The Poetry Corner

Richard Le Gallienne


A Ballad Of London - (To H. W. Massinsham)
A Ballad Of The Kind Little Creatures
A Ballad Of Too Much Beauty
A Ballad Of Woman
A Child's Evensong
A Face In A Book
A Frost Fancy
A Library In A Garden
A Love-Letter
A Lover's Universe
A New Year Letter
A Rainy Day
A Song Of Singers
A Warning
Ad Cimmerios
After Tibullus
Ah! Did You Ever Hear The Spring
Alfred Tennyson
All Sung
All The Way
All The Wide World Is But The Thought Of You
All The Words In All The World
Alma Venus
An Easter Hymn
An Echo From Horace
An Epitaph On A Goldfish
An Impression
An Inscription
An Ode To Spring (To Grant And Nellie Allen)
An Old Love Letter
Anima Mundi
April Is In The World Again
As In The Woodland I Walk
At Her Feet
At Last I Got A Letter From The Dead
At The Sign Of The Lyre
August Moonlight
Autumn Treasure
Ballad Of The Seven O'Clock Whistle
Ballade Of Love's Cloister
Ballade Of Reading Bad Books
Ballade Of Running Away With Life
Ballade Of The Absent Guest
Ballade Of The Bees Of Trebizond
Ballade Of The Dead Face That Never Dies
Ballade Of The Making Of Songs
Ballade Of The Oldest Duel In The World
Ballade Of The Paid Puritan
Ballade Of The Unchanging Bloved
Ballade Of Woman
Ballade To A Departing God
Beauty Accurst
Beauty's Wardrobe
Blue Flower
Broken Tryst
Buried Treasure
Christmas In War-Time
Come, My Celia
Comfort At Parting
Cor Cordium
Cor Cordium - O Golden Day! O Silver Night!
Corydon's Farewell To His Pipe
Country Largesse
Death In A London Lodging
Face In The Tomb That Lies So Still
Faery Gold
Faith Reborn
Flos Aevorum
For A Picture By Rose Cecil O'Neil
For The Birthday Of Edgar Allan Poe
Green Silence
Happy Letter
Her Eyes Are Bluebells Now
Her Portrait Immortal
Home ...
How Fast The Year Is Going By
I Crossed The Orchard Walking Home
I Know Not In What Place
I Meant To Do My Work To-Day
I Said - I Care Not
I Thought, Before My Sunlit Twentieth Year
If, After All ...!
In A Copy Of Fitzgerald's "Omar"
In A Copy Of Mr. Swinburne's Tristram Of Lyonesse
In Her Diary
In The City
In The Night
Inscriptions (Of Poets And Poetry)
Jenny Dead
Juliet And Her Romeo
Lightnings May Flicker Round My Head
Love Eternal
Love In Spain
Love's Arithmetic
Love's Exchange
Love's Landmarks
Love's Proud Farewell
Love's Tenderness
Love's Wisdom
Man, The Destroyer
Matthew Arnold
May Is Back
May Is Building Her House
My Books
My Maiden Vote - (To John Fraser)
Natural Religion
Nature The Healer
Not Sour Grapes
Old Love-Letters
Omar Khayym
On Mr. Gladstone's Retirement
On The Morals Of Poets
Paolo And Francesca
Paris Day By Day: A Familiar Epistle - (To Mrs. Henry Harland[1])
Paths That Wind . . .
Primrose And Violet
Primum Mobile
Professor Minto
Richard Watson Gilder
Robert Louis Stevenson - An Elegy
Saint Charles
Satan: 1920
Singing Go I
So Soon Tired!
Soldier Going To The War
Songs For Fragoletta
Sore In Need Was I Of A Faithful Friend
Spirit Of Sadness
Spring In The Paris Catacombs
Spring's Promises
Summer Going
Summer Songs
Sunset In The City
Tennyson' At The Farm
The Afternoon Is Lonely For Your Face
The Animalcule On Man
The Bloom Upon The Grape
The Broker Of Dreams
The City In Moonlight
The Constant Lover
The Country Gods
The Cry Of The Little Peoples
The Dead Arose
The Dcadent To His Soul
The Desk's Dry Wood
The Destined Maid: A Prayer
The Door Ajar
The Dryad
The End
The End Of Laughter
The Eyes That Come From Ireland
The Faithful Lover
The Friend
The Frozen Stream
The Gardens Of Adonis
The Heart On The Sleeve
The Heart Unseen
The House Of Venus
The Illusion Of War
The Immortal Gods
The Last Tryst
The Lonely Dancer
The Long Purposes Of God
The Loveliest Face And The Wild Rose
The Magic Flower
The Mystic Friends
The New Husbandman
The Overworked Ghost
The Passionate Reader To His Poet
The Quarrel
The Rainbow
The Rival
The Rose Has Left The Garden
The Rose In Winter
The Second Crucifixion
The Shimmer Of The Sound
The Silk-Hat Soldier
The Song That Lasts
The Source
The Valiant Girls
The Valley
The Wonder-Child
The World Is Wide
The World's Musqueteer: To Marshal Foch
Time Flies
Time's Monotone
Time, Beauty's Friend
To A Beautiful Old Lady
To A Bird At Dawn
To A Contemner Of The Past
To A Dead Friend
To A Mountain Spring
To A Poet
To A Poet - (To Edmund Gosse)
To A Rose
To A Simple Housewife
To A Wild Bird
To Belgium
To Lucy Hinton: December 19, 1921
To Madame Jumel
To Maggie Le Gallienne With Love
To Mildred
To One On A Journey
To Ralph Waldo Emerson
To The Golden Wife
To The Love Of Andr And Gwen
To The Reader
Tobacco Next
Too Late
Tree-Worship - (To John Lane)
Two Birthdays
Under Which King . . . ?
We Are With France
What Of The Darkness?
When The Long Day Has Faded
Who Was It Swept Against My Door
Winter Magic
With Some Old Love Verses
Young Love
Young Love Postscript
Young Love I - "Surely at last, O Lady, the sweet moon"
Young Love II - "I make this rhyme of my lady and me"
Young Love III - "But, Song, arise thee on a greater wing,"
Young Love IV - Once
Young Love IX - Never - Ever
Young Love V - The Day Of The Two Daffodils
Young Love VI - Why Did She Marry Him?
Young Love VII - The Lamp And The Star
Young Love VIII - Orbits
Young Love X - Love's Poor
Young Love XI - Comfort Of Dante
Young Love XII - A Lost Hour
Young Love XIII - Met Once More
Young Love XIV - A June Lily
Young Love XV - Regret
Young Love XVI - Love Afar
Young Love XVII - "Canst thou be true across so many miles,"