The Poetry Corner

Ellis Parker Butler


A Culinary Puzzle
A Lost Angel
A Minute
A Parisian Episode
A Pastoral
A Question
A Satisfactory Reform
A Scotchman Whose Name Was Isbister
A St. Valentine's Day Tragedy
A Study In Feeling
An Exception
An Old-fashioned Garden
At Variance
Bird Nesting
Circumstantial Evidence
Cupid Caught Napping
Golden Silence
Good - Better - Best
How'd You Like It?
Jabed Meeker, Humorist
Judgment Day
Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; I: On Dishonesty Arising From Ignorance
Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; II: On Malicious Cruelty To Harmless Creatures
Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; III: On Laziness And Its Resultant Ills
Mary Had A Little Frog
Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!
Mouths Of Hippopotami And Some Recent Novels
New England Magazine
Night In the City
No Beer, No Work
Reasonable Interest
Ridden Down
Says Mister Doojabs
Song For Heroes
Speaking Of Operations
The Ballad Of A Bachelor
The Ballade Of The Automobile
The Ballade Of The Mistletoe Bough
The Charge of the Second Iowa Cavalry
The Cut Finger
The Daughter Of The Year
The Final Tax
The Golf Walk
The Hunter
The Poor Boy's Christmas
The Rich Boy's Christmas
The Romance Of Patrolman Casey
The Secret Combination
The Sheep
The Tearful Tale Of Captain Dan
The Twenty Hoss-Power Shay
The Water Nymphs
The Whale
The Wood Nymph
To G. M. W. And G. F. W.
To Jessica, Gone Back To The City
To Kate. ( In Lieu Of A Valentine )
To Marguerite
To May
To Phyllis And May
Valentine To The Girl In Black
When Ida Puts Her Armor On
Why I Went To The Foot
Why Washington Retreated
Womanly Qualms
Would You Believe It?