The Poetry Corner

Good Night.

By Lennox Amott

O slumber on, untaught to feel The weight of care and sorrow's blight. Here have I often loved to steal And o'er thee breathe a soft "good night." And gentle as thy beauty's ray Be all the visions of thy dreams, Thy years be joyous as to-day, And life be always what it seems. Ah, may it ne'er be thine to know The sleepless eye, the tossing head; May He above ordain it so, And guardian angels shield thy bed. Now o'er thy cheek the smile betrays Some sweetness in thy dreaming eye, Alas that thou must wake and gaze On things that cause thy breast a sigh! So placid is thy pillow here, 'Tis sweet, indeed, to know thy peace, To smoothe thy locks and drop a tear, To clasp a hand I must release. Ah, dost thou dream of me! we part While summer tints thy childhood's light, I leave thee with an aching heart While angels sing "Good night, Good night."