Vain. (Sicilian Air.)
Grand Dinner Of Type And Co. A Poor Poet's Dream.[1]
Greek Air
Guess, Guess.
Hark! 'Tis The Breeze. (Air.--Rousseau.)
Hark! The Vesper Hymn Is Stealing. (Russian Air.)
Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded.
Hat Versus Wig.
Hear Me But Once. (French Air.)
Her Last Words, At Parting.
Here At Thy Tomb. By Meleager.
Here Sleeps The Bard. (Highland Air.)
Here's The Bower.
Here, Take My Heart.
Hero And Leander.
Hip, Hip, Hurra!
Hope Comes Again.
Horace, Ode I. Lib. III. A Fragment.
Horace, Ode Xi. Lib. Ii. Freely Translated By The Prince Regent.
Horace, Ode XXII. Lib. I. Freely Translated By Lord Eldon.
Horace, Ode XXXVIII. Lib. I. A Fragment.
How Dear To Me The Hour.
How Happy, Once.
How Lightly Mounts The Muse'S Wing. (Air--Anonymous.)
How Oft Has The Banshee Cried.
How Oft, When Watching Stars. (Savoyard Air.)
How Shall I Woo?
How To Make A Good Politician.
How To Make One's Self A Peer.
How To Write By Proxy.
Hush, Hush!
Hush, Sweet Lute.
Hymn Of A Virgin Of Delphi, At The Tomb Of Her Mother.
I Love But Thee.
I Saw From The Beach.
I Saw The Moon Rise Clear. A Finland Love Song.
I Saw Thy Form In Youthful Prime.
I Wish I Was By That Dim Lake.
I'd Mourn The Hopes.
I've A Secret To Tell Thee.
If In Loving, Singing.
If Thou Wouldst Have Me Sing And Play.
If Thou'lt Be Mine.
If" And "Perhaps."
Ill Omens.
Imitation Of Catullus. To Himself.
Imitation Of The Inferno Of Dante.
Imitation. From The French.
Impromptu, On Leaving Some Friends.
Impromptu. After A Visit To Mrs. ----, Of Montreal.
Impromptu. Upon Being Obliged To Leave A Pleasant Party, From The Want Of A Pair Of Breeches To Dress For Dinner In.
In Myrtle Wreaths. By Alcaeus.
In The Morning Of Life.
Incantation. From The New Tragedy Of "The Brunswickers."
Intended Tribute To The Author Of An Article In The Last Number Of The Quarterly Review, Entitled "Romanism In Ireland."
Intolerance, A Satire.
Invitation To Dinner. Addressed To Lord Lansdowne.
Irish Antiquities.
Is It Not Sweet To Think, Hereafter. (Air.--Haydn.)
It Is Not The Tear At This Moment Shed.[1]
Joys Of Youth, How Fleeting! (Portuguese Air.)
Keep Those Eyes Still Purely Mine.
King Crack[1] And His Idols.
Lalla Rookh
Lament For The Loss Of Lord Bathurst's Tail.
Late Tithe Case.
Latest Accounts From Olympus.
Lay His Sword By His Side.
Les Hommes Automates.
Lesbia Hath A Beaming Eye.
Let Erin Remember The Days Of Old.
Let Joy Alone Be Remembered Now.
Let's Take This World As Some Wide Scene.
Letter From Larry O'Branigan To The Rev. Murthagh O'Mulligan.
Light Sounds The Harp.
Like Morning, When Her Early Breeze. (Air. Beethoven.)
Like One Who, Doomed.
Lines On The Death Of Joseph Atkinson, Esq., Of Dublin.
Lines On The Death Of Mr. Perceval.
Lines On The Death Of Sheridan.
Lines On The Departure Of Lord Castlereagh And Stewart For The Continent.
Lines On The Entry Of The Austrians Into Naples, 1821.
Lines Written At The Cohos, Or Falls Of The Mohawk Kiver.[1]
Lines Written In A Storm At Sea.
Lines Written On Leaving Philadelphia.
Literary Advertisement.
Little Man And Little Soul. A Ballad.
Long Years Have Past.
Lord Henley And St. Cecilia
Lord Wellington And The Ministers.
Lord, Who Shall Bear That Day. (Air.--Dr. Boyce.)
Love Alone.
Love And Hope. (Swiss Air.)
Love And Hymen.
Love And Marriage.
