The Poetry Corner

William Lisle Bowles


A Cenotaph, - To The Memory Of Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac, Who Died At Cape St Nichola Mole, 1797.
A Garden-Seat At Home
A Picturesque Cottage And Grounds Belonging To J. Lemon, Esq.
A Rustic Seat Near The Sea
Abba Thule's Lament For His Son Prince Le Boo
After A Tempestuous Voyage. (At Tynemouth Priory)
Approach Of Summer
At Dover, 1786
At Malvern
At Oxford, 1786
Avenue In Savernake Forest
Bamborough Castle
Banwell Hill; A Lay Of The Severn Sea. Complete
Banwell Hill; A Lay Of The Severn Sea. Part Fifth
Banwell Hill; A Lay Of The Severn Sea. Part First
Banwell Hill; A Lay Of The Severn Sea. Part Fourth
Banwell Hill; A Lay Of The Severn Sea. Part Second
Banwell Hill; A Lay Of The Severn Sea. Part Third
Battle Of Corruna. (Death Of Captain Cooke)
Blind Fiddler - Wilkie (Exhibition, 1807.)
Cadland,[1] Southampton River.
Chantrey's Sleeping Children.
Childe Harold's Last Pilgrimage.
Christmas Hymn. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Death Of Captain Cooke, - Of "The Bellerophon," Killed In The Same Battle
Death Of Nelson - West. (Exhibition, 1807.)
Dirge Of Nelson
Distant View Of England From The Sea
Dover Cliffs
East Wind. (The Winds)
Easter Day. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Elegiac Stanzas - Written During Sickness At Bath.
Epitaph On Benjamin Tremlyn, An Old Soldier, Buried In Bremhill Churchyard At The Age Of 92.
Epitaph On H. Walmsley, Esq. - In Alverstoke Church, Hants.
Epitaph On John Harding, In The Churchyard Of Bremhill.
Epitaph On Robert Southey.
Fairy Sketch - Scene - Netley Abbey
From Idyl VII (Pictures From Theocritus - From Idyl I.)
From Idyl XXII. (Pictures From Theocritus - From Idyl I.)
From The Same (Pictures From Theocritus - From Idyl I.)
From The Same Idyl (Pictures From Theocritus - From Idyl I.)
Glastonbury Abbey And Wells Cathedral.
Greenwich Hospital
Hen And Chickens. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Hon. Miss Mercer. - Hopner (Sketches In The Exhibition, 1805)
Hope, An Allegorical Sketch
Hour-Glass And Bible
Hymn For Music, After The Battle Of Waterloo.
Hymn For The Anniversary Of The Death Of The Princess Charlotte. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Hymn To Woden
In Age
In Horto Rev. J. Still, - Apud Knoyle, Villam Amoenissimam.
In Memoriam
In Youth
Influence Of Time On Grief
Inscribed To The Marchioness Of Lansdowne
Inscribed To The Rev. W. Howley.[1]
Inscriptions In The Gardens Of Bremhill Rectory.
Keswick - Sir George Beaumont. (Exhibition, 1807.)
Lacock Nunnery. June 24, 1837
Lady M----ve (Sketches In The Exhibition, 1805)
Little Mary's Linnet. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Market-Day - Calcot. (Exhibition, 1807.)
Monody On Henry Headley
Monody On The Death Of Dr Warton
Monody, Written At Matlock.
Morley's Farewell To The Cottage Of Isaak Walton.
Morning - Turner. (Exhibition, 1807.)
My Father's Grave. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Netley Abbey
North Wind. (The Winds)
On A Beautiful Landscape
On A Beautiful Spring, - Forming A Cold Bath, At Coombe, Near Donhead, Belonging To My Brother, Chas. Bowles, Esq.
On A Landscape By Rubens
On Accidentally Meeting A Lady Now No More
On An Eclipse Of The Moon At Midnight.
On An Unfortunate And Beautiful Woman.
On Entering Switzerland
On First Hearing Caradori Sing.
On Hearing "The Messiah" (Performed In Gloucester Cathedral, Sept. 18, 1835.)
On Landing At Ostend
On Leaving A Place Of Residence
On Leaving A Village In Scotland
On Leaving Winchester School
On Meeting Some Friends Of Youth At Cheltenham, For The First Time Since We Parted At Oxford.
On Miss Fitzgerald And Lord Kerry Planting Two Cedars In The Churchyard Of Bremhill.
On Mozart.
On Mr Howard's Account Of Lazarettos
On Resigning A Scholarship Of Trinity College, Oxford, And Retiring To A Country Curacy.
