The Poetry Corner

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


A Parable.
A Plan The Muses Entertained.
A Symbol.
Anacreon's Grave.
Anniversary Song.
Answers In A Game Of Questions.
Apparent Death.
As Broad As It's Long.
At Midnight Hour.
Autumn Feelings.
Ballad Of The Banished And Returning Count.
Before A Court Of Justice.
Blindman's Buff.
Book Of The Minstrel.
By The River.
Calm At Sea.
Chorus Of Angels.
Chorus Of Spirits.
Chuld Name. - Book Of Paradise. The Favoured Beasts.
Chuld Name. - Book Of Paradise. The Seven Sleepers.
Comfort In Tears.
Constancy In Change.
Coptic Song.
Death-Lament Of The Noble Wife Of Asan Aga.
Declaration Of War.
Different Emotions On The Same Spot.
Different Threats.
Each Road
Effects At A Distance.
Elegies. - Part I. Roman Elegies.
Elegies. - Part II. Alexis And Dora.
Epilogue To Schiller's "Song Of The Bell."
Ergo Bibamus!
Erotica Romana (English)
Ever And Everywhere.
Explanation Of An Ancient Woodcut, Representing Hans Sachs' Poetical Mission.
Explanation Of An Antique Gem,
Faithful Eckart,
Finnish Song.
First Loss.
First Ode.
Food In Travel.
For Ever.
Fortune Of War.
From 'The Sorrows Of Young Werther.'
From An Album Of 1604.
From Egmont.
From Faust Second Part.
From Faust. Dedication.
From Gotz Von Berlichingen.
From Iphigenia In Tauris.
From The Mountain.
General Confession.
Genial Impulse.
Gipsy Song.
God, Soul, And World.
Hafis Name.
Happiness And Vision.
He Who With Life
Hermann And Dorothea. In Nine Cantos. - I. Kalliope.
Hermann And Dorothea. In Nine Cantos. - II. Terpsichore.
Hermann And Dorothea. In Nine Cantos. - III. Thalia.
Hermann And Dorothea. In Nine Cantos. - IV. Euterpe.
Hermann And Dorothea. In Nine Cantos. - IX. Urania.
Hermann And Dorothea. In Nine Cantos. - V. Polyhymnia.
Hermann And Dorothea. In Nine Cantos. - VI. Klio.
Hermann And Dorothea. In Nine Cantos. - VII. Erato.
Hermann And Dorothea. In Nine Cantos. - VIII. Melpomene.
Hikmet Name. - Book Of Proverbs.
His Comrade.
Human Feelings.
If Wealth Is Gone
In A Word.
In Summer.
Iphigenia In Tauris (Complete)
Iphigenia In Tauris. - Act The Fifth.
Iphigenia In Tauris. - Act The First.
Iphigenia In Tauris. - Act The Fourth.
Iphigenia In Tauris. - Act The Second.
Iphigenia In Tauris. - Act The Third.
Johanna Sebus.
Joy And Sorrow.
Leopold, Duke Of Brunswick.
Like And Like.
Lily's Menagerie.
Lines On Seeing Schiller's Skull.
Living Remembrance.
Love As A Landscape Painter.
Love's Distresses.
Lover In All Shapes.
Mahomet's Song.
Maiden Wishes.
Margaret At Her Spinning-Wheel.
Margaret, Placing Fresh Flowers In The Flower-Pots.
Mathal Name. - Book Of Parables.
May Song.
Measure Of Time.
Mischievous Joy.
Morning Lament.
My Goddess.
My Only Property.
Neither This Nor That.
New Love, New Life.
Next Year's Spring.
Night Song,
Night Thoughts.
November Song.
Old Age.
On The Divan.
On The Lake,
On The New Year.
Open Table.
Paris Name. - Book Of The Parsees.
Paulo Post Futuri.
Phoebus And Hermes.
Playing At Priests.
Premature Spring.
Prologue In Heaven. The Archangels' Song.
Proximity Of The Beloved One.
Reciprocal Invitation To The Dance.
Rendsch Name - Book Of Gloom.
Restless Love.
Rollicking Hans.
Royal Prayer.
Rules For Monarchs.
Sake Name. - The Convivial Book.
Scene A Garden,
Second Ode.
She Cannot End.
Should E'er The Loveless Day.
Sicilian Song.
Sir Curt's Wedding-Journey.
Song And Structure.
