The Poetry Corner

Charles Kingsley


A Christmas Carol
A Farewell: To C. E. G.
A Hope
A Lament
A March
A New Forest Ballad
A Parable From Liebig
A Thought From The Rhine
Airly Beacon
Alton Locke's Song
Ballad Of Earl Haldan's Daughter
Ballad: Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorree
Child Ballad
Christmas Day
Dolcino To Margaret
Down To The Mothers
Drifting Away: A Fragment
Easter Week
Fishing Song: To J. A. Froude And Tom Hughes
Frank Leigh's Song. A.D. 1586
Hymn [1]
Hypotheses Hypochondriacae [1]
In An Illuminated Missal[1]
Juventus Mundi
Margaret To Dolcino
Martin Lightfoot's Song [1]
My Hunting Song
My Little Doll
Ode On The Installation Of The Duke Of Devonshire, Chancellor Of The University Of Cambridge, 1862[1]
Ode To The North-East Wind
Old And New: A Parable
On The Death Of A Certain Journal[1]
On The Death Of Leopold, King Of The Belgians[1]
Pen-Y-Gwrydd: To Tom Hughes, Esq.
Qu'Est Qu'Il Dit [1]
Saint Maura. A.D. 304
Scotch Song
September 21, 1870 [1]
Sing Heigh-Ho!
The Bad Squire
The Day Of The Lord
The Dead Church
The Delectable Day
The Find
The Invitation: To Tom Hughes
The Knight's Leap: A Legend Of Altenahr
The Knight's Return
The Last Buccaneer
The Legend Of La Brea [1]
The Longbeards' Saga. A.D. 400
The Mango-Tree
The Night Bird: A Myth
The Oubit[1]
The Outlaw
The Poetry Of A Root Crop
The Priest's Heart
The Red King
The Sands Of Dee
The Song Of The Little Baltung. A.D. 395
The South Wind: A Fisherman's Blessings
The Starlings
The Summer Sea
The Swan-Neck
The Three Fishers
The Tide River
The Tide Rock
The Ugly Princess
The Watchman
The Weird Lady
The World's Age
The Young Knight: A Parable
To G. A. G.
To Miss Mitford: Authoress Of 'Our Village'
Trehill Well
Valentine's Day
Young And Old