The Poetry Corner

Nutting Song

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

The November sun invites me, And although the chill wind smites me, I will wander to the woodland Where the laden trees await; And with loud and joyful singing I will set the forest ringing, As if I were king of Autumn, And Dame Nature were my mate,-- While the squirrel in his gambols Fearless round about me ambles, As if he were bent on showing In my kingdom he'd a share; While my warm blood leaps and dashes, And my eye with freedom flashes, As my soul drinks deep and deeper Of the magic in the air. There's a pleasure found in nutting, All life's cares and griefs outshutting, That is fuller far and better Than what prouder sports impart. Who could help a carol trilling As he sees the baskets filling? Why, the flow of song keeps running O'er the high walls of the heart. So when I am home returning, When the sun is lowly burning, I will once more wake the echoes With a happy song of praise,-- For the golden sunlight blessing, And the breezes' soft caressing, And the precious boon of living In the sweet November days.