The Poetry Corner

The Photograph

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

See dis pictyah in my han'? Dat's my gal; Ain't she purty? goodness lan'! Huh name Sal. Dat's de very way she be-- Kin' o' tickles me to see Huh a-smilin' back at me. She sont me dis photygraph Jes' las' week; An' aldough hit made me laugh-- My black cheek Felt somethin' a-runnin' queer; Bless yo' soul, it was a tear Jes' f'om wishin' she was here. Often when I 's all alone Layin' here, I git t'inkin' 'bout my own Sallie dear; How she say dat I 's huh beau, An' hit tickles me to know Dat de gal do love me so. Some bright day I 's goin' back, Fo' de la! An' ez sho' 's my face is black, Ax huh pa Fu' de blessed little miss Who 's a-smilin' out o dis Pictyah, lak she wan'ed a kiss!