The Poetry Corner

Chrismus Is A-Comin'

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

Bones a-gittin' achy, Back a-feelin' col', Han's a-growin' shaky, Jes' lak I was ol'. Fros' erpon de meddah Lookin' mighty white; Snowdraps lak a feddah Slippin' down at night. Jes' keep t'ings a-hummin' Spite o' fros' an' showahs, Chrismus is a-comin' An' all de week is ouahs. Little mas' a-axin', "Who is Santy Claus?" Meks it kin' o' taxin' Not to brek de laws. Chillun 's pow'ful tryin' To a pusson's grace Wen dey go a pryin' Right on th'oo you' face Down ermong yo' feelin's; Jes' 'pears lak dat you Got to change you' dealin's So 's to tell 'em true. An' my pickaninny-- Dreamin' in his sleep! Come hyeah, Mammy Jinny, Come an' tek a peep. Ol Mas' Bob an' Missis In dey house up daih Got no chile lak dis is, D' ain't none anywhaih. Sleep, my little lammy, Sleep, you little limb, He do' know whut mammy Done saved up fu' him. Dey 'll be banjo pickin', Dancin' all night thoo. Dey 'll be lots o' chicken, Plenty tukky, too. Drams to wet yo' whistles So 's to drive out chills. Whut I keer fu' drizzles Fallin' on de hills? Jes' keep t'ings a-hummin' Spite o' col' an' showahs, Chrismus day 's a-comin', An' all de week is ouahs.