The Poetry Corner

George Parsons Lathrop


A Face In The Street.
A Rune Of The Rain
A Rune Of The Rain.
A Song Long Ago.
A Strong City
An April Aria.
Arise, American!
At The Golden Gate
Battle Days
Before The Snow
Before The Snow.
Blackmouth, Of Colorado
Bluebird's Greeting
Bride Brook
Burial-Song For Sumner.
Chant For Autumn.
Fairhaven Bay.
Famine And Harvest
First Glance
First Glance.
Gettysburg: A Battle Ode
Grant's Dirge
Grief's Hero.
Heart's Fountain. (Moods Of Love.)
Helen At The Loom
Helen At The Loom.
I Loved You, Once
In Absence. (Moods Of Love.)
June Longings.
Keenan's Charge
Love That Lives
Love's Defeat. (Moods Of Love.)
Marthy Virginia's Hand
Music Of Growth.
New Worlds
New Worlds. (Moods Of Love.)
Night In New York
O Jay!
O Wholesome Death
O Wholesome Death.
Rose And Roof-Tree.
Sailor's Song, Returning
Sailor's Song.
South-Wind Song. (Moods Of Love.)
Strike Hands, Young Men!
Sunset And Shore
Thanksgiving Turkey
The Bather.
The Bobolink
The Bobolink.
The Bride Of War
The Casket Of Opals
The Child Year
The Child's Wish Granted
The Fisher Of The Cape.
The Flown Soul
The Ghosts Of Growth.
The Heart Of A Song
The Lily-Pond.
The Lover Who Thinks.
The Lover's Year
The Lover's Year (Moods Of Love.)
The Name Of Washington
The Phoebe-Bird
The Silent Tide
The Singing Wire
The Singing Wire.
The Song-Sparrow
The Song-Sparrow.
The Star To Its Light
The Sun-Shower.
The Sunshine Of Thine Eyes
The Sunshine Of Thine Eyes.
The Sword Dham
The Voice Of The Void
Three Doves
Wedding-Night. (Moods Of Love.)
When, Looking Deeply In Thy Face.
Within A Year
Youth To The Poet