The Poetry Corner

Edgar Lee Masters


A Study
A. D. Blood
Aaron Hatfield
Abel Melveny
Ace" Shaw
Adam Weirauch
Albert Schirding
Alfonso Churchill
Alfred Moir
All Life In A Life
Alma Bell To The Coroner
Amanda Barker
Amelia Garrick
Ami Green
Aner Clute
Anne Rutledge
Anton Sosnowski
Archibald Higbie
Archibald Lowell
Arlo Will
At Fairbanks
At Nice
Ballad Of Launcelot And Elaine
Barrett Bays
Barry Holden
Benjamin Fraser
Benjamin Pantier
Bert Kessler
Bertrand And Gourgaud Talk Over Old Times
Black Eagle Returns To St. Joe
Blind Jack
Botanical Gardens
Butch" Weldy
Calvin Campbell
Canticle Of The Race
Captain Orlando Killion
Carl Hamblin
Caroline Branson
Cassius Hueffer
Charles Warren, The Sheriff
Charlie French
Chase Henry
Christmas At Indian Point
Cities Of The Plain
Clarence Fawcett
Columbus Cheney
Consider Freeland
Cooney Potter
Daisy Fraser
Daniel M'Cumber
Davis Matlock
Deacon Taylor
Dear Old Dick
Dialogue At Perko's
Dillard Sissman
Doc Hill
Doctor Meyers
Domesday Book
Dora Williams
Dorcas Gustine
Dow Kritt
Dr. Burke
Dr. Scudder's Clinical Lecture
Dr. Trace To The Coroner
Draw The Sword, O Republic!
E. C. Culbertson
Edith Conant
Editor Whedon
Edmund Pollard
Elenor Murray
Elijah Browning
Elizabeth Childers
Elliott Hawkins
Elmer Karr
Elsa Wertman
Emily Sparks
Enoch Dunlap
Ernest Hyde
Eugene Carman
Excluded Middle
Ezra Bartlett
Faith Matheny
Father Malloy
Father Whimsett
Felix Schmidt
Fiddler Jones
Finding Of The Body
Fletcher McGee
Flossie Cabanis
For A Dance
Francis Turner
Frank Drummer
Franklin Jones
Friar Yves
Front The Ages With A Smile
George Gray
George Joslin On La Menken
George Trimble
Georgine Sand Miner
Godwin James
Gottlieb Gerald
Granville Calhoun
Gregory Wenner
Griffy the Cooper
Gustav Richter
Hamilton Greene
Hamlet Micure
Hannah Armstrong
Hare Drummer
Harlan Sewall
Harmon Whitney
Harold Arnett
Harry Wilmans
Heaven Is But The Hour
Helen Of Troy
Henry Baker, At New York
Henry C. Calhoun
Henry Layton
Henry Murray
Henry Phipps
Henry Tripp
Herbert Marshall
Hildrup Tubbs
Hiram Scates
Hod Putt
Homer Clapp
Hon. Henry Bennett
Hortense Robbins
I Pay My Debt For Lafayette And Rochambeau
Ida Frickey
Imanuel Ehrenhardt
In Michigan
In The Cage
In The Car
In The Garden At The Dawn Hour
Indignation" Jones
Ippolit Konovaloff
Irma Leese
Isaiah Beethoven
J. Milton Miles
Jack McGuire
Jacob Godbey
Jacob Goodpasture
James Garber
Jane Fisher
Jeduthan Hawley
Jefferson Howard
Jennie M'Grew
Jim And Arabel's Sister
Jim Brown
John Ballard
John Campbell And Carl Eaton
John Hancock Otis
John Horace Burleson
John M. Church
John Scofield
John Wasson
Johnnie Sayre
Johnny Appleseed
Jonas Keene
Jonathan Swift Somers (Author of the Spooniad)
Joseph Dixon
Josiah Tompkins
Judge Somers
Julia Miller
Julian Scott
Knowlt Hoheimer
Lake Boats
Lambert Hutchins
Le Roy Goldman
Lilli Alm
Lillian Stewart
Louise Smith
Love Is A Madness
Loveridge Chase
Lucinda Matlock
Lucius Atherton
Lydia Humphrey
Lydia Puckett
Lyman King
Mabel Osborne
Magrady Graham
Many Soldiers
Margaret Fuller Slack
Mary McNeely
Mickey M'Grew
Minerva Jones
Mirage Of The Desert
Miriam Fay's Letter
Mrs. Benjamin Pantier
Mrs. Charles Bliss
Mrs. George Reece
Mrs. Gregory Wenner
Mrs. Kessler
Mrs. Merritt
Mrs. Meyers
Mrs. Murray
Mrs. Purkapile
Mrs. Sibley
Mrs. Williams
My Light With Yours
Nancy Knapp
Nellie Clark
Nicholas Bindle
O Glorious France
Oaks Tutt
Ollie McGee
On A Bust
Oscar Hummel
Pauline Barrett
Peleg Poague
Penniwit, the Artist
Percival Sharp
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Perry Zoll
Petit, the Poet
Poor Pierrot
Portrait Of A Woman
Professor Newcomer
Rain In My Heart
Ralph Rhodes
Recessional In Time Of War
Reuben Pantier
Rev. Abner Peet
Rev. Lemuel Wiley
Rev. Percy Ferguson
Richard Bone
Robert Davidson
Robert Fulton Tanner
Roger Heston
Roscoe Purkapile
Rosie Roberts
Roy Butler
Russell Kincaid
Russian Sonia
Rutherford McDowell
Sam Hookey
Samuel Butler Et Al.
Samuel Gardner
Sarah Brown
Saving A Woman: One Phase
Searcy Foote
Serepta Mason
Seth Compton
Shack Dye
Silas Dement
Simon Surnamed Peter
Sir Galahad
So We Grew Together
Something Beyond The Hill
Soul's Desire
St. Deseret
St. Francis And Lady Clare
State's Attorney Fallas
Sweet Clover
Tennessee Claflin Shope
The Altar
The Answer
The Awakening
The Birth Of Elenor Murray
The Bishop's Dream Of The Holy Sepulchre
The Blind
The Circuit Judge
The City
The Cocked Hat
The Convent
The Conversation
The Coroner
The Cry
The Death Of Sir Launcelot
The Door
The Eighth Crusade
The End Of The Search
The Governor
The Grand River Marshes
The Helping Hand
The Hill
The House That Jack Built
The Idiot
The Jury Deliberates
The Landscape
The Letter
The Loom
The Loop
The Major And Elenor Murray At Nice
The Question
The Room Of Mirrors
The Sign
The Sorrow Of Dead Faces
The Spooniad
The Star
The Town Marshal
The Unknown
The Verdict
The Village Atheist
The Vision
The World-Saver
Theodore the Poet
Thomas Rhodes
Thomas Ross, Jr.
Thomas Trevelyan
To-Morrow Is My Birthday
Tom Beatty
Tom Merritt
Toward The Gulf
Trainor, the Druggist
Victor Rafolski On Art
W. Lloyd Garrison Standard
Walter Simmons
Washington McNeely
Webster Ford
Wendell P. Bloyd
What You Will
When Life Is Real
When Under The Icy Eaves
Widow Fortelka
Widow La Rue
Widow McFarlane
Will Paget On Demos And Hogos
Willard Fluke
William and Emily
William Goode
William H. Herndon
William Jones
William Marion Reedy
Willie Metcalf
Willie Pennington
Yee Bow
Zenas Witt
Zilpha Marsh