The Poetry Corner

Henry Austin Dobson


"Au Revoir." A Dramatic Vignette.
A Broken Sword.
A Chapter Of Froissart.
A Dialogue To The Memory Of Mr. Alexander Pope.
A Fairy Tale.
A Familiar Epistle
A Fancy From Fontenelle.
A Garden Song.
A Legacy.
A Love-Song.
A Madrigal.
A Miltonic Exercise
A New Song Of The Spring Gardens.
A Pleasant Invective Against Printing
A Revolutionary Relic.
A Roman "Round-Robin."
A Song Of The Greenaway Child
A Song To The Lute.
A Sonnet In Dialogue.
A Story From A Dictionary.
A Tale Of Polypheme.
A Welcome From The "Johnson Club"
Ad Rosam.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
An April Pastoral.
An Eastern Apologue.
An Epistle To An Editor
An Old Fish Pond.
Andr Le Chapelain.
At The Convent Gate.
At The Sign Of The Lyre.
Charles George Gordon.
Daisy's Valentines.
Dialogue From Plato, A
Don Quixote.
Dora Versus Rose.
For A Copy Of Herrick.
For Old Sake's Sake!
For The Avery "Knickerbocker."
Growing Gray.
Henry Fielding.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Horatian Ode On The Tercentenary Of "Don Quixote"
Household Art.
In The Royal Academy.
In Town.
Jocosa Lyra.
Lines To A Stupid Picture.
Little Blue-Ribbons.
Molly Trefusis.
My Books.
Of His Mistress.
Outward Bound.
Pepys' "Diary"
Premiers Amours.
Prologue To Abbey's "Quiet Life."
Prologue To Abbey's Edition Of "She Stoops To Conquer."
Sat Est Scripsisse.
The 'Squire At Vauxhall.
The Book-Plate's Petition.
The Carver And The Caliph.
The Claims Of The Muse.
The Climacteric.
The Cur's Progress.
The Dilettant.
The Distressed Poet.
The Friend Of Humanity And The Rhymer
The Happy Printer
The Ladies Of St. James's.
The Last Despatch.
The Last Proof
The Lost Elixir.
The Maltworm's Madrigal.
The Masque Of The Months.
The Milkmaid. A New Song To An Old Tune.
The Nameless Charm.
The Noble Patron.
The Old Sedan Chair.
The Passionate Printer To His Love
The Poet And The Critics.
The Poet's Seat. An Idyll Of The Suburbs.
The Screen In The Lumber Room.
The Successful Author.
The Toyman.
The Two Painters.
The Virgin With The Bells.
The Water Of Gold.
The Water-Cure. A Tale: In The Manner Of Prior.
To A Child.
To A Missal Of The Thirteenth Century.
To A Pastoral Poet.
To An Intrusive Butterfly.
To An Unknown Bust In The British Museum.
To His Book.
To Phidyle.
To The Mammoth-Tortoise Of The Mascarene Islands.
Tu Quoque, An Idyll In The Conservatory
Two Sermons.
Verses To Order.
Victor Hugo.
With A Volume Of Verse.