The Poetry Corner

Anne Bradstreet


A Dialogue Between Old England And New
A Funeral Elogy
A Letter To Her Husband
A Love Letter To Her Husband
An Apology
An Elegie Upon That Honourable And Renowned Knight Sir Philip Sidney, Who Was Untimely Slain At The Siege Of Zutphen, Anno, 1586.
An Epitaph On My Dear And Ever Honoured Mother Mrs. Dorothy Dudley, Who Deceased Decemb. 27. 1643. And Of Her Age, 61.
Before The Birth Of One Of Her Children
By Night When Others Soundly Slept
Davids Lamentation For Saul And Jonathan.
Deliverance From A Fit Of Fainting
Deliverance From Another Sore Fit
Here Follow Several Occasional Meditations
In honour Of Du Bartas, 1641.
In Honour Of That High And Mighty Princess, Queen Elizabeth
In Memory Of My Dear Grand-Child Elizabeth Bradstreet, Who Deceased August, 1665, Being A Year And Half Old.
In Memory Of My Dear Grandchild Anne Bradstreet, Who Deceased June 20, 1699, Being Three Years And Seven Months Old
In Reference To Her Children, 23 June 1659
In Thankful Remembrance For My Dear Husband's Safe Arrival Sept 3, 1662
Meditations Divine And Moral
Of The Four Ages Of Man
Of The Four Humours In Mans Constitution.
On My Dear Grand-Child Simon Bradstreet, Who Dyed On 16. Novemb. 1669. Being But A Moneth, And One Day Old.
The Author To Her Book
The Flesh And The Spirit
The Four Elements
The Four Monarchyes, The Assyrian Being The First, Beginning Under Nimrod, 131. Years After The Flood,
The Four Seasons Of The Year.
The Prologue
The Romane Monarchy, Being The Fourth And Last, Beginning Anno Mundi, 3213.
The Second Monarchy, Being The Persian, Began Under Cyrus, Darius Being His Uncle And Father In-Law Reigned With Him About Two Years.
The Third Monarchy, Being The Grecian, Beginning Under Alexander The Great In The 112. Olympiad.
The Vanity Of All Worldly Things.
To The Memory Of My Dear Daughter-In-Law, Mrs. Mercy Bradstreet, Who Deceased Sept. 6, 1669, In The 28. Year Of Her Age.
To Her Father With Some Verses
To Her Most Honoured Father
To The Memory Of My Dear And Ever Honoured Father, Thomas Dudley; Esq. Who Deceased, July 31. 1653. And Of His Age, 77.