The Poetry Corner

Out Of Sight

By Banjo Paterson (Andrew Barton)

They held a polo meeting at a little country town, And all the local sportsmen came to win themselves renown. There came two strangers with a horse, and I am much afraid They both belonged to what is called "the take-you-down brigade". They said their horse could jump like fun, and asked an amateur To ride him in the steeplechase, and told him they were sure The last time round he'd sail away with such a swallow's flight The rest would never see him go, he's finish out of sight. So out he went; and, when folk saw the amateur was up, Some local genius called the race "the Dude-in-Danger Cup". The horse was known as "Who's Afraid", by "Panic" from "The Fright", But still his owners told the jock he's finish out of sight. And so he did; for Who's Afraid, without the least pretense, Disposed of him by rushing through the very second fence; And when they ran the last time round the prophecy was right, For he was in the ambulance, and safely "out of sight".