The Poetry Corner

Washington Irving


A Chronicle Of Wolferts Roost - Prose
A Legend Of Communipaw - Prose
A Royal Poet - Prose
A Sunday In London - Prose
Christmas - Prose
Christmas Day - Prose
Christmas Eve - Prose
Communipaw - Prose
Conspiracy Of The Cocked Hats - Prose
Desultory Thoughts On Criticism - Prose
English Writers On America - Prose
John Bull - Prose
Legend Of Don Munio Sancho De Hinojosa - Prose
Legend Of The Engulphed Convent - Prose
Little Britain - Prose
London Antiques - Prose
LEnvoy - Prose
National Nomenclature - Prose
Pelayo And The Merchants Daughter - Prose
Philip Of Pokanoket - An Indian Memoir - Prose
Recollections Of The Alhambra - Prose
Rip Van Winkle - Prose
Roscoe - Prose
Rural Funerals - Prose
Rural Life In England - Prose
Sleepy Hollow - Prose
Spanish Romance - Prose
Stratford-On-Avon - Prose
The Abencerrage - A Spanish Tale - (Prose)
The Adelantado Of The Seven Cities - A Legend Of St. Brandan - Prose
The Angler - Prose
The Art Of Book Making - Prose
The Bermudas - A Shaksperian Research: - Prose
The Birds Of Spring - Prose
The Boars Head Tavern, Eastcheap - A Shakespearian Research - Prose
The Broken Heart - Prose
The Christmas Dinner - Prose
The Count Van Horn - Prose
The Country Church - Prose
The Enchanted Island - Prose
The Inn Kitchen - Prose
The Knight Of Malta - Prose
The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow - Prose
The Mutability Of Literature - A Colloquy In Westminster Abbey - Prose
The Pride of the Village - Prose
The Spectre Bridegroom - A Travellers Tale. - Prose
The Stage-Coach - Prose
The Voyage - Prose
The Widow And Her Son - Prose
The Wife - Prose
Traits Of Indian Character - Prose
Westminster Abbey - Prose