The Poetry Corner

Robert William Service


A Domestic Tragedy
A Pot of Tea
A Rolling Stone
A Song of Sixty-Five
A Song of Success
A Song of the Sandbags
A Song of Winter Weather
Afternoon Tea
At Thirty-Five
Athabaska Dick
Barb-Wire Bill
Bill the Bomber
Bill's Grave
Bonehead Bill
Carry On!
Clancy of the Mounted Police
Death in the Arctic
Dreams Are Best
Fi-Fi in Bed
Fighting Mac" A Life Tragedy
Foreword: Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
Gods in the Gutter
Going Home
Golden Days
Good-Bye, Little Cabin
Heart o' the North
Her Letter
His Boys
Home and Love
I Have Some Friends
I'm Scared of it All
If You Had a Friend
It Is Later Than You Think
Jean Desprez
Julot the Apache
Just Think!
Kelly of the Legion
L'Envoi (Songs of a Sourdough)
L'Envoi - Ballads of a Bohemian
L'Escargot D'Or
Les Grands Mutiles
Little Moccasins
Men of the High North
Milking Time
Missis Moriarty's Boy
Moon Song
Music In The Bush
My Bay'nit
My Book
My Foe
My Friends
My Garret
My Hour
My Job
My Madonna
My Masterpiece
My Mate
My Neighbors
My Prisoner
New Year's Eve
Oh, It Is Good
Old David Smail
On the Boulevard
On the Wire
Only a Boche
Our Hero
Over the Parapet
Poor Peter
Prelude: Ballads Of A Bohemian
Rhymes Of A Rolling Stone - Prelude
Teddy Bear
The Petit Vieux
The Absinthe Drinkers
The Atavist
The Auction Sale
The Baldness of Chewed-Ear
The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill
The Ballad of Gum-Boot Ben
The Ballad of Hard-Luck Henry
The Ballad of One-Eyed Mike
The Ballad of Pious Pete
The Ballad of Soulful Sam
The Ballad of the Black Fox Skin
The Ballad of the Brand
The Ballad of the Northern Lights
The Black Dudeen
The Black Sheep
The Blind and the Dead
The Blood-Red Fourragre
The Bohemian
The Bohemian Dreams
The Booby-Trap
The Bright Side
The Call
The Call Of The Wild
The Comforter
The Contented Man
The Convalescent
The Cow-Juice Cure
The Coward
The Cremation Of Sam Mcgee
The Death of Marie Toro
The Dreamer
The Faceless Man
The Fool
The Ghosts
The Gramaphone at Fond-Du-Lac
The Haggis of Private McPhee
The Harpy
The Headliner and the Breadliner
The Heart Of The Sourdough
The Idealist
The Joy of Being Poor
The Joy of Little Things
The Junior God
The Land God Forgot
The Land of Beyond
The Lark
The Law Of The Yukon
The Legless Man
The Little Old Log Cabin
The Little Piou-piou
The Logger
The Lone Trail
The Lost Master
The Low-Down White
The Lunger
The Lure Of Little Voices
The Man from Athabaska
The Man from Eldorado
The Man Who Knew
The March Of The Dead
The Men That Don't Fit In
The Mother
The Mountain and the Lake
The Mourners
The Nostomaniac
The Odyssey of 'Erbert 'Iggins
The Other One
The Outlaw
The Parson's Son
The Passing of the Year
The Pencil Seller
The Philanderer
The Philistine and the Bohemian
The Pines
The Prospector
The Quest
The Quitter
The Reckoning
The Red Retreat
The Release
The Return
The Revelation
The Rhyme Of The Remittance Man
The Rhyme Of The Restless Ones
The Rover
The Sceptic
The Scribe's Prayer
The Sewing-Girl
The Shooting Of Dan Mcgrew
The Sightless Man
The Soldier of Fortune
The Song of the Camp-Fire
The Song of the Mouth-Organ
The Song of the Pacifist
The Song of the Soldier-born
The Song Of The Wage-Slave
The Spell Of The Yukon
The Spirit of the Unborn Babe
The Squaw Man
The Stretcher-Bearer
The Telegraph Operator
The Three Tommies
The Three Voices
The Trail of Ninety-Eight
The Tramps
The Trapper's Christmas Eve
The Twa Jocks
The Twins
The Volunteer
The Walkers
The Wanderlust
The Wee Shop
The Whistle of Sandy McGraw
The Wife
The Wistful One
The Woman And The Angel
The Wonderer
The Wood-Cutter
The World's All Right
The Younger Son
Tipperary Days
To C. M.
To Sunnydale
To the Man of the High North
Victory Stuff
Was It You?
While the Bannock Bakes
Young Fellow My Lad