The Poetry Corner

William Ernest Henley


A Desolate Shore
A Wink From Hesper
Admiral Guinea
Arabian Nights' Entertainments - To Elizabeth Robins Pennell
As Like The Woman As You Can
At Queensferry - To W. G. S.
Attadale West Highlands - To A. J.
Back-View - To D. F.
Ballade (Double Refrain) Of Midsummer Days And Nights - To W. H.
Ballade (Double Refrain) Of Youth And Age - I. M. Thomas Edward Brown
Ballade Made In The Hot Weather - To C. M.
Ballade Of A Toyokuni Colour-Print - To W. A.
Ballade Of Dead Actors - I. M. Edward John Henley (1861-1898)
Ballade Of Truisms
Beau Austin
Beside The Idle Summer Sea
Bring Her Again, O Western Wind
Croluis - To G. W.
Crosses And Troubles
Dedication - To My Wife
Double Ballade Of Life And Fate
Double Ballade Of The Nothingness Of Things
Envoy - To Charles Baxter
Fill A Glass With Golden Wine
Fresh From His Fastnesses
Friends. . . Old Friends
From A Window In Princes Street - To M. M. M'B.
Gulls In An Aery Morrice
Hawthorn And Lavender
Her Little Feet
Here They Trysted, Here They Strayed
I Am The Reaper
I Gave My Heart To A Woman
I. M. - Margaritae Sorori (1886) - A Late Lark Twitters From The Quiet Skies
I. M. R. G. C. B. 1878
I. M. To R. T. Hamilton Bruce (1846-1899)
If It Should Come To Be
In Fisherrow
In Hospital (Complete Series)
In Hospital - I - Enter Patient
In Hospital - II - Waiting
In Hospital - III - Interior
In Hospital - IV - Before
In Hospital - IX - Lady-Probationer
In Hospital - V - Operation
In Hospital - VI - After
In Hospital - VII - Vigil
In Hospital - VIII - Staff-Nurse: Old Style
In Hospital - X - Staff-Nurse: New Style
In Hospital - XI - Clinical
In Hospital - XII - Etching
In Hospital - XIII - Casualty
In Hospital - XIV - Ave Caeser!
In Hospital - XV - 'The Chief'
In Hospital - XVI - House-Surgeon
In Hospital - XVII - Interlude
In Hospital - XVIII - Children: Private Ward
In Hospital - XVIIII - Scrubber
In Hospital - XX - Visitor
In Hospital - XXI - Romance
In Hospital - XXII - Pastoral
In Hospital - XXIII - Music
In Hospital - XXIV - Suicide
In Hospital - XXV - Apparition
In Hospital - XXVI - Anterotics
In Hospital - XXVII - Nocturn
In Hospital - XXVIII - Discharged
In Memoriam George Warrington Steevens
In Memoriam Reginae Dilectissimae Victoriae
In Memoriam Thomas Edward Brown
In The Dials
In The Placid Summer Midnight
In The Year That's Come And Gone
It Came With The Threat Of A Waning Moon
Kate-A-Whimsies, John-A-Dreams
Last Post
Life Is Bitter
London Types - I. Bus-Driver
London Types - II. Life-Guardsman
London Types - III. Hawker
London Types - IV. Beef-Eater
London Types - IX. Mounted Police
London Types - V. Sandwich-Man
London Types - VI. 'Liza
London Types - VII. 'Lady'
London Types - VIII. Bluecoat Boy
London Types - X. News-Boy
London Types - XI. Drum-Major
London Types - XII. Flower-Girl
London Types - XIII. Barmaid
London Voluntaries - To Charles Whibley - I - Grave
London Voluntaries - To Charles Whibley - II - Andante Con Moto
London Voluntaries - To Charles Whibley - III - Scherzando
London Voluntaries - To Charles Whibley - IV - Largo E Mesto
London Voluntaries - To Charles Whibley - V - Allegro Maestoso
Matri Dilectissimae - I.M. - In The Waste Hour
Midsummer Midnight Skies
Not To The Staring Day
O, Gather Me The Rose
O, Have You Blessed, Behind The Stars
O, Time And Change
On The Way To Kew
One With The Ruined Sunset
Praise The Generous Gods
Prologue To Hawthorn And Lavender
Rhymes And Rhythms - I
Rhymes And Rhythms - II
Rhymes And Rhythms - III
Rhymes And Rhythms - IV
Rhymes And Rhythms - IX
Rhymes And Rhythms - Prologue
Rhymes And Rhythms - V
Rhymes And Rhythms - VI
Rhymes And Rhythms - VII
Rhymes And Rhythms - VIII
Rhymes And Rhythms - X
Rhymes And Rhythms - XI
Rhymes And Rhythms - XII
Rhymes And Rhythms - XIII
Rhymes And Rhythms - XIV
Rhymes And Rhythms - XIX
Rhymes And Rhythms - XV
Rhymes And Rhythms - XVI
Rhymes And Rhythms - XVII
Rhymes And Rhythms - XVIII
Rhymes And Rhythms - XX
Rhymes And Rhythms - XXI
Rhymes And Rhythms - XXII
Rhymes And Rhythms - XXIII
Rhymes And Rhythms - XXIV
Rhymes And Rhythms - XXV
Richard Savage
She Sauntered By The Swinging Seas
Some Starlit Garden Grey With Dew
Space And Dread And The Dark
The Full Sea Rolls And Thunders
The Gods Are Dead?
The Past Was Goodly Once
The Sands Are Alive With Sunshine
The Sea Is Full Of Wandering Foam
The Shadow Of Dawn
The Skies Are Strown With Stars
The Song Of The Sword - To Rudyard Kipling
The Spring, My Dear
The Surges Gushed And Sounded
The Wan Sun Westers, Faint And Slow
The Ways Are Green
The West A Glimmering Lake Of Light
There Is A Wheel Inside My Head
There's A Regret
Time And The Earth
To A. D. - The Nightingale Has A Lyre Of Gold
To D. H. O, - Falmouth Is A Fine Town
To F. W.
To K. de M. - Life In Her Creaking Shoes
To Me At My Fifth-Floor Window
To My Mother
To R. A. M. S. - The Spirit Of Wine
To R. L. S. - A Child
To S. C. Blithe Dreams Arise To Greet Us
To W. A. - Or Ever The Knightly Years Were Gone
To W. B. - From The Brake The Nightingale
To W. R. (Madam Life's A Piece In Bloom)
To W. R. Thick Is The Darkness
Tree, Old Tree Of The Triple Crook
Trees And The Menace Of Night
Two Days
We Are The Choice Of The Will
We Flash Across The Level
We Shall Surely Die
We'll Go No More A-Roving
What Have I Done For You
What Is To Come We Know Not
When The Wind Storms By With A Shout
When You Are Old
When You Wake In Your Crib
Where Forlorn Sunsets Flare And Fade
While The West Is Paling
Why, My Heart, Do We Love Her So?
You Played And Sang A Snatch Of Song
Your Heart Has Trembled To My Tongue