The Poetry Corner

James McIntyre


A Bird's Nest.
Adventures With Bears.
Advice To A Little Girl.
Agricultural Implements.
All Men Are Brothers.
American Poets.
Baby Darling.
Bear And Falls.
Bear And Whale.
Bear Hunt.
Big Bear The Indian Chief.
Bird Sent By Providence.
Birth Of Canada As A Nation, July First, 1867.
Brain Engravings.
Broken Raft Adventure.
Burns And Scott In Edinburgh.
Caledonia Springs, New York.
Canada Before The Confederation Of The Provinces.
Canada Our Home, 1883.
Canada's Future.
Canada's Resources.
Canadian Charms.
Canadian Hunter.
Canadian Rivers And Lakes.
Canadian Romance.
Canadian Sports And Games And Plays.
Canadian Voyageurs On The Nile.
Captain's Adventure.
Castle Gordon.
Cheese Curd For Bait.
Child Made Happy.
Child Saved By Dog.
Coleridge, Southey And Wordsworth.
Coon Hunting.
Corner Stone Laying.
Credit Valley Trip.
Crimean War.
Dairy Odes.
Danger Of Fire Arms.
Departed Statesmen.
Dick And Edward.
Disaster To Steamer Victoria At London.
Donald Ross.
Dryden And Pope.
Duck And Oyster.
Eagle And Salmon.
Elf Shot.
English Names On Canadian Thames.
English Poets.
Every Rose Hath Its Thorn.
Farrington, 1866, Factory System.
Father Ranney, The Cheese Pioneer.
Female Revenge.
Fertile Lands And Mammoth Cheese.
Fight Of A Buffalo With Wolves.
Fight With A Bear In The Northwest.
Fighting For Conquest.
Fighting For Home.
Four Acre Farm.
Galt And Dunlop.
George Menzies' Poems, 1883.
Golden Egg.
Good Shot.
Gordon And Burnaby, 1885.
Gray Hairs.
Great Fire In Ingersoll, May, 1872.
Harvest Home Festival.
Help In Need.
Her Lover's Step.
High In Masonry.
Highland Sketches.
Hints To Cheese Makers.
Holland River And Its Tributaries.
Hunters And Trappers.
In Memoriam.
Indian Mutiny.
Indian Romance.
Irish Poets.
Jackal And Child.
James Hogg.
Lament Of The Maple Tree. A Vision.
Land Clearing.
Lay Of The Spring.
Leach The Engineer.
Life In The Woods.
Lines Addressed To An Old Bachelor.
Lines On A Fountain.
Lines On A Lawn Party.
Lines On A Typewriter.
Lines On Methodist Union, September, 1883.
Lines On South Of Scotland.
Lines On Thamesford.
Lines On The Death Of A Farmer's Wife.
Lines On The Finding Of A Young Man's Body In Toronto Bay.
Lines On Thorold.
Lines On Violets.
Lines On Woodstock.
Lines Read At A Dairymaids' Social, 1887.
Lines Read At A Dairymen's Supper.
Lines Read At A Ladies' Aid.
Lines Read At A Maple Sugar Social, April, 1888.
Lines Read at a Parsonage Opening at the Village where Ranney had once flourished, 1883.
Lines Read At A Scottish Anniversary At Embro.
Lines Read At St. Andrew's Anniversary, 1868.
Lines Sent To Alexander Mclaughlan, Amaranth Station, With A Copy Of My Poems
Lines Sent To Thomas Conant Of Oshawa, A Writer Of Canadian Sketches
Lines Written In A Mental Album.
Little Dora.
Little Hero.
Local Sketches.
Lofty Actors Withdraw.
London Flood, July 11th, 1883.
Lorne And Louise.
Lost Son Found.
Mrs. Moody.
Niagara Dry.
Niagara's Charms And Death Of Webb.
North-West Rebellion, 1885.
O For A Lodge.
Oddfellowship Lines Read At Concert, 1883.
Ode On The Mammoth Cheese.
Oliver Goldsmith.
Origin Of The Toboggan.
Oxford Cheese Ode.
Patriot Fighting For His Home.
Patriotic Ode.
Poets And Philosophers.
Port Burwell.
Port Stanley.
Power Of Love.
Prince Charlie's Grandsons.
Prologue To South Ontario Sketches.
Providential Escape.
Province Of Ontario.
Queen's Jubilee Ode, 1887.
Ranney, 1856, Dairy System.
Reply To The Toast Of Scottish Poets.
Riding An Avalanche.
River Clyde.
Robert Fleming Gourley.
Sailor's Yarn.
Scottish Poets.
Seal Fishing And Hunting.
Shoe Black.
Snake And Its Young.
St. Andrew.
St. Catharines.
St. Thomas, 1884.
Strange Life Preserver.
Survival Of The Fittest.
T. D. Mcgee.
Thanksgiving Ode, November 15th, 1888.
The Gates Ajar.
The Good Man.
The Joys Of Prairie Farmers 1884.
The Old Snake Fence.
The Shires On The Moray Frith.
The Useful Weed.
The Vale Of Thames.
Things Should Be Judged By Merit.
Tiger And Elephant.
Tramp And Fish.
United By Steel Rails.
United States.
Virtues Of A Diamond Ring.
Walt Whitman.
Wars In Queen Victoria's Reign.
Welcome To The Prince Of Wales.
Whale And Its Foes.
When To Sell Grain And Farm Produce.
Wild Goose Shot At Midnight, Nov., 1888.
Will Carleton.
Windmills And Stone Stables.