The Poetry Corner

John Carr (Sir)


Go, faithless bloom! on Delia's cheek Your boasted captivations try; Alas! o'er Nature would you seek To gain one moment's victory? Her softer tint, sweet look, and gentle air, Shall prove you're but a vain intruder there. But go, display y
A Roundelay.
A Song.
A Song. The Lover The Lute Of His Deceased Mistress.
A Song. To The Moon.
An Indian Massacre-Song.
An Irish Song
Bankruptcy Rendered Easy.
Epigram On The Author And Eliza Frequently Differing In Opinion.
Epigram On The Grave Of Robespierre.
Epigram, On Winning A Young Lady's Money At Cards.
Epigram, Upon Seeing The Dilapidated State Of Bethlem Hospital.
Epitaph On A Friend.
Epitaph To The Memory Of A Worthy Man, The Rev. Mr. Sleep, Curate Of Kingswear Church, Devon, Whose Devotional Elocution Was Remarkably Impregnated With Soporific Qualities.
Farewell Lines To Bristol Hot Wells.
Impromptu Lines Upon A Very Handsome Woman Keeping The Hotel De Lion Blanc, At Dantzig.
Impromptu Lines, Upon Anacreon Moore's Saying That He Disliked Singing To Men.
Impromptu To Madame C ---- Written At Paris, Upon Her Appearing Equally Modestly And Elegantly Dressed, Amidst The Semi-Nakedness Of The Rest Of The Female Fashionables.
Impromptu, In Reply To A Lady, Who Asked The Author What Childhood Resembled.
In Devonshire.
Jeu D'Esprit Upon A Very Pretty Woman Asking The Author His Opinion Of Beauty.
Lines Addressed To A Young Lady In Germany, Who, Until Her Sister, Honoured The Author By Walking With Him In The Evening.
Lines Occasioned By The Death Of Lieutenant J ---- , Who Was Killed By A Pistol-Shot, Accidentally Discharged By His Friend, Captain B ---- .
Lines On A Little Bird Singing At The Window Of The Author, Soon After The Death Of A Beloved Sister.
Lines On Lady W ---- Appearing At The Exhibition.
Lines On The Caledonian Harp Being Succeeded By The Highland Bagpipes.
Lines Sent With Some Indian Rouge To Miss W ---- .
Lines To A Laurel-Leaf, Sent To The Author By Miss ---- .
Lines To A Promising Young Artist.
Lines To A Robin.
Lines To A Young Lady, Occasioned By Her Declining An Offer Of Marriage Made Her By A Very Accomplished Friend Of The Author.
Lines To An Accomplished Young Lady,
Lines To An Auricula, Belonging To ---- .
Lines To Annette.
Lines To Delia, On Her Wearing A Muslin Veil.
Lines To Fortune
Lines To Health, Upon The Recovery Of A Friend From A Dangerous Illness.
Lines To Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth, Upon The Prints From Her Beautiful Drawings Of The Birth And Triumph Of Cupid.
Lines To Julia.
Lines To Lady Warren, On The Departure Of Sir John Borlase Warren, K.B. To Take The Command Of A Squadron.
Lines To Miss ---- ,
Lines To Miss ---- , Accompanied By A Rose And A Lily.
Lines To Miss C. On Her Leaving The Country.
Lines To Miss Chinnery, Of Gillwell-House, Upon Her Appearing In A Dress With May-Flowers And Leaves Tastefully Displayed.
Lines To Miss E. Atkinson, On Her Presenting The Author With An Irish Pebble.
Lines To Miss L ---- D ---- .
Lines To Mrs. A. Clarke.
Lines To Mrs. B ---- , At Bristol Hot Wells
Lines To My Mother, On Her Attaining Her 70Th Year.
Lines To Selina
Lines To Sir Robert Ker Porter, Knight Of The Imperial Order Of St. Joachim
Lines To Study.
Lines To The Memory Of An Amiable Youth, Of Great Promise, Whose Afflicted Parents Received The Intelligence Of His Having Been Drowned, At The Very Time When His Arrival Was Expected From Abroad.
Lines To The Memory Of Erasmus, By Oudaan, Inscribed On The Pedestal Of The Statue Raised In Honour Of The Former, In Rotterdam.
Lines To The Memory Of Mrs. A.H. Holdsworth, Late Of Mount Galpin, Devonshire.
Lines To The Memory Of Mrs. B ----
Lines To The Memory Of My Dear Brother, W.T.P. Carr, Esq.
