The Poetry Corner

Adam Lindsay Gordon


A Basket Of Flowers - From Dawn To Dusk
A Dedication To The Author Of Holmby House
A Fragment
A Hunting Song
A Legend Of Madrid
A Song Of Autumn
After The Quarrel
An Exiles Farewell
Ars Longa - A Song Of Pilgrimage
Ashtaroth: A Dramatic Lyric
Borrowd Plumes
By Flood And Field - A Legend Of The Cottiswold
By Wood And Wold - A Preamble
Cito Pede Preterit Aetas - A Philosophical Dissertation
Credat Judaeus Apella
Cui Bono
De Te
Doubtful Dreams
Early Adieux
Ex Fumo Dare Lucem - Twixt The Cup And The Lip
Fauconshawe - A Ballad
Finis Exoptatus - A Metaphysical Song
Fragmentary Scenes From The Road To Avernus - An Unpublished Dramatic Lyric
From Lightning And Tempest
From The Wreck
Hippodromania; or, Whiffs From The Pipe
How We Beat The Favourite - A Lay Of The Loamshire Hunt Cup
In The Garden
In Utrumque Paratus - A Logical Discussion
Lex Talionis - A Moral Discourse
No Name
Pastor Cum
Podas Okus
Potters Clay - An Allegorical Interlude
Quare Fatigasti
Rippling Water
Sea Spray And Smoke Drift
Sunlight On The Sea
Ten Paces Off
The Feud: A Border Ballad
The Fields Of Coleraine
The Last Leap
The Old Leaven - A Dialogue
The Race
The Rhyme Of Joyous Garde
The Roll Of The Kettledrum; or, The Lay Of The Last Charger
The Romance Of Britomarte
The Sick Stockrider
The Song Of The Surf
The Swimmer
The Three Friends
Thick-headed Thoughts
Thoras Song - (Ashtaroth)
To A Proud Beauty - A Valentine
To My Sister
Two Exhortations
Valedictory Poem
Visions In The Smoke
Whisperings In Wattle-Boughs
Wolf And Hound
Wormwood And Nightshade
Ye Wearie Wayfarer, Hys Ballad - (In Eight Fyttes)
Zu der edlen Yagd - [A Treatise On TreesVine-tree v. Saddle-Tree]