The Poetry Corner

The Delinquent

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

Goo'-by, Jinks, I got to hump, Got to mek dis pony jump; See dat sun a-goin' down 'N' me a-foolin' hyeah in town! Git up, Suke--go long! Guess Mirandy'll think I's tight, Me not home an' comin' on night. What 's dat stan'in' by de fence? Pshaw! why don't I lu'n some sense? Git up, Suke--go long! Guess I spent down dah at Jinks' Mos' a dollah fur de drinks. Bless yo'r soul, you see dat star? Lawd, but won't Mirandy rar? Git up, Suke--go long! Went dis mo'nin', hyeah it 's night, Dah 's de cabin dah in sight. Who's dat stan'in' in de do'? Dat must be Mirandy, sho', Git up, Suke--go long! Got de close-stick in huh han', Dat look funny, goodness lan', Sakes alibe, but she look glum! Hyeah, Mirandy, hyeah I come! Git up, Suke--go long! Ef 't had n't a' b'en fur you, you slow ole fool, I 'd a' be'n home long fo' now!