On Seeing A Bust Of R. B. Sheridan, From A Cast Taken After Death.[209]
On Seeing Plants In The Windows Of Seth Ward's College, Endowed For Widows Of Clergymen, At Salisbury.
On The Death Of Dr Burgess, The Late Bishop Of Salisbury.
On The Death Of The Rev. William Benwell, M.A.
On The Death Of William Linley, Esq., The Composer Of The Music Of "The Duenna," Etc.
On The Funeral Of Charles The First, At Night, In St George's Chapel, Windsor.
On William Sommers Of Bremhill.
Oxford Revisited
Path Of Life. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Picture Of A Young Lady
Picture Of An Old Man
Pictures From Theocritus - From Idyl I.
Poor Man's Grave. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Restoration Of Malmesbury Abbey.[201]
Return Of George III. To Windsor Castle.
Sabbath Morning. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Salisbury Cathedral.
Saturday Night. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Scene In France - Loutherbourg. (Exhibition, 1807.)
Sheepfold. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Silchester, The Ancient Caleva.[199]
Sketch From Bowden Hill After Sickness
Sketches In The Exhibition, 1805.
Song Of Indian Maids. (The Missionary.)
Song Of The American Indian
Song Of The Battle Of Hastings.
Song Of The Cid.[194]
Song To The God Of War. (The Missionary.)
Sonnet. Written In A Copy Of Falconer's "Shipwreck."
Southampton Castle.[1] - Inscribed To The Marquis Of Lansdowne.
Southampton Water
Spring - Cuckoo. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
St John In Patmos.
St Michael'S Mount - Inscribed To The Right Honourable Lord Somers.
Stanzas For Music
Summer Evening At Home
Summer's Evening. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Sun-Dial, In The Churchyard Of Bremhill
Sunday Night. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Sunrise. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
Supposed Address To Bishop Ken.[208]
The Air
The April Shower. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Ark: A Poem For Music.
The Battle Of The Nile.[1]
The Bells, Ostend.
The Bird's Nest. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Blacksmith. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Blind Grandfather. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Blind Man Of Salisbury Cathedral. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Blind Soldier And His Daughter. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Bridge Between Clifton And Leigh Woods
The Butterfly And The Bee. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Caged Bird. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Children's Hymn For Their Patroness. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Convent
The Convict. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Dutiful Child (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Dying Slave
The Egyptian Tomb.
The Gipsy's Tent. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Glow-Worm. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Grave Of Bishop Ken.
The Grave Of Howard
The Grave Of The Last Saxon; Or, The Legend Of The Curfew.
The Greenwich Pensioners.
The Harp Of Hoel. Part II.
The Harp Of Hoel.[1]
The Harp, And Despair, Of Cowper
The Hour-Glass. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Last Song Of Camoens.[1]
The Lay Of Talbot, The Troubadour. A Legend Of Lacock Abbey.
The Legend Of St Cecilia And The Angel.
The Little Sweep. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Missionary. Canto Eighth
The Missionary. Canto Fifth.
The Missionary. Canto First.
The Missionary. Canto Fourth
The Missionary. Canto Second.
The Missionary. Canto Seventh
The Missionary. Canto Sixth
The Missionary. Canto Third
The Missionary. Introduction
The Missionary. Preface To The Second Edition.[1]
The Mower. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Old Labourer. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Philanthropic Society.[1] Inscribed To The Duke Of Leeds.
The Primrose. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Rhine
The Right Honourable Edmund Burke
The River Cherwell
The River Wainsbeck
The Robin Redbreast. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Sanctuary: A Dramatic Sketch.
The Shepherd And His Dog. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Sorrows Of Switzerland.
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea: Analysis.
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea: A Descriptive And Historical Poem. - Introduction.[1]
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea: Book The Fifth.
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea: Book The First.
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea: Book The Fourth.
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea: Book The Second
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea: Book The Third.
The Spirit Of Navigation.[1]
The Swallow And The Red-Breast. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.) An Apologue.
The Swan. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Sylph Of Summer.[1]
The Tweed Visited
The Village Bells. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
The Visionary Boy
The Winds
The Withered Leaf. (From The Villager's Verse-Book.)
To A Friend
To Lady Valletort, On Hearing Her Sing "Gloria In Excelsis," With Three Other Young Ladies, At Lacock Abbey, October 1831.
To Sir Walter Scott. -
To The River Itchin
Translation{D} Of A Latin Poem - By The Rev. Newton Ogle, Dean Of Manchester.
Wardour Castle
Water-Party On Beaulieu River, In The New Forest
Winter Evening At Home
Winter. (The Winds)
Woodspring Abbey, 1836
Written After The Consecration Of The New Church At Kingswood.