The Poetry Corner

Oliver Herford


A Chameleon.
A Kitten's Fancy
A Mole.
A Penguin.
A Seal.
A Thought
A Whale.
An Alphabet of Celebrities
An Arctic Hare.
An Inquiry
An Ostrich.
Arnold Bennett
Brander Matthews
Charles W. Eliot
Christopher Columbus
Cloud,The, An Idyll Of The Western Front
Daniel Frohman
David Belasco
F. W. Hohenzollern
Facilis Ascensus
Foreign Kittens
G. K. Chesterton
George Ade
George Bernard Shaw
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Good and Bad Kittens
Guglielmo Marconi
Happy Thought
Henrik Ibsen
Here's Looking
Hiram Maxim
Ignace Jan Paderewski
In Darkest Africa
Israel Zangwill
J. Forbes-Robertson
J. Pierpont Morgan
John D. Rockefeller
John Drew
John S. Sargent
Kitten's Night Thought
Mark Twain: A Pipe Dream
Oh, Editor, Editor,
Peter Dunne
Phyllis Lee
Rudyard Kipling
Saint Paul
Some Geese.
Stairs - A Toast
The Ant.
The Cat.
The Centaur
The Chimera
The Chimpanzee.
The Cockatrice
The Dog
The Dog.
The Dolphin
The Dove Of Peace
The Elephant.
The Floor
The Fly.
The Game
The Gargoyle
The Giraffe.
The Golden Cat
The Gryphon
The Harpy
The Hippopotamus.
The Hydra
The Hyppogriff
The Jinn
The Joy Ride
The Leopard.
The Lion
The Mermaid
The Milk Jug
The Minotaur
The Mongoos.
The Moon
The Outing
The Ph[oe]nix
The Pig-Pen.
The Platypus.
The Puncture
The Puppy
The Rhinoceros.
The Rubiyt of a Persian Kitten
The Salamander
The Satyr
The Sea Serpent
The Shadow Kitten
The Siren
The Sloth.
The Smoker's Year Book
The Sphinx
The Unicorn
The Whole Duty of Kittens
The Wolf.
The Yak.
Theodore Roosevelt
To Fashion
To Her Shadow
To Hope
To Liberty
To Music
To Neptune
To Our Lady Nicotine
To Our Readers
To Our Sweethearts
To Stern Critics
To Temptation
To The Clock
To The Creditor
To The Maid With Fancy Free
To The Publisher
To The Typewriter
To The Waiter
William Dean Howells
William Howard Taft
Winter and Summer