Love And Reason.
Love And The Novice.
Love And The Sun-Dial.
Love And Time.
Love Is A Hunter-Boy. (Languedocian Air.)
Love Thee, Dearest? Love Thee?
Love Thee?
Love's Light Summer-Cloud.
Love's Victory.
Love's Young Dream.
Love, Wandering Thro' The Golden Maze.
Lusitanian War-Song.
Memorabilia Of Last Week.
Merrily Every Bosom Boundeth. (The Tyrolese Song Of Liberty.)
Mind Not Tho' Daylight.
Moral Positions. A Dream.
Morality. A Familiar Epistle.
Mr. Roger Dodsworth.
Musings Of An Unreformed Peer.
Musings. Suggested By The Late Promotion Of Mrs. Nethercoat.
My Birth-Day.
My Gentle Harp.
My Harp Has One Unchanging Theme. (Swedish Air.)
My Heart And Lute.
My Mopsa Is Little. By Philodemus.
Nature's Labels. A Fragment.
Nay, Tell Me Not, Dear.
Ne'er Ask The Hour.
Ne'er Talk Of Wisdom's Gloomy Schools. (Mahratta Air.)
Nets And Cages.[1] (Swedish Air.)
New Creation Of Peers. Batch The First.
New Grand Exhibition Of Models Of The Two Houses Of Parliament.
New Hospital For Sick Literati.
New-Fashioned Echoes.
News For Country Cousins.
Nights Of Music.
No, Not More Welcome.
No--Leave My Heart To Rest.
Not From Thee.
Notions On Reform. By A Modern Reformer.
O Say, Thou Best And Brightest.
O'Donohue's Mistress.
Occasional Address For The Opening Of The New Theatre Of St. Stephen,
Occasional Epilogue. Spoken By Mr. Cobby, In The Character Of Vapid, After The Play Of The Dramatist, At The Kilkenny Theatre.
Ode To A Hat.
Ode To Don Miguel.
Ode To Ferdinand.
Ode To The Goddess Ceres.
Ode To The Sublime Porte.
Ode To The Woods And Forests. By One Of The Board.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode I.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode II.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode III.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode IV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode IX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode L.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LIX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LVI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LVII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LVIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXIV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXIX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXVI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXVII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXVIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXXI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXXII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXXIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXXIV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXXV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXXVI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXXVII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode LXXVIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode V.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode VI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode VII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode VIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode X.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XIV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XIX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XL.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XLI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XLII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XLIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XLIV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XLIX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XLV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XLVI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XLVII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XLVIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XVI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XVII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XVIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXIV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXIX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXVI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXVII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXVIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXXI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXXII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXXIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXXIV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXXIX.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXXV.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXXVI.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXXVII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode XXXVIII.
Odes Of Anacreon - Ode. LIV.
Odes To Nea; Written At Bermuda.
Oft, In The Stilly Night. (Scotch Air.)
Oh Banquet Not.
Oh Fair! Oh Purest! Saint Augustine To His Sister. (Air.--Moore)
Oh For The Swords Of Former Time!
Oh The Shamrock.
Oh Thou Who Dry'st The Mourner's Tear. (Air.--Haydn.)
Oh! Blame Not The Bard.[1]
Oh! Breathe Not His Name.
Oh! Doubt Me Not.
Oh! Had We Some Bright Little Isle Of Our Own.
Oh! Think Not My Spirits Are Always As Light.
Oh, Arranmore, Loved Arranmore.
Oh, Call It By Some Better Name.
Oh, Come To Me When Daylight Sets. (Venetian Air.)
Oh, Could We Do With This World Of Ours.
Oh, Days Of Youth. (French Air.)
Oh, Do Not Look So Bright And Blest.
Oh, Guard Our Affection.
Oh, No--Not Even When First We Loved. (Cashmerian Air.)
Oh, Soon Return.
Oh, Teach Me To Love Thee. (Air.--Haydn.)
Oh, The Sight Entrancing.
Oh, Ye Dead!
On A Squinting Poetess.
On Music.
On The Death Of A Friend.
On The Death Of A Lady,
One Bumper At Parting.
One Dear Smile.
Our First Young Love.
Paddy's Metamorphosis.
Parody Of A Celebrated Letter.
Peace And Glory.
Peace Be Around Thee. (Scotch Air.)
