The Poetry Corner

An Easy-Goin' Feller

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

Ther' ain't no use in all this strife, An' hurryin', pell-mell, right thro' life. I don't believe in goin' too fast To see what kind o' road you 've passed. It ain't no mortal kind o' good, 'N' I would n't hurry ef I could. I like to jest go joggin' 'long, To limber up my soul with song; To stop awhile 'n' chat the men, 'N' drink some cider now an' then. Do' want no boss a-standin' by To see me work; I allus try To do my dooty right straight up, An' earn what fills my plate an' cup. An' ez fur boss, I 'll be my own, I like to jest be let alone; To plough my strip an' tend my bees, An' do jest like I doggoned please. My head's all right, an' my heart's meller, But I 'm a easy-goin' feller.