The Poetry Corner


By Paul Laurence Dunbar

Standin' at de winder, Feelin' kind o' glum, Listenin' to de raindrops Play de kettle drum, Lookin' crost de medders Swimmin' lak a sea; Lawd 'a' mussy on us, What's de good o' me? Can't go out a-hoein', Wouldn't ef I could; Groun' too wet fu' huntin', Fishin' ain't no good. Too much noise fo' sleepin', No one hyeah to chat; Des mus' stan' an' listen To dat pit-a-pat. Hills is gittin' misty,, Valley's gittin' dahk; Watch-dog's 'mence a-howlin', Rathah have 'em ba'k Dan a-moanin' solemn Somewhaih out o' sight; Rain-crow des a-chucklin'-- Dis is his delight. Mandy, bring my banjo, Bring de chillen in, Come in f'om de kitchen, I feel sick ez sin. Call in Uncle Isaac, Call Aunt Hannah, too, Tain't no use in talkin', Chile, I's sholy blue.