Peace To The Slumberers! (Catalonian Air.)
Peace, Peace To Him That's Gone!
Police Reports. Case Of Imposture.
Poor Broken Flower.
Poor Wounded Heart
Proposals For A Gynaecocracy. Addressed To A Late Radical Meeting.
Quick! We Have But A Second.
Reason, Folly, And Beauty. (Italian Air.)
Recent Dialogue.
Reflections. Addressed To The Author Of The Article Of The Church In The Last Number Of The Quarterly Review.
Reinforcements For Lord Wellington.
Religion And Trade.
Remember The Time. (The Castilian Maid.)
Remember Thee.
Resolutions Passed At A Late Meeting Of Reverends And Right Reverends.
Reuben And Rose. A Tale Of Romance.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract I. Geneva.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract II. Geneva.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract III. Geneva.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract IV. Milan.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract IX. Venice.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract V. Padua.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract VI. Venice.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract VII. Venice.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract VIII. Venice.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract X. Mantua.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract XI. Florence.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract XII. Florence.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract XIII. Rome.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract XIV. Rome.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract XV. Rome.
Rhymes On The Road. Extract XVI. Les Charmettes.
Rhymes On The Road. Introductory Rhymes.
Rich And Rare Were The Gems She Wore.[1]
Rings And Seals.
Rival Topics.[1] An Extravaganza.
Rose Of The Desert
Round The World Goes.
Row Gently Here. (Venetian Air.)
Sail On, Sail On.
Sale Of Cupid. By Meleager.
Say, What Shall Be Our Sport To-Day? (Sicilian Air.)
Say, What Shall We Dance?
Scene From A Play, Acted At Oxford, Called "Matriculation."
See, The Dawn From Heaven. (To An Air Sung At Rome, On Christmas Eve.)
Shall The Harp Then Be Silent.
She Is Far From The Land.
She Sung Of Love.
Shine Out, Stars!
Should Those Fond Hopes. (Portuguese Air.)
Silence Is In Our Festal Halls.
Since First Thy Word. (Air.--Nicholas Freeman.)
Sing, Sweet Harp.
Sing--Sing--Music Was Given.
Sir Andrew's Dream.
Sketch Of The First Act Of A New Romantic Drama.
Slumber, Oh Slumber.
So Warmly We Met. (Hungarian Air.)
Some Account Of The Late Dinner To Dan.
Song Of A Hyperborean.
Song Of Hercules To His Daughter.
Song Of Innisfail.
Song Of Old Puck.
Song Of The Battle Eve.
Song Of The Church. No. 1. Leave Me Alone. A Pastoral Ballad.
Song Of The Departing Spirit Of Tithe.
Song Of The Evil Spirit Of The Woods.[1]
Song Of The Nubian Girl.
Song Of The Poco-Curante Society.
Song Of The Two Cupbearers.
Song. Fanny, Dearest.
Song. On The Birthday Of Mrs. ----.
Sound The Loud Timbrel. Miriam's Song. (Alr.--Avison.)[1]
Sovereign Woman. A Ballad.
Spanish Air.--"Ya Desperto."
Spanish Chorus.
Speech On The Umbrella Question.
Spring And Autumn.
St. Jerome On Earth.
St. Jerome On Earth. Second Visit.
St. Senanus And The Lady.
Stanzas From The Banks Of The Shannon.
Stanzas Written In Anticipation Of Defeat.
Still Thou Fliest.
Still When Daylight.
Still, Like Dew In Silence Falling. By Meleager.
Sublime Was The Warning.
Sunday Ethics. A Scotch Ode.
Sweet Innisfallen.
Swiss Air.--"Ranz Des Vaches."
Take Back The Virgin Page.
Take Hence The Bowl. (Neapolitan Air.)
Tell Her, Oh, Tell Her.
The "Living Dog" And "The Dead Lion."
The Annual Pill.
The Bird, Let Loose. (Air.--Beethoven.)
The Boy Of The Alps.
The Boy Statesman. By A Tory.
The Brunswick Club.
The Canonization Of Saint Butterworth.
The Catalogue.
The Cherries. A Parable.
The Consultation.
The Crystal-Hunters. (Swiss Air.)
The Dance Of Bishops; Or, The Episcopal Quadrille.[1] A Dream.
The Dawn Is Breaking O'er Us.
The Day Of Love.
