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Michael Drayton


A Hymne To His Ladies Birth-Place
A Skeltoniad
Among the Panegyrical Verses before Coryat's Crudities (1611).
Amour 1
Amour 10
Amour 11
Amour 12
Amour 13
Amour 14
Amour 15
Amour 16
Amour 17
Amour 18
Amour 19
Amour 2
Amour 20
Amour 21
Amour 22
Amour 23
Amour 24
Amour 25
Amour 26
Amour 27
Amour 28
Amour 29
Amour 3
Amour 30
Amour 31
Amour 32
Amour 33
Amour 34
Amour 35
Amour 36
Amour 37
Amour 38
Amour 39
Amour 4
Amour 40
Amour 41
Amour 42
Amour 43
Amour 44
Amour 45
Amour 46
Amour 47
Amour 48
Amour 49
Amour 5
Amour 50
Amour 51
Amour 6
Amour 7
Amour 8
Amour 9
An Amovret Anacreontick
An Elegie Vpon The Death Of The Lady Penelope Clifton
An Ode Written In The Peake
From Annalia Dubrensia (1636). - TO MY NOBLE Friend Mr. ROBERT DOVER, on his braue annuall Assemblies vpon Cotswold.
From Eclogue iij
From Eclogue ij
From Eclogue iv
From Eclogue ix
From Eclogue viij
From Eclogue vij
From England's Helicon
From T. Morley's First Book of Ballets (1595). - Mr. M.D. to the Author.
His Defence Against The Idle Critick
Loves Conqvest
Nimphidia - The Covrt Of Fayrie
Ode 8
Of His Ladies Not Comming To London
Prefixed to Book ij. of Primaleon, &c. Translated by Anthony Munday (1619). - OF THE WORKE and Translation.
Prefixed to Chapman's Translation of Hesiod's Georgics (1618). - To my worthy friend Mr. George Chapman, and his translated Hesiod.
Prefixed to Christopher Middleton's Legend of Humphrey Duke of Gloucester (1600). - To his friend, Master Chr. M. his Booke.
Prefixed to John Davies of Hereford; Holy Roode (1609). - To M. IOHN DAVIES, my good friend.
Prefixed to Sir David Murray's Sophonisba &c. (1611). - To my kinde friend Da: Murray.
Prefixed to William Browne's Britannia's Pastorals (1613). - To his Friend the AVTHOR.
Sonet 1
Sonet 10
Sonet 11 To The Moone
Sonet 12
Sonet 13
Sonet 14 To The Soule
Sonet 2 To the Reader of his Poems
Sonet 21
Sonet 22
Sonet 23 To The Spheares
Sonet 24
Sonet 25
Sonet 27
Sonet 29 To The Sences
Sonet 3
Sonet 30 To The Vestalls
Sonet 31
Sonet 34 To Admiration
Sonet 43
Sonet 44
Sonet 45
Sonet 5
Sonet 55
Sonet 56 A Consonet
Sonet 57 To Lucie Countesse of Bedford
Sonet 58 To the Lady Anne Harington
Sonet 8
Sonet 9
Songs From The 'Shepherd's Garland'
Sonnet 1
Sonnet 12 To Lunacie
Sonnet 15 His Remedie for Loue
Sonnet 17
Sonnet 21
Sonnet 25 To Folly
Sonnet 27
Sonnet 31
Sonnet 36 Cupid coniured
Sonnet 41
Sonnet 43
Sonnet 46
Sonnet 47
Sonnet 48
Sonnet 50
Sonnet 51
Sonnet 52
Sonnet 57
Sonnet 58
Sonnet 58 To Prouerbe
Sonnet 6
Sonnet 61
Sonnet 63 To the high and mighty Prince, James, King of Scots
Sonnet 66 To the Lady L.S.
Sonnet 8
Sonnets: Idea I
Sonnets: Idea II
Sonnets: Idea III
Sonnets: Idea IV
Sonnets: Idea IX
Sonnets: Idea L
Sonnets: Idea LI
Sonnets: Idea LII
Sonnets: Idea LIII Another To The River Ankor
Sonnets: Idea LIV
Sonnets: Idea LIX To Proverbs
Sonnets: Idea LV
Sonnets: Idea LVI An Allusion To The Eaglets
Sonnets: Idea LVII
Sonnets: Idea LVIII
Sonnets: Idea LX
Sonnets: Idea LXI
Sonnets: Idea LXII
Sonnets: Idea LXIII
Sonnets: Idea V
Sonnets: Idea VI
Sonnets: Idea VII
Sonnets: Idea VIII
Sonnets: Idea X
Sonnets: Idea XI
Sonnets: Idea XII To The Soul
Sonnets: Idea XIV
Sonnets: Idea XIX To Humour
Sonnets: Idea XL
Sonnets: Idea XLI Love's Lunacy
Sonnets: Idea XLII
Sonnets: Idea XLIII
Sonnets: Idea XLIV
Sonnets: Idea XLIX
Sonnets: Idea XLV
Sonnets: Idea XLVI
Sonnets: Idea XLVII
Sonnets: Idea XLVIII
Sonnets: Idea XV His Remedy For Love
Sonnets: Idea XVI An Allusion To The Phoenix
Sonnets: Idea XVII To Time
Sonnets: Idea XVIII To The Celestial Numbers
Sonnets: Idea XX
Sonnets: Idea XXI
Sonnets: Idea XXII To Folly
Sonnets: Idea XXIII
Sonnets: Idea XXIV
Sonnets: Idea XXIX To The Senses
Sonnets: Idea XXV
Sonnets: Idea XXVI To Despair
Sonnets: Idea XXVII
Sonnets: Idea XXVIII
Sonnets: Idea XXX To The Vestals
Sonnets: Idea XXXI To The Critics
Sonnets: Idea XXXII To The River Ankor
Sonnets: Idea XXXIII To Imagination
Sonnets: Idea XXXIV To Admiration
Sonnets: Idea XXXIX
Sonnets: Idea XXXV To Miracle
Sonnets: Idea XXXVI Cupid Conjured
Sonnets: Idea XXXVII
Sonnets: Idea XXXVIII
The Cryer
The Heart
The Mvses Elizivm
The Qvest Of Cynthia
The Sacrifice To Apollo
The Shepheards Sirena
To Cvpid
To Himselfe And The Harpe
To His Coy Love
To His Rivall
To His Valentine
To Master George Sandys Treasurer For The English Colony In Virginia
To Master William Ieffreys, Chaplaine To The Lord Ambassadour In Spaine
To My Most Dearely-Loued Friend Henery Reynolds Esquire, Of Poets & Poesie
To My Noble Friend Master William Browne, Of The Euill Time
To My Worthy Frend, Master John Sauage Of The Inner Temple
To Sir Walter Aston, Knight Of The Honourable Order Of The Bath, And My Most Worthy Patron
To The Cambro-Britans And Their Harpe, His Ballad Of Agincovrt
To The Deere Chyld Of The Muses, And His Euer Kind MecNas, Ma. Anthony Cooke, Esquire
To The New Yeere
To The Noble Lady, The Lady I.S. Of Worldly Crosses
To The Reader Of These Sonnets
To The Viriginian Voyage
Vpon The Death Of His Incomparable Friend Sir Henry Raynsford Of Clifford
Vpon The Death Of Mistris Elianor Fallowfield
Vpon The Death Of The Lady Olive Stanhope
Vpon The Noble Lady Astons Departure For Spaine
Vpon The Three Sonnes Of The Lord Sheffield, Drowned In Hvmber