The Poetry Corner

My Spectre Around Me

By William Blake

My spectre around me night and day Like a wild beast guards my way. My emanation far within Weeps incessantly for my sin. A fathomless and boundless deep, There we wander, there we weep; On the hungry craving wind My spectre follows thee behind. He scents thy footsteps in the snow, Wheresoever thou dost go Through the wintry hail and rain. When wilt thou return again? Dost thou not in pride and scorn Fill with tempests all my morn, And with jealousies and fears Fill my pleasant nights with tears? Seven of my sweet loves thy knife Has bereaved of their life. Their marble tombs I built with tears And with cold and shuddering fears. Seven more loves weep night and day Round the tombs where my loves lay, And seven more loves attend each night Around my couch with torches bright. And seven more loves in my bed Crown with wine my mournful head, Pitying and forgiving all Thy transgressions, great and small.