The Poetry Corner

Walter Crane


Aiken Drum
An Alphabet Of Old Friends
An Alphabet Of Old Friends.
Baa! Baa! Black Sheep
Billy Pringle
Brother & Sister
Buy A Broom
Charley Over The Water
Cock Robin And Jenny Wren
Coltsfoot And Larkspur Speedwell
Dance A Baby
Dickory Dock
Ding Dong Bell
Dr. Faustus
Et Moi De M'en Courir
Fortvne And The Boy
From: Mother Hubbard's Picture Book
Girls And Boys
Hercules & The Waggoner
Hey Diddle Diddle
Horse And Man
Hot And Cold
Hot Cross Buns
Hush-A-By Baby
I Had A Little Nut-Tree
I Saw Three Ships
If All The World Were Paper
Jack And Jill
King Arthur
King Cole
King Log & King Stork
La Bergre
Lavender's Blue
Le Petit Chasseur
Little Iack Horner
Little Man & Maid
London Bridge
Looby Light
Lucy Locket
Margery Daw
Mice In Council
Mrs. Bond
My Lady's Garden
My Pretty Maid
Natural History
Neither Beast Nor Bird
Old Mother Hubbard
Oranges & Lemons
Over The Hills & Far Away
Polly Put The Kettle On
Porcupine, Snake, & Company
Puss At Court
Queen Summer Or, The Tourney Of The Lily And The Rose
Ringel Tanz
Schlaf, Kindlein, Schlaf.
Sing A Song Of Sixpence
St Paul's Steeple
Sur Le Pont D'Avignon
The Absurd ABC
The Ass & The Enemy
The Ass & The Sick Lion
The Ass And The Lap Dog
The Ass In The Lion's Skin
The Bear & The Bees
The Blind Doe
The Boaster
The Bundle Of Sticks
The Carrion Crow
The Cat And The Fox
The Cat And Venus
The Cock & The Pearl
The Cock, The Ass & The Lion
The Crow & The Pitcher
The Deer & The Lion
The Dog & The Shadow
The Dog In The Manger
The Eagle And The Crow
The Farmer's Treasure
The Fir & The Bramble
The Fisherman & The Fish
The Fly & The Humble Bee
The Four Presents
The Fox & The Crane
The Fox & The Crow
The Fox & The Grapes
The Fox & The Lion
The Fox & The Mask
The Fox & The Mosquitoes
The Fox Without A Tail
The Frightened Lion
The Frog & The Bull
The Geese & The Cranes
The Golden Eggs
The Hare And The Tortoise
The Hares And The Frogs
The Hart & The Vine
The Hen And The Fox
The Herdsman's Vows
The Horse And The Ass
The Jolly Tester
The Lazy Housemaids
The Lion & The Statve
The Lion In Love
The Little Cock-Sparrow
The Little Disaster
The Little Woman And The Pedlar
The Man & The Snake
The Man That Pleased None
The Married Mouse
The Miser & His Gold
The Mouse & The Lion
The Mulberry Bush
The North Wind & The Robin
The Oak & The Reeds
The Old English Garden - A Floral Phantasy
The Old Man In Leather
The Old Woman Of Norwich
The Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket
The Peacock's Complaint
The Plough Boy In Luck
The Scarecrow
The Snake & The File
The Stag In The Ox Stall
The Three Bears.
The Three Little Kittens
The Trees & The Woodman
The Trumpeter Taken Prisoner
The Two Crabs
The Two Jars
The Ungrateful Wolf
The Vain Jackdaw
The Wind & The Sun
The Wolf And The Lamb
There Was A Lady Loved A Swine
Three Blind Mice
Three Children
Tom, The Piper's Son
Warm Hands
Xmas Day In Ye Morning
Ye Fairy Ship
Ye Frog & Ye Crow
Ye Frog's Wooing
Ye Jolly Miller
Ye Song Of Sixpence
Zwei Hasen