The Poetry Corner

A Plea

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

Treat me nice, Miss Mandy Jane, Treat me nice. Dough my love has tu'ned my brain, Treat me nice. I ain't done a t'ing to shame, Lovahs all ac's jes' de same; Don't you know we ain't to blame? Treat me nice! Cose I know I 's talkin' wild; Treat me nice; I cain't talk no bettah, child, Treat me nice; Whut a pusson gwine to do, Wen he come a-cou'tin' you All a-trimblin' thoo and thoo? Please be nice. Reckon I mus' go de paf Othahs do: Lovahs lingah, ladies laff; Mebbe you Do' mean all the things you say, An' pu'haps some latah day W'en I baig you ha'd, you may Treat me nice!