The Poetry Corner

Edward Dyson


A Friendly Game Of Football
A New Girl Up At Whites
A Poor Joke
A Thermometrical Ballade
Ah Ling, The Leper
An Inequitable Impost
As The Troops Went Through
Bashful Gleeson
Battered Bob
Battle Passes
Billy Khaki
Breaking It Gently
Cleaning Up
Cricket Is A Serious Thing
German Joe
Hello, Soldier!
Highly Desireable
How Herman Won The Cross
In Hospital
In Town
In The Benevolent
Jam - A Hymn Of Hate
Joeys Job
Jonahs Luck
Marshal Neigh, V.C.
Men Of Australia
Mickey Mollynoo
My Typewriter
Night Shift
Of The True Endeavour
Out Of Khaki
Peace, Blessed Peace
Peter Simson's Farm
Simple Sister Goes To Sydney
Since Nellie Came To Live Along The Creek
Sister Ann
Struck It At Last
The Auction
The Church Bells
The Common Men
The Crusaders
The Deserted Homestead
The Drovers In Reply
The Emu Of Whroo
The Fact Of The Matter
The Fossicker
The Freak
The Germ
The Girl I Left Behind
The Hapless Army
The Happy Flatite
The Happy Gardeners
The Immortal Strain
The Letters Of The Dead
The Living Picture
The Moralist
The Old Camp-Oven
The Old Whim Horse
The One At Home
The Prospectors
The Rescue
The Shanty
The Single-Handed Team
The Splitter
The Tale Of Steven
The Tin-Pot Mill
The Toucher
The Trucker
The Unborn
The Weeds
The Worked-Out Mine
The Young Lieutenant
To A Politician
To The Men Of The Mines
To The Theoretical Selector
Waiting For Water
Weepin Willie
When Beauty Is Bald
When Brother Peetree Prayed
When The Bell Blew Up
When Tommy Came Marching Home
Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?
Whose Wife
Why Spring Fell Flat
William And Bill