Song Of Fellowship.
Sound, Sweet Song.
Spirit Song Over The Waters.
Such, Such Is He Who Pleaseth Me.
Suleika Name. - Book Of Suleika.
Swiss Song,
Table Song.
Tame Xenia.
Tefkir Name. - Book Of Contemplation. Five Things.
Tefkir Name. - Firdusi (Speaks).
Tefkir Name. - For Woman Due
Tefkir Name. - Suleika (Speaks).
The Beauteous Flower. Song Of The Imprisoned Count.
The Beautiful Night.
The Best.
The Bliss Of Absence.
The Bliss Of Sorrow.
The Boundaries Of Humanity.
The Brethren.
The Bride Of Corinth.
The Bridegroom.*
The Buyers.
The Chosen Cliff.
The Christmas-Box.
The Consecrated Spot.
The Convert.
The Country Schoolmaster.
The Coy One.
The Critic.
The Dance Of Death.
The Death Of The Fly.
The Destruction Of Magdeburg.
The Dilettante And The Critic.
The Doubters And The Lovers.
The Drops Of Nectar.
The Eagle And Dove.
The Epochs.
The Erl-King.
The Exchange.
The Faithless Boy.
The Farewell.
The First Walpurgis-Night.
The Fisherman.
The Fool's Epilogue.
The Four Favours.
The Fox And Crane.
The Fox And Huntsman.
The Freebooter,
The Friendly Meeting.
The Frogs.
The Garlands.
The German Parnassus.
The Goblet.
The God And The Bayadere. An Indian Legend.
The Godlike.
The Goldsmith's Apprentice.
The Happy Couple.
The Heathrose.
The Hunter's Even-Song.
The Instructors.
The King Of Thule.*
The Legend Of The Horseshoe.
The Loving One Once More.
The Loving One Writes.
The Magic Net.
The Maid Of The Mill's Repentance.
The Maid Of The Mill's Treachery.
The Maiden Speaks.
The Metamorphosis Of Plants.
The Minstrel.
The Misanthrope.
The Mountain Castle.
The Mountain Village.
The Musagetes.
The Muse's Mirror.
The Muses' Son.
The New Amadis.
The New Amor.
The Page And The Miller'S Daughter.
The Pariah's Prayer.
The Pariah's Thanks.
The Prosperous Voyage.
The Pupil In Magic.
The Rat-Catcher.
The Reckoning.
The Remembrance Of The Good
The Rule Of Life.
The Same, Expanded.
The Sea-Voyage.
The Shepherd's Lament.
The Soldier's Consolation.
The Spinner.
The Spirit's Salute.
The Spring Oracle.
The Stork's Vocation.
The Swiss Alps.
The Traveller And The Farm~Maiden.
The Treasure-Digger
The Unequal Marriage,
The Violet.
The Visit.
The Walking Bell
The Wanderer's Night-Song.
The Wanderer's Storm-Song.
The Wanderer.
The Warning.
The Way To Behave.
The Wedding Night.
The Wedding.
The Wrangler.
The Yelpers.
Third Ode.
Thoughts On Jesus Christ's Descent Into Hell.
Threatening Signs.
Three Palinodias. I
Three Palinodias. II - Conflict Of Wit And Beauty.
Three Palinodias. III - Rain And Rainbow.
Timur Name. - Book Of Timur. The Winter And Timur.
Timur Name. - Book Of Timur. To Suleika.
To A Golden Heart That He Wore Round His Neck.
To Belinda.
To Charlotte.
To Father* Kronos.
To His Coy One.
To Lida.
To Lina.
To Luna.
To Mignon.
To Originals.
To The Chosen One.
To The Distant One.
To The Grasshopper.
To The Husbandman.
To The Kind Reader.
To The Moon.
To The Rising Full Moon.
Trilogy Of Passion.
True Enjoyment.
Uschk Name. - Book Of Love.
Uschk Name. - Love's Torments
Uschk Name. - One Pair More.
Vanitas! Vanitatum Vanitas!
Venetian Epigrams.
Wedding Song.
Welcome And Farewell.
West-Eastern Divan.
What God Would
When I Was Still A Youthful Wight,
When The Fox Dies, His Skin Counts.*
Who'll Buy Gods Of Love?
Winter Journey Over The Hartz Mountains.
With A Golden Necklace.
With A Painted Ribbon.
Within Us All
Wont And Done.