The Poetry Corner

Bret Harte (Francis)


A Geological Madrigal
A Greyport Legend
A Legend of Cologne
A Moral Vindicator
A Newport Romance
A Question of Privilege
A Sanitary Message
A Second Review of the Grand Army
Address - The Opening of the California Theatre, San Francisco, January 19, 1870
After the Accident
An Arctic Vision
An Idyl of the Road
Artemis in Sierra
Aspiring Miss De Laine
At the Hacienda
Battle Bunny
Before the Curtain
Cadet Grey
Caldwell of Springfield
California Madrigal
Californias Greeting to Seward
Concepcion de Arguello
Dickens in Camp
Dolly Varden
Don Diego of the South
Dows Flat
For the King
Friar Pedros Ride
Further Language from Truthful James
Grandmother Tenterden
Guilds Signal
Half an Hour Before Supper
Her Last Letter
Her Letter
His Answer to Her Letter
How are You, Sanitary?
In the Mission Garden
In the Tunnel
Jack of the Tules
John Burns of Gettysburg
Lines to a Portrait, by a Superior Person
Lone Mountain
Master Johnnys Next-Door Neighbor
Miss Blanche Says
Miss Edith Makes Another Friend
Miss Edith Makes It Pleasant for Brother Jack
Miss Ediths Modest Request
Mrs. Judge Jenkins
North Beach
Off Scarborough
On a Cone of the Big Trees
On a Pen of Thomas Starr King
On the Landing
On William Francis Bartlett
Our Privilege
Plain Language from Truthful James
Relieving Guard
San Francisco
Sarah Walker
Songs Without Sense
St. Thomas
Telemachus versus Mentor
The Aged Stranger
The Angelus
The Babes in the Woods
The Ballad of Mr. Cooke
The Ballad of the Emeu
The Birds of Cirencester
The Copperhead
The Ghost that Jim Saw
The Goddess
The Hawks Nest
The Heathen Chinee
The Idyl of Battle Hollow
The Latest Chinese Outrage
The Legends of the Rhine
The Lost Galleon
The Lost Tails of Miletus
The Miracle of Padre Junipero
The Mission Bells of Monterey
The Mountain Hearts-Ease
The Old Camp-Fire
The Old Major Explains
The Return of Belisarius
The Reveille
The Ritualist
The Society Upon the Stanislaus
The Spelling Bee at Angels
The Stage-Drivers Story
The Station-Master of Lone Prairie
The Tale of a Pony
The Thought-Reader of Angels
The Two Ships
The Willows
The Wonderful Spring of San Joaquin
Thompson of Angels
To a Sea-Bird
To the Pliocene Skull
To The Pliocene Skull
Truthful James to the Editor
Twenty Years
What Miss Edith Saw from Her Window
What the Bullet Sang
What the Chimney Sang
What the Engines Said
What the Wolf Really Said to Little Red Riding-Hood