The Day-Dream.
The Devil Among The Scholars, A Fragment.
The Donkey And His Panniers. A Fable.
The Dream Of Home.
The Dream Of The Two Sisters. From Dante.
The Dream Of Those Days.
The Duke Is The Lad.
The Dying Warrior.
The East Indian.
The Euthanasia Of Van.
The Evening Gun.
The Exile.
The Fall Of Hebe. A Dithyrambic Ode.
The Fancy Fair.
The Fortune-Teller.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter I. From Miss Biddy Fudge To Miss Dorothy ----, Of Clonkilty, In Ireland.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter II. From Phil. Fudge, Esq., To The Lord Viscount Castlereagh.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter III. From Mr. Bob Fudge To Richard ----, Esq.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter IV. From Phelim Connor To ----
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter IX. Prom Phil. Fudge, Esq., To The Lord Viscount Castlereagh.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter V. From Miss Biddy Fudge To Miss Dorothy ----.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter VI. From Phil. Fudge, Esq., To His Brother Tim Fudge, Esq., Barrister At Law.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter VII. From Phelim Connor To--.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter VIII. From Mr. Bob Fudge To Richard ----, Esq.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter X. From Miss Biddy Fudge To Miss Dorothy ----.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter XI. From Phelim Connor To ----.
The Fudge Family In Paris Letter XII. From Miss Biddy Fudge To Miss Dorothy ----.
The Fudges In England. Letter I. From Patrick Magan, Esq., To The Rev. Richard ----; Curate Of ----, In Ireland.
The Fudges In England. Letter II. From Miss Biddy Fudge To Mrs. Elizabeth ----.
The Fudges In England. Letter III. From Miss Fanny Fudge, To Her Cousin, Miss Kitty ----.
The Fudges In England. Letter IV. From Patrick Magan, Esq., To The Rev. Richard ----.
The Fudges In England. Letter IX. From Larry O'Branigan, To His Wife Judy.
The Fudges In England. Letter V. From Larry O'Branigan, In England, To His Wife Judy, At Mullinafad.
The Fudges In England. Letter VI. From Miss Biddy Fudge, To Mrs. Elizabeth ----.
The Fudges In England. Letter VII. From Miss Fanny Fudge, To Her Cousin, Miss Kitty ----.
The Fudges In England. Letter VIII. From Bob Fudge, Esq., To The Rev. Mortimer O'Mulligan.
The Fudges In England. Letter X. From The Rev. Mortimer O'Mulligan, To The Rev. ----.
The Fudges In England. Letter XI. From Patrick Magan, Esq., To The Rev. Richard ----. ------, Ireland.
The Garland I Send Thee.
The Gazelle.
The Genius Of Harmony. An Irregular Ode.
The Ghost Of Miltiades.
The Grecian Girl's Dream Of The Blessed Islands.[1]
The Halcyon Hangs O'er Ocean.
The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls.
The High-Born Ladye.
The Homeward March.
The Indian Boat.
The Insurrection Of The Papers. A Dream.
The Irish Peasant To His Mistress.[1]
The Irish Slave.
The Kiss.
The Lake Of The Dismal Swamp. A Ballad.
The Language Of Flowers.
The Leaf And The Fountain.
The Legacy.
The Legend Of Puck The Fairy.
The Light Of The Haram.
The Limbo Of Lost Reputations. A Dream.
The Loves Of The Angels.
The Mad Tory And The Comet.
The Magic Mirror.
The Meeting Of The Ships.
The Meeting Of The Waters.[1]
The Millennium.
The Minstrel-Boy.
The Mountain Sprite.
The Musical Box.
The Natal Genius. A Dream
The New Costume Of The Ministers.
The Night Dance.
The Numbering Of The Clergy.
The Origin Of The Harp.
The Parallel.
The Parting Before The Battle.
The Periwinkles And The Locusts. A Salmagundian Hymn.
The Petition Of The Orangemen Of Ireland.
The Philosopher Aristippus[1] To A Lamp Which Had Been Given Him By Lais.
The Pilgrim.
The Pretty Rose-Tree.
The Prince's Day.[1]
The Rector And His Curate; Or, One Pound Two.
The Resemblance.
The Reverend Pamphleteer. A Romantic Ballad.
The Ring.
The Ring[1] A Tale
The Russian Lover.
The Sale Of Loves.
