The Poetry Corner

Guy Wetmore Carryl


How A Beauty Was Waked And Her Suitor Was Suited
How A Cat Was Annoyed And A Poet Was Booted
How A Fair One No Hope To His Highness Accorded
How A Fisherman Corked Up His Foe In A Jar
How A Girl Was Too Reckless Of Grammar By Far
How A Princess Was Wooed From Habitual Sadness
How Beauty Contrived To Get Square With The Beast
How Fair Cinderella Disposed Of Her Shoe
How Hop O' My Thumb Got Rid Of An Onus
How Jack Found That Beans May Go Back On A Chap
How Jack Made The Giants Uncommonly Sore
How Little Red Riding Hood Came To Be Eaten
How Much Fortunatus Could Do With A Cap
How Rudeness And Kindness Were Justly Rewarded
How Rumplestilz Held Out In Vain For A Bonus
How The Babes In The Wood Showed They Couldn't Be Beaten
How The Fatuous Wish Of A Peasant Came True
How The Helpmate Of Blue-Beard Made Free With A Door
How The Peaceful Aladdin Gave Way To His Madness
How Thomas A Maid From A Dragon Released
The Abbreviated Fox And His Sceptical Comrades
The Ambitious Fox And The Unapproachable Grapes
The Arrogant Frog And The Superior Bull
The Confiding Peasant And The Maladroit Bear
The Domineering Eagle And The Inventive Bratling
The Hospitable Caledonian And The Thankless Viper
The Iconoclastic Rustic And The Apropos Acorn
The Impecunious Cricket And The Frugal Ant
The Impetuous Breeze And The Diplomatic Sun
The Inhuman Wolf And The Lamb Sans Gene
The Microscopic Trout And The Machiavelian Fisherman
The Pampered Lapdog And The Misguided Ass
The Patrician Peacocks And The Overweening Jay
The Persevering Tortoise And The Pretentious Hare
The Precipitate Cock And The Unappreciated Pearl
The Rude Rat And The Unostentatious Oyster
The Sycophantic Fox And The Gullible Raven
The Unusual Goose And The Imbecilic Woodcutter
The Urban Rat And The Suburban Rat
The Vainglorious Oak And The Modest Bulrush