The Poetry Corner

John Gay


Ant In Office.
Ape And Poultry.
Barleymow And Dunghill.
Butterfly And Snail.
Cookmaid, Turnspit, And Ox.
Council Of Horses.
Courtier And Proteus.
Cupid, Hymen, And Plutus.
Cur And Mastiff.
Cur, Horse, And Shepherd's Dog.
Dog And Fox.
Elephant And Bookseller.
Farmer's Wife And Raven.
Florist And Pig.
Gay's Fables. Introduction.
Hare And Many Friends.
Hound And Huntsman.
Jove's Eagle, And Murmuring Beasts.
Juggler And Vice.
Lady And Wasp.
Lion And Cub.
Lion, Fox, And Gander.
Lion, Tiger, And Traveller.
Man And Flea.
Man, Cat, Dog, And Fly.
Miser And Plutus
Mother, Nurse, And Fairy.
Old Dame And Cats.
Old Hen And Young Cock.
Owl And Farmer.
Owl, Swan, Cock, Spider, Ass, And Farmer.
Pan And Fortune.
Philosopher And Pheasant.
Pin And Needle.
Plutus, Cupid, And Time.
Pythagoras And Countryman.
Rose And Poet.
Shepherd's Dog And Wolf.
Sick Man And Angel.
Squire And Cur.
The Bear In A Boat.
The Bull And The Mastiff.
The Countryman And Jupiter.
The Court Of Death.
The Degenerate Bees.
The Dying Fox.
The Father And Jupiter.
The Jackall, Leopard, And Beasts.
The Magpie And Her Brood.
The Mastiff.
The Monkey Who Had Seen The World.
The Owls And Sparrow.
The Pack-Horse And The Carrier.
The Persian, The Sun, And The Cloud.
The Ratcatcher And Cats.
The Raven, Sexton, And Worm.
The Scold And Parrot.
The Setter And The Partridge.
The Shaven And Shorn Goat.
The Spaniel And Chameleon.
The Tamed Fawn.
The Three Warnings: Mrs. Thrale.
The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse.
The Turkey And The Ant.
The Turkey, Peacock, And Goose.
The Two Monkeys.
The Universal Apparition.
The Unsatisfactory Painter.
Vulture, Sparrow, And Birds.
Wild Boar And Ram.