The Sale Of The Tools.
The Sceptic, A Philosophical Satire.
The Shield.
The Shrine. To .......
The Sinking Fund Cried.
The Snake.
The Snow Spirit.
The Song Of Fionnuala.[1]
The Song Of O'Ruark, Prince Of Breffni.[1]
The Song Of The Box.
The Song Of The Olden Time.
The Steerman's Song,
The Stranger.
The Summer Fte.
The Summer Webs.
The Surprise.
The Sylph's Ball.
The Tear.
The Tell-Tale Lyre.
The Three Doctors.
The Time I've Lost In Wooing.
The Triumphs Of Farce.
The Turf Shall Be My Fragrant Shrine. (Air.--Stevenson.)
The Two Loves.
The Valley Of The Nile.
The Voice.
The Wandering Bard.
The Watchman.
The Wellington Spa.
The Wine-Cup Is Circling.
The Wonder.
The World Was Husht.
The Wreath And The Chain.
The Young Indian Maid.
The Young May Moon.
The Young Muleteers Of Grenada.
The Young Rose.
Thee, Thee, Only Thee.
Then First From Love.
Then, Fare Thee Well. (Old English Air.)
There Are Sounds Of Mirth.
There Comes A Time. (German Air.)
There Is A Bleak Desert. (Air.--Crescentini.)
There's Something Strange. A Buffalo Song.
They Know Not My Heart.
They May Rail At This Life.
They Met But Once.
They Tell Me Thou'rt The Favored Guest.
This Life Is All Checkered With Pleasures And Woes
This World Is All A Fleeting Show. (Air.--Stevenson.)
Tho' 'Tis All But A Dream. (French Air.)
Tho' Humble The Banquet.
Tho' Lightly Sounds The Song I Sing. A Song Of The Alps.
Tho' The Last Glimpse Of Erin With Sorrow I See.
Those Evening Bells. (Air.--The Bells Of St. Petersburgh.)
Thou Art, O God.
Thou Bidst Me Sing.
Thou Lovest No More.
Thoughts On Mischief.
Thoughts On Patrons, Puffs, And Other Matters. In An Epistle From Thomas Moore To Samuel Rogers.
Thoughts On Tar Barrels.
Thoughts On The Late Destructive Propositions Of The Tories.[1] By A Common-Councilman.
Thoughts On The Present Government Of Ireland.
Tibullus To Sulpicia.
Tis All For Thee.
Tis Gone, And For Ever.
Tis Sweet To Think.
Tis The Last Rose Of Summer.
To .......
To .... ....
To .... ....
To .... .... On Seeing Her With A White Veil And A Rich Girdle.
To .......
To .......'s Picture.
To ......., 1801.
To A Boy, With A Watch, Written For A Friend
To A Lady, With Some Manuscript Poems, On Leaving The Country.
To A Lady. On Her Singing.
To Cara, After An Interval Of Absence.
To Cara, On The Dawning Of A New Year's Day.
To Caroline, Viscountess Valletort.
To Cloe. Imitated From Martial.
To Francis, Earl Of Moira.
To George Morgan, Esq. Of Norfolk, Virginia.
To His Serene Highness The Duke Of Montpensier On His Portrait Of The Lady Adelaide Forbes.
To James Corry, Esq. On His Making Me A Present Of A Wine Strainer.
To Joseph Atkinson, Esq.
To Julia Weeping.
To Julia.
To Julia. In Allusion To Some Illiberal Criticisms.
To Julia. On Her Birthday.
To Ladies' Eyes.
To Lady Heathcote, On An Old Ring Found At Tunbridge-Wells.
To Lady Holland. On Napoleon's Legacy Op A Snuff-Box.
To Lady Jersey. On Being Asked To Write Something In Her Album.
To Lord Viscount Strangford.
To Miss ....... On Her Asking The Author Why She Had Sleepless Nights.
To Miss Moore. From Norfolk, In Virginia, November, 1803.
To Miss Susan Beckford.[1] On Her Singing.
To Mrs,---. On Her Beautiful Translation Of Voiture's Kiss.
To Mrs. .......
To Mrs. ....... On Some Calumnies Against Her Character.
To Mrs. Bl----.
To Mrs. Henry Tighe, On Reading Her "Psyche."
To My Mother.
To Phillis.
To Rosa.
To Rosa. Written During Illness.
To Sir Hudson Lowe.
