The Poetry Corner

Thomas Oldham


Description Of A Conflagration
Desperation And Madness Of Guilt, The
Eclogue, Spring
Eclogue, Summer
Elegy On The Death Of Chatterton
Elegy, (Written At The Request Of A Young Lady.) Sylvia On Her Dead Canary-Bird
Epigram After Having Seen Several Bad Paintings Of The Death Of Sir John Moore
Epigram On Dr. ****, A Mere Pretender To Medical Science, Officiously Offering Me His Services
Epigram On Hearing A Clergyman Preach A Dull Sermon In A Loud, Shrill Voice
Epigram On Hearing A Lady Talk Very Fast And Unintelligibly
Epigram On Hearing A Parson Read Very Badly A Sermon He Had Bought
Epigram On Hearing Mr. **** Boast That He Could Translate Virgil
Epigram On Hearing Of The Burning Of Moscow
Epigram On Seeing Mr. Nutes, A Senseless, Unfeeling Fellow, Weep At The Representation Of King Lear
Epigram On The Conduct Of Some Few Clergymen, Who Are A Disgrace To Their Sacred Profession
Epigram On The Late Reform And The Whig Administration
Epigram On The Many Violent Disputes Among The Preachers Of The Gospel
Epigram On The March Of Intellect
Epigram On The New Experiment Of Lighting The House Of Commons By Means Of Gas-Pipes Placed Between The Two Ceilings
Epigram On Two Sisters Who Are Always Quarrelling
Epigram To A Conceited & Affected, But Handsome Woman
Epigram To A Hypocritical Calvinist
Epigram To Julia
Epigram To Mr. Bury, An Eminent Surgeon In Coventry, On His Having Performed A Successful Operation, In A Case Of Deeply-Seated Inflammation In The Neck, When The Patient Was In Extreme Danger Of Immediate Suffocation
Epistle To A Friend
Epitaph On Howard
Epitaph On Lord Byron
Epitaph On Napoleon
Epitaph On Nelson
Epitaph On Sir Samuel Romilly
Epitaph On Voltaire
Epitaph On Wilberforce
Inscription For The Apollo Belvidere
Kiss, The
Lines On Milton
Lines On Shakspeare
Lines To A Pedantic Critic
Lines To An Infidel, After Having Read His Book Against Christianity
Lines, On Hearing A Young Gentleman, Who Is Both Lame And Blind, But In Other Respects Very Handsome, Sing And Play On His Violin For The First Time
Lines, On The Death Of The Rev. Mr. B.
Muse's Triumph, The
Ode, To Hope
Ode, To Horror
Ode, To The Duke Of Wellington
Ode, Written On The Night Of The Illuminations For Lord Howe's Victory On 1St June, 1793
On Hearing The Nightingale
On Seeing Mademoiselle *** Dance At The Opera In Paris
On Seeing The Apollo Belvidere
Poetry (Book Preface)
Song To Bacchus
Sonnet, On Taking A Favourite Walk, After Recovery From Sickness
Sonnet, Written On My Birth Day
Summer-Evening, A
To Delille
To Fancy
To Julia
To Paganini
To Spring
To Winter
Translated From Anacreon