The Poetry Corner

Thomas Gent


1827; Or, The Poet's Last Poem.
A Fragment
A Night-Storm.
A Sketch From Life.
Address To Albion.
Anacreontic. "The Wisest Men Are Fools In Wine."
Bertram And Anna.
Black Eyes And Blue.
Burlesque Sonnet. To A Bee.
Constancy. To----.
Elegy On The Death Of Abraham Goldsmid, Esq.
Epigram. Auri Sacra Fames.
Epistle To A Friend.
Epitaph. On Matilda.
Henry And Eliza.
Here In Our Fairy Bowers We Dwell. A Glee.
Impromptu, To Oriana. On Attending With Her, As Sponsors, At A Christening
Invocation To Sleep.
Lines Suggested By The Death Of The Princess Charlotte.
Lines Written In A Copy Of The Poem On Princess Charlotte.
Lines Written In Hornsey Wood
Lines Written On The Sixth Of September.
Lines, Delivered After The Representation Of A Play At A Young Ladies' Boarding School.
Lines, To The Memory Of A Lady.
Lines, Written On Seeing The Children Of The Naval Asylum.[1]
Lines, Written On The Sixth Of September.
Mature Reflections.
Mister Punch. (A Hasty Sketch.)
On A Delightful Drawing In My Album,
On A Spirited Portrait In My Album,
On Reading The Poem Of "Paris." By The Rev George Croly, A.M.
On The Beautiful Portrait Of Mrs. Foreman, As Pandora.
On The Death Of Dr. Abel,[1]
On The Death Of General Sir Ralph Abercrombie.
On The Death Of Lord Nelson.
On The Death Of Nelson.
On The Portrait Of The Son Of J.G. Lambton, Esq., M.P. By Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A.
On The Rupture Of The Thames' Tunnel,
Prologue, To Public Readings At A Young Gentlemen's Academy.
Reflections Of A Poet, On Going To A Great Dinner.
Rosa's Grave.
Sent For The Album Of The Rev. G---- C----,
Song. The Recal Of The Hero.
Sonnet To Charity.
Sonnet To Music.
Sonnet To----, On Her Recovery From Illness.
Sonnet. In The Manner Of The Moderns.
Sonnet. Morning.
Sonnet. Night.
Sonnet. On Seeing A Young Lady, I Had Previously Known, Confined In A Madhouse.
Sonnet. On The Death Of Mrs. Charlotte Smith.
Sonnet. On The Death Of Toussaint L'Ouverture.
Sonnet. The Beggar.
Sonnet. To ............
Sonnet. To ............ On Her Recovery From Illness.
Sonnet. To A Lyre.
Sonnet. To Charity.
Sonnet. To Faith.
Sonnet. To Hope.
Sonnet. To Lydia, On Her Birth-Day.
Sonnet. To Melancholy.
Sonnet. To Peace.
Stanzas, Written Impromtu On The Late Peace.
Taking Orders. A Tale, Founded On Fact.
The Blue-Eyed Maid.
The Chain-Pier, Brighton; A Sketch.
The Complaint
The Gipsy's Home. A Glee.
The Grave Of Dibdin.
The Heliotrope.
The Heroes Of Waterloo.
The Morning Call. To The Honourable Lady--------.
The Night-Blowing Cereus.
The Presumptuous Fly.
The Runaway.
The Sibyl.
The State Secret. An Impromptu.
The Steam-Boat.
Thoughts On Peace.
To ******
To ------.
To ------. An Impromptu.
To ..........
To A Fly, On The Bosom Of Chloe, While Sleeping.
To Eliza. (Written In Her Album.)
To Margaret Jane H----, On Her Birth-Day, 17 June.
To Mary.
To My Spaniel Fanny.
To Robert Southey, Esq. On Reading His "Remains Of Henry Kirke White."
To Sarah, While Singing.
To Thaddeus.[1]
To The Reviewers.
To............. An Impromtu.
Widowed Love.[1]
Written In The Album Of I---- H---- P----, Esq.
Written In The Album Of The Lady Of Counsellor D. Pollock.
Written In The Album Of The Lady Of Dr. George Birkbeck, M.D.
Written On The Death Of General Sir Ralph Abercrombie.
Written On The Death Of General Washington.
Written Under An Elegant Drawing Of A Dead Canary Bird,
Youth And Age.