The Poetry Corner

Eugene Field


A Chaucerian Paraphrase Of Horace
A Counterblast Against Garlic
A Democratic Hymn.
A Dream Of Sunshine
A Drinking Song
A Fairy Lullaby
A Fickle Woman.
A Heine Love Song
A Lullaby
A Paraphrase
A Paraphrase III
A Paraphrase Of Heine
A Paraphrase, By Chaucer
A Paraphrase, By Dr. I.W.
A Paraphrase, Circa 1715
A Piteous Plaint
A Spring Poem From Bion
A Tardy Apology - I
A Tardy Apology - II
A Valentine
Abu Midjan
After Reading Trollope's History Of Florence
Ailsie, My Bairn
Alaskan Balladry, No. 1.
Alaskan Balladry.
An Appeal To Lyce
An Autumn Treasure-Trove.
An Eclogue From Virgil.
An Excuse For Lalage
An Invitation To Mcenas
An Invitation To Sleep
An Ode To Fortune
Apple-Pie And Cheese
Armenian Folk-Song--The Partridge.
Armenian Folk-Song--The Stork.
At Play
At The Ball Game
At The Door
Ballad Of The Jelly-Cake
Ballad Of Women I Love
Beard And Baby
Ben Apfelgarten
Branger's "Broken Fiddle"
Branger's "Ma Vocation"
Branger's "My Last Song Perhaps"
Branger's "To My Old Coat."
By My Sweetheart
Carol Of The Christmas Morn
Casey's Table D'Hte
Child And Mother
Chloris Properly Rebuked
Christmas Eve
Christmas Hymn
Christmas Morning
Christmas Treasures
Chrystmasse Of Olde
Clare Market
Cornish Lullaby
De Amicitiis
Dead Roses.
Dedication To Christmas Tales and Christmas Verse
Der Mann Im Keller
Dibdin's Ghost.
Dr. Sam
Dutch Lullaby
Egyptian Folk-Song.
Ezra J. M'Manus To A Soubrette.
Fame Vs. Riches
Fisherman Jim's Kids
Francois Villon.
Garden And Cradle
Good-By--God Bless You!
Good-Children Street
Heine's "Widow Or Daughter?"
Horace And Lydia Reconciled
Horace I, 22.
Horace I, 31.
Horace I, 4.
Horace II, 13.
Horace II, 3.
Horace III. 13
Horace IV, II.
Horace To His Lute.
Horace To Maecenas.
Horace To Melpomene
Horace To Phyllis
Horace To Pyrrha
Horace's "Sailor And Shade."
Horatian Lyrics. Odes I, 11.
Horatian Lyrics. Odes I, 23.
How Salty Win Out
Hugo's "Flower To Butterfly"
Hugo's "Pool In The Forest"
In Flanders
In New Orleans
In Praise Of Contentment
In The Firelight
In The Springtime I
In The Springtime II
Inscription For My Little Son's Silver Plate
It Is The Printer's Fault.
Japanese Lullaby
Jest 'Fore Christmas
John Smith.
Kissing Time
Lady Button-Eyes
Let Us Have Peace
Little All-Aloney
Little Boy Blue
Little Croodlin Doo
Little Mack
Little Miss Brag
Little-Oh Dear
Lollyby, Lolly, Lollyby
Long Ago
Long Meter.
Love Song--Heine
Lullaby; By The Sea
Lydia Dick.
Lyman, Frederick, And Jim
Madge: Ye Hoyden
Marthy's Younkit
Marthy's Younkit.
Mary Smith
Mediaeval Eventide Song
Morning Song
Mother And Child
Mother And Sphinx
Mr. Dana, Of The New York Sun
My Playmates
Mysterious Doings
New-Year's Eve
Norse Lullaby
Old Dutch Love Song.
Old English Lullaby
Old Spanish Song
Orkney Lullaby
Our Biggest Fish
Our Lady Of The Mine
Our Two Opinions
Over The Hills And Far Away
Pan Liveth
Plaint Of The Missouri 'Coon In The Berlin Zoological Gardens.
