The Poetry Corner

Robert Fuller Murray


A Ballad Of Refreshment
A Ballad Of The Town Water
A Birthday Gift
A Bunch Of Triolets
A Christmas Fancy
A Coincidence
A College Career
A Criticism Of Critics
A December Day
A Late Good Night
A Lost Opportunity
A Lover's Confession
A May-Day Madrigal
A New Song To An Old Tune--From Victor Hugo
A Presentiment
A Song Of Greek Prose
A Song Of Truce
A Street Corner
A Summer Morning
A Swinburnian Interlude
Adventure Of A Poet
After Many Days
After Waterloo
An Afterthought
An Exile's Song
An Interview
An Invitation
An Orator's Complaint
Andrew M'Crie. From The Unpublished Remains Of Edgar Allan Poe
Art's Discipline
At A High Ceremony
Below Her Window
Cairnsmill Den--Tune: 'A Roving'
Catullus At His Brother's Grave
Come Back To St. Andrews
Dawn Song
Death At The Window
Farewell To A Singer. On Her Marriage
Fickle Summer
Footsteps In The Street
For A Present Of Roses
For Scotland
Golden Dream
Greek Title
Hope Deferred
Horace's Philosophy
Hymn Of Hippolytus To Artemis
Imitated From Wordsworth
In Time Of Doubt
In Time Of Sickness
In Time Of Sorrow
Lost At Sea
Lost Liberty
Love Recalled In Sleep
Love's Phantom
Love's Worship Restored
Magni Nominis Umbra
Milton. With Apologies To Lord Tennyson
Moonlight North And South
Music For The Dying. From The French Of Sully Prudhomme
My Lady
On A Crushed Hat
On An Edinburgh Advocate
One Tear
Partnership In Fame
Pleasant Prophecies
Reflections Of A Magistrand. On Returning To St. Andrews
Sleep Flies Me
Song From 'The Princess'
Song Is Not Dead
Sorrow's Treachery
Stanzas For Music
The Banished Bejant. From The Unpublished Remains Of Edgar Allan Poe
The Best Pipe
The Burial Of William The Conqueror
The Caged Thrush
The City Of Golf
The Close Of The Session
The Crown Of Years
The Death Of William Rufus
The Delights Of Mathematics
The End Of April
The Fiddler
The First Meeting
The Garden Of Sin
The Golf-Ball And The Loan. After Longfellow
The Haunted Chamber
The House Of Sleep
The Life Of Earth
The M.A. Degree. After Wordsworth
The Outcast's Farewell
The Poet's Hat
The Science Club
The Solitary
The Swallows. From Jean Pierre Claris Florian
The Tempted Soul
The True Liberal
The Voice That Sings
The Wasted Day
The Waster Singing At Midnight. After Longfellow
The Waster Singing At Midnight. After Longfellow.
The Waster's Presentiment
Thirty Years After
Thou Art Queen
To Alfred Tennyson--1883
To C. C. C.
To J. R.
To Number 27X.
To The Reader Of 'University Notes'
Trafalgar Square
Undesired Revenge
Vanity Of Vanities
Vivien's Song. At The L.L.A. Examination
Welcome Home
Where's The Use
Winter At St. Andrews
Yet A Little Sleep
Youth Renewed