To The Book Of Follies.
To The Boston Frigate, On Leaving Halifax For England,[1] October, 1804.
To The Fire-Fly.[1]
To The Flying-Fish.[1]
To The Honorable W. R. Spencer.
To The Invisible Girl.
To The Lady Charlotte Rawdon.
To The Large And Beautiful Miss......,
To The Lord Viscount Forbes.
To The Marchioness Dowager Of Donegall.
To The Rev. Charles Overton, Curate Of Romaldkirk.
To The Reverend ----. One Of The Sixteen Requisitionists Of Nottingham.
To The Same. On Looking Through Her Album.
To The Ship In Which Lord Castlereagh Sailed For The Continent.
To Thomas Hume, Esq., M. D.
To Weave A Garland For The Rose. By Paul, The Silentiary.
To-Day, Dearest! Is Ours.
Tory Pledges.
Tout Pour La Tripe.
Translation From The Gull Language.
Translations From Catullus. Carm. 29.
Translations From Catullus. Carm. 70.
Translations From Catullus. Carm. II.
Triumph Of Bigotry.
Twas One Of Those Dreams.[1]
Twin'St Thou With Lofty Wreath Thy Brow? By Paul, The Silentiary.
Twopenny Post-Bag, Intercepted Letters, Etc. Appendix.
Twopenny Post-Bag, Intercepted Letters, Etc. Letter I.
Twopenny Post-Bag, Intercepted Letters, Etc. Letter II.
Twopenny Post-Bag, Intercepted Letters, Etc. Letter III.
Twopenny Post-Bag, Intercepted Letters, Etc. Letter IV.
Twopenny Post-Bag, Intercepted Letters, Etc. Letter V.
Twopenny Post-Bag, Intercepted Letters, Etc. Letter VI.
Twopenny Post-Bag, Intercepted Letters, Etc. Letter VII.
Twopenny Post-Bag, Intercepted Letters, Etc. Letter VIII.
Unbind Thee, Love.
Up, Sailor Boy, 'Tis Day.
Verses To The Poet Crabbe's Inkstand.
Wake Thee, My Dear.
Wake Up, Sweet Melody.
War Against Babylon. (Air.--Novello.)
War Song. Remember The Glories Of Brien The Brave.[1]
We May Roam Through This World.
Weep Not For Those. (Air.--Avison.)
Weep On, Weep On.
Weep, Children Of Israel. (Air.--Stevenson.)
Were Not The Sinful Mary's Tears. (Air.--Stevenson.)
What Shall I Sing Thee?
What The Bee Is To The Floweret.
What's My Thought Like?
When Abroad In The World.
When Cold In The Earth.
When First I Met Thee.
When First That Smile. (Venetian Air.)
When He, Who Adores Thee.
When Love Is Kind.
When Love Was A Child (Swedish Air.)
When Love, Who Ruled.
When Midst The Gay I Meet.
When Night Brings The Hour.
When On The Lip The Sigh Delays.
When The First Summer Bee. (German Air.)
When The Sad Word. By Paul, The Silentiary.
When The Wine-Cup Is Smiling. (Italian Air.)
When Thou Art Nigh.
When Thou Shalt Wander. (Sicilian Air.)
When Through The Piazzetta. (Venetian Air.)
When To Sad Music Silent You Listen.
When Twilight Dews.
Whene'er I See Those Smiling Eyes.
Where Are The Visions.
Where Is The Slave.
Where Is Your Dwelling, Ye Sainted? (Air.--Hasse.)
Where Shall We Bury Our Shame? (Neapolitan Air.)
While Gazing On The Moon's Light.
While History's Muse.
Who Is The Maid? St. Jerome's Love. (Air.--Beethoven.)
Who'll Buy My Love-Knots? (Portuguese Air.)
Why Does She So Long Delay? By Paul, The Silentiary.
Wind Thy Horn, My Hunter Boy.
With Moonlight Beaming.
Wo! Wo!
Wreath The Bowl.
Wreaths For The Ministers. An Anacreontic.
Write On, Write On. A Ballad.
Written In The Blank Leaf Of A Lady's Commonplace Book.
Written On Passing Deadman's Island, In The Gulf Of St. Lawrence,[1] Late In The Evening, September, 1804.
Yes, Yes, When The Bloom.
You Remember Ellen.
Young Jessica.
Youth And Age.