The Poetry Corner

A Coquette Conquered

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

Yes, my ha't 's ez ha'd ez stone-- Go 'way, Sam, an' lemme 'lone. No; I ain't gwine change my min'-- Ain't gwine ma'y you--nuffin' de kin'. Phiny loves you true an' deah? Go ma'y Phiny; whut I keer? Oh, you need n't mou'n an' cry-- I don't keer how soon you die. Got a present! Whut you got? Somef'n fu' de pan er pot! Huh! yo' sass do sholy beat-- Think I don't git 'nough to eat? Whut's dat un'neaf yo' coat? Looks des lak a little shoat. 'T ain't no possum! Bless de Lamb! Yes, it is, you rascal, Sam! Gin it to me; whut you say? Ain't you sma't now! Oh, go 'way! Possum do look mighty nice, But you ax too big a price. Tell me, is you talkin' true, Dat 's de gal's whut ma'ies you? Come back, Sam; now whah 's you gwine? Co'se you knows dat possum's mine!