The Poetry Corner

Two Little Boots

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

Two little boots all rough an' wo', Two little boots! Law, I 's kissed 'em times befo', Dese little boots! Seems de toes a-peepin' thoo Dis hyeah hole an' sayin' "Boo!" Evah time dey looks at you-- Dese little boots. Membah de time he put 'em on, Dese little boots; Riz an' called fu' 'em by dawn, Dese little boots; Den he tromped de livelong day, Laffin' in his happy way, Evaht'ing he had to say, "My little boots!" Kickin' de san' de whole day long, Dem little boots; Good de cobblah made 'em strong, Dem little boots! Rocks was fu' dat baby's use, I'on had to stan' abuse W'en you tu'ned dese champeens loose, Dese little boots! Ust to make de ol' cat cry, Dese little boots; Den you walked it mighty high, Proud little boots! Ahms akimbo, stan'in' wide, Eyes a-sayin' "Dis is pride!" Den de manny-baby stride! You little boots. Somehow, you don' seem so gay, Po' little boots, Sence yo' ownah went erway, Po' little boots! Yo' bright tops don' look so red, Dese brass tips is dull an' dead; "Goo'-by," whut de baby said; Deah little boots! Ain't you kin' o' sad yo'se'f, You little boots? Dis is all his mammy 's lef', Two little boots. Sence huh baby gone an' died. Heav'n itse'f hit seem to hide Des a little bit inside Two little boots.