The Poetry Corner

John Hartley


A Bad Sooart.
A Breet Prospect.
A Brussen Bubble.
A Cold Dooas.
A Friend to Me.
A Gooid Kursmiss Day.
A Hawporth.
A Jolly Beggar.
A Lucky Dog.
A Millionaire.
A Neet at "Widup's Rest."
A Neet When Aw've Nowt To Do.
A New Year's Gift.
A Pair o' Black Een.
A Pointer.
A Quiet Day.
A Quiet Tawk.
A Sad Mishap.
A Safe Investment.
A Screw Lawse.
A Song of the Snow
A Strange Stooary.
A Summer Shaar.
A Tale For Th' Childer, On Christmas Eve.
A True Tale.
A Warnin.
A Wife.
A Yorksher Bite.
Act Square.
Advice to Jenny.
Aght o' Wark.
All on a Christmas Morning.
All Tawk.
All We Had.
An Acrostic.
An Old Man's Christmas Morning.
Angels of Sunderland. In Memoriam, June 16th, 1893.
Another Babby.
April Fooils (Prose)
Aw Can't Tell.
Aw Wodn't For All Aw Could See.
Awr Annie.
Awr Dooad.
Awr Lad.
Awst Nivver Be Jaylus.
Babby Burds.
Bachelors Quest.
Backward Turn, Oh! Recollection.
Be Happy.
Bide Thi Time.
Billy Bumble's Bargain.
Bite Bigger
Bite Bigger.
Bless 'em!
Blue Bells.
Bonny Mary Ann.
Bonny Yorksher.
Booith-Taan Election. (Prose)
Briggate at Setterdy Neet.
Buttermilk &c. (Prose)
Cash V. Cupid.
Charming May.
Cleenin' Daan Month (Prose)
Come thi Ways in.
Come Thi Ways!
Coortin Days.
Dad's Lad.
De Profundis.
Dick an Me.
Did yo Ivver!
Disapointment. (Prose)
Ditherum Dump.
Do your Best and Leave the Rest.
Done Agean.
Dooant Forget the Old Fowks.
Duffin Johnny. (A Rifleman's Adventure.)
Election. (Prose)
End o' th' Year (Prose)
Fairly Weel-off.
Fault Finders. (Prose)
Flaar Shows (Prose)
Fooils (Prose)
Force of Example (Prose)
Fowk Next Door.
Give it 'em Hot.
Gooid Bye, Old Lad.
Gradely Weel off.
Grondad's Lullaby.
Gronfayther's Days.
Growin Old.
Gunpaader Plot (Prose)
Happen Thine.
Happy Sam's Song.
Hay-Making (Prose)
Heart Brokken.
Heather Bells.
Help Thisen.
Hide not thy Face.
His Dowter Gate Wed.
Hold up yer Heeads.
Holinworth Lake (Prose)
Horton Tide.
I Know I Love Thee.
I Would not Live Alway.
I'd a Dream.
In my Garden of Roses.
Information (Prose)
Is it Reight?
It may be Soa.
It's a comfort. (Prose)
Its True.
Jealousy. (Prose)
Jimmy's Choice.
Jockey an Dolly.
Lads an Lasses.
Lamentin' An Repentin'.
Lass o'th Haley Hill.
Latter Wit.
Let th' Lasses Alooan!
Lilly-White Hand.
Lily's Gooan.
Lines on Receiving a Bunch of Wild Hyacinths by Post.
Lines, on finding a butterfly in a weaving shed.
Lines, on Startling a Rabbit.
Little Sunshine.
Looking Back.
Lost Love.
Love An' Labor.
Love one Another.
Mak a Gooid Start.
Mak th' Best Ont.
March Winds (Prose)
Mary Hanner's Peanner.
Mary Jane.
Mary's Bonnet.
Matilda Jane.
Matty's Reason.
Mediated Strike (Prose)
Mi Bonny Yorksher Lass.
Mi Darling Muse.
Mi Fayther's Pipe.
Mi Love's Come Back.
Mi Old Slippers.
Mi Old Umberel
Missed his Mark.
Missin Yor Way.
Modest Jack o' Wibsey Slack.
My Doctrine.
My Gronfayther's Days.
My Lass.
My Native Twang.
My Polly.
My Queen
Mysterious Disapperance. (Prose)
Natty Nancy.
Nearing Home.
New Machinery &c. (Prose)
New Year's Parties (Prose)
Nivver Heed.
None think Alike. (Prose)
Nooan So Bad.
November's Here.
Now and Then.
October Ale (Prose)
Old Dave to th' New Parson.
Old Moorcock.
On Strike.
On the Banks of the Calder.
Once Agean Welcome.
Once Upon a Time.
Passing Events.
Peevish Poll.
Peter Prime's Principles.
Peter's Prayer.
Plagues (Prose)
Plain Jane.
Plenty o' Brass.
Poetry and Prose.
Policeman's Scrape (Prose)
Poor Old Hat.
Prime October.
Progress. (Prose)
Put up wi' it. (Prose)
Queen ov Skircoit Green.
Red Stockin.
Sam it up. (Prose)
Scientific (Prose)
Seaside. (Prose)
Second Thowts.
September Month. (Prose)
Settin Off.
Shiver the Goblet.
Shoo's thi Sister.
Shut Out.
Sing On.
Sixty an Sixteen.
Sixty, Turned, To-day.
Smiles, Tears, Getting on. (Prose)
Soa Bonny.
Sol An' Doll.
Somdy's Chonce.
Song for th' Hard Times, (1879.)
Still True To Nell.
Stir thi Lass!
Stop at Hooam.
Sweet Mistress Moore.
Take Heart!
Th' Better Part.
Th' Demon o' Debt.
Th' First o'th Sooart.
Th' Honest Hard Worker.
Th' Lad 'at Loves his Mother.
Th' Last Month (Prose)
Th' Lesser Evil.
Th' Little Black Hand.
Th' Little Stranger.
Th' New Railrooad. (Prose)
Th' Next Mornin'.
Th' Owd, Owd Story.
Th' Short-Timer.
Th' State o' th' Poll. A nop tickle illusion.
Th' Traitle Sop.
That Christmas Puddin.
That Drabbled Brat.
That Lad Next Door.
That Lass.
That's a Fact.
That's All.
The Dean's Brother.
The Linnet.
The Match Girl.
The New Year (Prose)
The New Year's Resolve.
The Old Bachelor's Story.
The Open Gates.
The Violet.
Their Fred.
Ther's Much Expected.
Ther's sunshine an storm
They all do it.
Those Days have Gone.
Those Tiny Fingers.
To A Daisy, Found Blooming March 7th.
To a Roadside Flower.
To a True Friend.
To Let.
To Mally.
To my Daughter on her Birthday.
To my Harp.
To th' Swallow
To th' Swallow.
To W. F. Wallett. The Queen's Jester.
Tom Grit.
Too Late.
Tother Day.
Trusting Still.
Try a Smile.
Try Again.
Uncle Ben.
Valentine Day (Prose)
Valentine Dream (Prose)
Waiting at the Gate.
Waivin Mewsic.
Warmin Pan.
Watterin Places (Prose)
What aw Want.
What Is It?
What it Comes to.
What it is to be a Mother.
What they say.
What Wor it?
Whear Natur Missed it.
When Cora Died.
When Lost.
Who Cares?
Willie's Weddin.
Winter. (Prose)
Words Ov Kindness.
Work Away.
Work Lads!
Years Ago.
Young Jockey.