The Poetry Corner


By Paul Laurence Dunbar

She sang, and I listened the whole song thro'. (It was sweet, so sweet, the singing.) The stars were out and the moon it grew From a wee soft glimmer way out in the blue To a bird thro' the heavens winging. She sang, and the song trembled down to my breast,-- (It was sweet, so sweet the singing.) As a dove just out of its fledgling nest, And, putting its wings to the first sweet test, Flutters homeward so wearily winging. She sang and I said to my heart "That song, That was sweet, so sweet i' the singing, Shall live with us and inspire us long, And thou, my heart, shalt be brave and strong For the sake of those words a-winging." The woman died and the song was still. (It was sweet, so sweet, the singing.) But ever I hear the same low trill, Of the song that shakes my heart with a thrill, And goes forever winging.