Lines To The Tune Of "Oh! Lady Fair! Where Art Thou Going?"
Lines Upon A Diamond Cross, Worn On Her Bosom By Miss C.M.
Lines Upon A Lady Dying Soon After She Had Been Wrecked On The Cornish Coast, Leaving A Little Infant Behind Her.
Lines Upon Hearing Miss ---- Sing At An Evening Party. The Nightingale's Complaint.
Lines Upon Mademoiselle Delphine Saulot Singing Some Equisite Airs In The Gardens Of Mousseau, Near Paris.
Lines Upon Reading The Journal Of A Friend'S Tour Into Scotland, In Which The Picturesque Scenery And The Character Of The People Are Fairly And Liberally Stated.
Lines Upon Seeing ---- At One Of The Annual Banquets Given In Guildhall.
Lines Upon Seeing A Beautiful Infant Sleeping On The Bosom Of Its Mother.
Lines Upon The Death Of The Lady Of Lieutenant-Colonel Adams, Who Lately Died Of A Decline In The East Indies.
Lines Upon The Rev. Mr. C ---- 's Impromptu Compositions Of Some Of Bowles's Sonnets.
Lines Written At Brighton.
Lines Written At Fredensborg, The Deserted Palace Of The Late Queen Dowager Juliana Maria [A].
Lines Written At Kilkenny, On The Theatricals Of That City.
Lines Written At The Sea-Side In Devonshire, In The Month Of November, When The Ships From Newfoundland Return.
Lines Written En Badinage, After Visiting A Paper-Mill Near Tunbridge-Wells, In Consequence Of The Lovely Miss W ---- , Who Excels In Drawing, Requesting The Author To Describe The Process Of Making Paper, In Verse.
Lines Written In A Cottage By The Sea-Side
Lines Written In A Fine Winter'S Day, At The Shooting-Box Of My Friend, W. Cope, Esq. Near Orpington, Kent.
Lines Written In A Hermitage, At Dronningaard, Near Copenhagen.
Lines Written On Delia, Listening To Her Canary-Bird.
Lines Written Upon A Hill, On Leaving The Country.
Lines Written Upon A Watch-String, Made And Presented To The Author By Miss ---- .
Lines Written Upon Seeing A Blind Young Woman In North Wales,
Lines, Supposed To Be Written By A Female Friend, Upon An Infant Recommended To Her Care By Its Dying Mother.
Lines[A] Written In A Beautiful Spot, The Favourite Retreat Of Delia.
Love And The Spring-Flower.
Occasional Lines Repeated At An Elegant Entertainment
Parody On "The Golden Days Of Good Queen Bess
Rebecca, A Ballad.
Song - Upon The Admiration Of The Valour And Amiable Qualities Of Lord Nelson, Expressed By Junot, Now Duke Of Abrantes, Who, By The Chances Of War, Was For A Short Time The British Hero's Prisoner.
Song. - To The Tune Of "Ye Gentlemen Of England." Written During A Period When It Was Confidently Believed That The French Would Invade Our Country.
Song. The Words Adapted To "The Cossaka," One Of The Most Ancient Of The Russ Airs.
Song. Written During A Period When It Was Confidently Believed That The French Would Invade Our Country.
Sonnet Upon A Swedish Cottage, Written On The Road, Within A Few Miles Of Stockholm.
Sonnet, Occasioned By Reading An Inscription On The Tombstone Of Captain Christensen, Of Krajore, In Norway, Who Died In Consequence Of The Bite Of His Dog, When It Was Mad.
State Tricks Or A Peep Into The Cabinet Of The Premier Consul, At St. Cloud, On The Night Of The 26Th Oct. 1803.
The Following Lines In French, Are inscribed upon the Pedestal of a Statue of Cupid, In A Garden At Utrecht.
The Fury Of Discord
The Hectic.
The Mushroom.
The Rhingau Song.
The Song Of Grief
The Water-Nymph Of The Rock.
Time And The Lover.
To Miss Atkinson, On The Extreme Diffidence Which She Displays To Strangers.
Valentine Verses, Sent To My Young Friend, Miss Emma Trevelyan, Of Wallington-House, Northumberland.
Verses On An Autumnal Leaf.
Verses To Miss M. G ---- , Accompanied With A Dried Heliotrope, Which She Had Presented To The Author A Year Before.
Verses To The Tomb Of A Friend.