The Poetry Corner

Francis William Lauderdale Adams


A Death At Sea. (Coral Sea, Australia.)
A Fool. (Brisbane).
A Glimpse Of China. "Caste."
A Glimpse Of China. In A Chair.
A Glimpse Of China. In A Sampan.
A Glimpse Of China. Over The Samovar. {69A}
A Mahommadan Ship Fireman.
A South-Sea Islander.
A Story. (For The Irish Delegates In Australia.)
A Street Fight. (To Mr F - - .) {38}
A Visitor In The Camp. To Mary Robinson. {27}
Algernon Charles Swinburne.
An "Assassin."
Analogy. (To D - - L - - .)
At The India Docks. A Memory Of August, 1883.
At The Seamen's Union. {84} "The Seamen And The Miners."
Aux Ternes. {46} (Paris.)
Belgravia By Night. "Move On!"
Dai Butsu. {70}
Dirge. (Brisbane.) "A Little Soldier Of The Army Of The Night."
Dublin At Dawn.
Elsie: A Memory.
England. In The Camp.
Epode. "On The Ranges, Queensland."
Evening Hymn In The Hovels.
Farewell To The Children.
Farewell To The Market. "Susannah And Mary-Jane."
Father Abe.
From A Verandah. (Sydney.) "Armageddon."
Happy Valley." {66}
Henry George. (Melbourne.)
Her Poem: "My Baby Girl, That Was Born And Died On The Same Day."
Holy Russia.
Hong-Kong Lyrics.
In An East End Hovel. To A Workman, A Would-Be Suicide.
In The Edgware Road. (To Lord L - - .)
In The Pit. "Chant Of The Firemen."
In The Street. Lord - - .
In Trafalgar Square.
Labour - Capital - Land.
Lord Leitrim.
Mount Rennie. (The Time-Spirit speaks.)
Mount Rennie." {95}
Nationalism And M'Ilwraith! The Queensland Elections Cry, 1888.
New Guinea "Converts."
One Among So Many.
Parallels For The Pious.
Pere-La-Chaise. {45} (Paris.)
Proem. "Outside London."
Song Of The Dispossessed. "To Jesus."
The Answer.
The Australian Flag.
The Caged Eagle.
The Fisherman. (Mindanao, Philippines.)
The Man Of The Nation.
The New Locksley Hall. "Forty Years After."
The Outcasts. (Melbourne.)
The Peasants' Revolt. {35}
The Truth.
To An Old Friend In England. "Esau."
To An Unionist.
To Charles Parnell.
To E. L. Zox. {89} (Melbourne.)
To Edith.
To England.
To Henry George In America.
To His Love.
To India.
To Japan.
To John Ruskin. (After Reading His "Modern Painters.")
To My Friend Sydney Jephcott, With A Copy Of My "Poetical Works."
To Queen Victoria In England. An Address On Her Jubilee Year.
To The Artists.
To The Christians.
To The Emperor William.
To The Girls Of The Unions.
To The Sons Of Labour.
Tyranny. (Melbourne.)
Victoria To James Moorhouse, {76}
William Wallace.