The Poetry Corner

Gilbert Keith Chesterton


A Certain Evening
A Chord Of Colour
A Christmas Carol
A Dedication To E.C.B.
A Fairy Tale
A Man And His Image
A Novelty
A Portrait
A Second Childhood
A Song Of Swords
A Wedding In War-Time
An Alliance
Another Tattered Rhymster In The Ring
Art Colours
At Night
Ballade Of An Anti-Puritan, A
Ballade Of Suicide, A
By The Babe Unborn
Elegy In A Country Churchyard
Femina Contra Mundum
For A War Memorial
For Four Guilds: I. The Glass-Stainers
For Four Guilds: II. The Bridge-Builders
For Four Guilds: III. The Stone-Masons
For Four Guilds: IV. The Bell-Ringers
Gold Leaves
Good News
King's Cross Station
Modern Elfland
Of The Dangers Attending Altruism On The High Seas.
On The Disastrous Spread Of stheticism In All Classes.
On The Downs
Songs Of Education: I. History
Songs Of Education: II. Geography
Songs Of Education: III. For The Crche
Songs Of Education: IV. Citizenship
Songs Of Education: V. The Higher Mathematics
Songs Of Education: VI. Hygiene
Sonnet To A Stilton Cheese
The Ancient Of Days
The Ballad Of God-Makers
The Ballad Of St. Barbara
The Ballad Of The Battle Of Gibeon
The Ballad Of The White Horse
The Beatific Vision
The Convert
The Desecraters
The Donkey
The Earth's Shame
The End Of Fear
The English Graves
The Escape
The Fish
The Happy Man
The Holy Of Holies
The Hope Of The Streets
The Human Tree
The Hunting Of The Dragon
The Lamp Post
The Last Masquerade
The Mariner
The Mirror Of Madmen
The Mystery
The Myth Of Arthur
The Old Song
The Oneness Of The Philosopher With Nature.
The Outlaw
The Pessimist
The Philanthropist
The Praise Of Dust
The Red Sea
The Skeleton
The Song Of Elf
The Song Of The Children
The Sword Of Surprise
The Trinkets
The Triumph Of Man
The Two Women
The Unpardonable Sin
The Wild Knight
The Wood-Cutter
The World's Lover
Thou Shalt Not Kill
To A Certain Nation
To Captain Fryatt
To F. C. In Memoriam Palestine, '19
To Hilaire Belloc
To Them That Mourn