The Poetry Corner

Winter's Approach

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

De sun hit shine an' de win' hit blow, Ol' Brer Rabbit be a-layin' low, He know dat de wintah time a-comin', De huntah man he walk an' wait, He walk right by Brer Rabbit's gate-- He know-- De dog he lick his sliverin' chop, An' he tongue 'gin' his mouf go flop, flop-- He-- He rub his nose fu' to clah his scent So's to tell w'ich way dat cottontail went, He-- De huntah's wife she set an' spin A good wahm coat fu' to wrop him in She-- She look at de skillet an' she smile, oh my! An' ol' Brer Rabbit got to sholy fly. Dey know.