Poking Fun At Xanthias
Prof. Vere De Blaw
Quitting Again
Sailor And Shade
Seein' Things
Shuffle-Shoon And Amber-Locks
Sicilian Lullaby
Sister's Cake
So, So, Rock-A-By So!
Soldier, Maiden, And Flower
Some Time
Star Of The East
Stoves And Sunshine
Summer Heat.
Sweet Little Fairy,
Swing High And Swing Low
The "Ars Poetica" Of Horace
The "Happy Isles" Of Horace
The Ballad Of The Taylor Pup
The Bench-Legged Fyce
The Bibliomaniac's Bride
The Bibliomaniac's Bride.
The Bibliomaniac's Prayer
The Blue And The Gray.
The Bottle And The Bird.
The Bottle Tree
The Bow-Leg Boy
The Broken Ring
The Brook
The Convalescent Gripster
The Conversazzhyony
The Cricket's Song
The Cunnin' Little Thing
The Dead Babe
The Death Of Robin Hood
The Delectable Ballad Of The Waller Lot
The Dinkey Bird
The Discreet Collector
The Divine Lullaby
The Doll's Wooing
The Dream-Ship
The Dreams
The Drum
The Duel
The Dying Year.
The Fate Of The Flimflam
The Fisherman's Feast.
The Fly-Away Horse
The Great Journalist In Spain
The Happy Household
The Happy Isles
The Happy Isles" Of Horace.
The Humming Top
The Jaffa And Jerusalem Railway
The Limitations Of Youth
The Little Peach
The Lonesome Little Shoe
The Lyric Muse
The Lyttel Boy
The Man Who Worked With Dana On The "Sun".
The Monstrous Pleasant Ballad Of The Taylor Pup.
The Night Wind
The Old Homestead
The Perpetual Wooing.
The Peter-Bird
The Poet's Metamorphosis
The Preference Declared
The Reconciliation I
The Reconciliation II
The Ride To Bumpville
The Roasting Of Lydia
The Rock-A-By Lady
The Shut-Eye Train
The Singing In God's Acre
The Sleeping Child
The Song Of Luddy-Dud
The Stoddards
The Stork
The Straw Parlor
The Three Kings Of Cologne
The Three Tailors
The Tin Bank.
The Truth About Horace
The Twenty-Third Psalm
The Two Coffins
The Two Little Skeezucks
The Vision Of The Holy Grail.
The Wanderer
The Wind
The Wooing Of The Southland
To A Bully
To A Jar Of Wine
To A Sleeping Baby's Eyes
To A Soubrette
To A Usurper
To Albius Tibullus I
To Albius Tibullus II
To Aristius Fuscus
To Barine
To Chloe I
To Chloe II
To Cinna
To De Witt Miller.
To Diana
To Emma Abbott
To Glycera
To His Book
To His Lute
To John J. Knickerbocker, Jr.
To Leucone I
To Leucone II
To Ligurinus I
To Ligurinus II
To Lydia
To Lydia I
To Lydia II
To M.L. Gray.
To Mary Field French
To Melpomene
To Mistress Pyrrha I
To Mistress Pyrrha II
To Mother Venus
To Mcenas
To Neobule
To Phyllis I
To Phyllis II
To Pompeius Varus
To Postumus
To Quintius Hirpinus
To Quintus Dellius
To Robin Goodfellow
To The Fountain Of Bandusia
To The Ship Of State
To Venus
Twin Idols
Two Idylls From Bion The Smyrnean
Uhland's "Chapel"
Uhland's "Three Cavaliers"
Uhland's White Stag.
Valentines - I. To Mistress Barbara
Valentines - II. To A Baby Boy
When I Was A Boy
When The Poet Came.
Wine, Women, And Song
With Brutus In St. Jo
With Two Spoons For Two Spoons