The Poetry Corner

Robert Southey


A Ballad, Shewing How An Old Woman Rode Double, And Who Rode Before Her.
Battle Of Blenheim, The
Birth-Day Ode, 1793.
Birth-Day Ode, 1796.
Cataract Of Lodore, The
Devil's Walk On Earth, The
Eclogue I. The Old Mansion-House.
Eclogue II. The Grandmothers Tale.
Eclogue III. The Funeral.
Eclogue IV. The Sailor's Mother.
Eclogue V. The Witch.
Eclogue VI. The Ruined Cottage.
Henry The Hermit.
Humphrey And William.
Hymn To The Penates.
Inscription I. For A Tablet At Godstow Nunnery.
Inscription II. For A Column At Newbury.
Inscription III. For A Cavern That Overlooks The River Avon.
Inscription IV. For the Apartment in CHEPSTOW-CASTLE where HENRY MARTEN the Regicide was imprisoned Thirty Years.
Inscription V. For A Monument At Silbury-Hill.
Inscription VI. For A Monument In The New Forest.
Inscription VII. For A Tablet On The Banks Of A Stream.
Inscription VIII. For The Cenotaph At Ermenonville.
John, Samuel, & Richard.
Lord William.
March To Moscow, The
Metrical Letter, Written from London.
Musings On A Landscape Of Gaspar Poussin.
On The Death Of A Favourite Old Spaniel.
Pig, The
Sappho. A Monodrama.
Sonnet I
Sonnet I.
Sonnet II
Sonnet II.
Sonnet III
Sonnet III.
Sonnet IV
Sonnet IV.
Sonnet IX.
Sonnet V
Sonnet V.
Sonnet VI
Sonnet VII. To The Evening Rainbow.
Sonnet VIII.
Sonnet X.
The Complaints Of The Poor.
The Cross Roads.
The Pauper's Funeral
The Race Of Banquo.
The Rose.
The Sailor, who had served in the Slave Trade.
The Soldier's Wife.
The Surgeon's Warning.
The Triumph Of Woman.
The Victory.
The Vision of The Maid of Orleans. The First Book.
The Vision Of The Maid Of Orleans. The Second Book.
The Vision Of The Maid Of Orleans. The Third Book.
The Widow.
To Contemplation.
To Horror.
To Mary Wollstonecraft.
To My Own Miniature Picture Taken At Two Years Of Age.
To The Chapel Bell.
To The Genius Of Africa
Well Of St. Keyne, The